To Be Or Not To Be... Celebrity Or Anonymity

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Whenever I first discovered crypto currency, I made a decision to use an anonymous random name and for some reason... "MrWang" caught my attention so I went with it.

I found myself on steemit in mid July along with instant success with a whopping $1,126.92 on my very first post, Hola! My Name Is Wally And Steemit Will Now Be My World only to follow it up a day later by sending all my SPD to a near dormant account and nearly lost out on the ginormous reward I hadn't even got to enjoy yet. Check out that bonehead accident, here

Unsure if it was my presentation, timing or if it was the hype of someone from TV-Land coming on board. Either way, I found a community where I felt welcome. Not only did everyone appreciate the content I created but the community wanted to see more of this original content on the trending page. For someone like me, that challenge is easy as I have a ton of archived video content I never brought out to fans and followers on my facebook and youtube pages.

up close and personal

The idea that I could hide behind the name "MrWang" gave me a bit more confidence to test out some of the questionable ideas I wanted to produce. I didn't expect to make an impact with my very embarrassing videos but it happened and I realized I could do more then just use the platform as a guinea pig. I realized how these videos not only helped others but me as well because after I posted and watched... understanding my own struggles and how to manage them became clearer.

When it comes to being an actor in the television and film industry... you have to watch what you do and say. You represent not only yourself but the productions and network of actors/filmmakers your affiliated with. Making one wrong move, rant or just a bad decision in general, could ruin your reputation and career. Producers, casting agents and fellow actors will blacklist you, making it very hard to book those bigger roles we dreamed of as kids.

On Set: Queen Of The South

B.O.O.S.T. Film Fest Cast Party - Me & My Friends

Now we have a huge call to action within the community... "Advertise the community and encourage your friends to join." As cool and awesome of an idea this is.. I find myself struggling with the idea that I can help the community out by reaching out to my "celebrity" network and bringing in some faces with their fans and followers OR maintain my semi anonymous presence as MrWang and continue creating exclusively for the community.

Life On The Red Carpet

Yes, I'm what you call a "Hollywood Movie Star" on the rise and you can watch me do my thing on your local cable network, all over the United States. Yes, I do love that I'm finding huge success in my career... and Yes, I take advantage of the perks... but what I don't consider myself and I always try to avoid using is the title of a "Celebrity." It's just not for me.. I don't want it nor do I need it in my life. I appreciate being acknowledged for the work but to claim the title of "celebrity" just isn't in the cards..

Everybody Loves MrWang

Most of you already have an idea of who I really am and how I go about life on steemit. I try to be honest and down to earth. I occasionally hit up rocket chat or discord and try to be productive by helping the community to the best of my knowledge. Some of my post might say otherwise but I'm all about keeping my profile low key and away from spotlight. I don't want any of the producers of the show I work on... stumbling onto a video of me going ape shit on my kiddos mom, because it went viral. The content I release to the community is very risky and a lot of times.. I feel ashamed for even having it but it I feel so much better when I know it helped someone.

Exclusively For Steemit

Divorce Your Insanity

As much as I want MrWang to be a brand name that represents the community and open the floodgates of popularity by bringing on some of my, more famous friends... I want to maintain my anonymity from the mainstream, just as much. I hope everyone understands this when I say... I'm not ready to promote steemit to my friends and family just yet. I've been thinking about this for sometime now and I've come to this decision. Even had severe doubt when I submitted myself to be included in the Rolling Stones article a few weeks back. I want to continue being up close and personal with everyone here so unless someone can offer some alternative ideas to help keep my professional name separate from my crypto name... I won't be able to contribute to this specific venture.

Thanks for checking this out and understanding and my apologies if you don't. I will continue to create and contribute as normal but will refrain from advertising my risky and controversial content on a broader more public level, for the time being

I'm Not Being

Am I?

I would love to hear your feedback and ideas on how I might be able to work around this obstacle but all comments and opinions are welcome and open for discussion.

The Power Twins have my vote and support as the official PR team to promote and market steemit

Till Next Time.. Adios Amigos

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I can hear you on this because I myself would like to keep things in my life private. We all know the dangers of the internet and social media. It can be ruthless what can happen to a person if their online identity is attacked. For separating your real life profession from the online crypto world would probably be a better decision especially someone that is in the entertainment industry. Would be better for business to wait since there is a lot of risk atm.


appreciate your response and support. I agree, it's too much of a risk and I'm nothing more than a minnow in this film and television industry... not established enough to recover my reputation. Maybe a couple years and a few bigger roles deep... @MrWang can be affiliated.. till then.. I'm a stick to coasting low key.

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