What President Trump Should Say to Kim Jong Un this Summer

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imageSouth Korea credits Trump for opening door to talks with North

South Korea's foreign minister has said she believes President Donald Trump is largely responsible for bringing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table.

Kim will become the first North Korean leader to cross the Military Demarcation Line between North and South orea on Friday for talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. President Trump is expected to meet with Kim in May or June.

Hopefully someone in the state department will give Trump cue cards to read from so he doesn’t mess this up. Here’s a few talking points to start from:

  • We aren’t quite sure that you’re serious about denuclearization, but we want to believe you.

  • If you denuclearize, we’ll lift all sanctions and freely trade with your people. We’ll provide a market to bring you technology, medicine, nutrition and quality of life.

  • We want you and South Korea to reconcile your relationship peacefully without U.S. intervention. We want to facilitate peace, but let’s be clear, it’s peace between you and South Korea. Success or failure is yours alone.

  • Lifting sanctions and opening up North Korea to the world would increase the quality of life of every North Korean citizen and the history books will attribute it to you (Kim Jong Un). Make no mistake, you will go down as a humanitarian hero, a man whose leadership changed the trajectory of a country and changed the livelihoods of millions of citizens.

  • The United States will leave the Korean Peninsula once peace returns.

  • Again, we don't really believe you, but we want to believe you because your citizens deserve humanity:

1985: North Korea signs Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty
1992: North Korea signs historic agreement to halt nuclear program! (#1)
1994: North Korea signs historic agreement to halt nuclear program! (#2)
1999: North Korea signs historic agreement to end missile tests
2000: North Korea signs historic agreement to reunify Korea! Nobel Peace Prize is awarded
2005: North Korea declares support for "denuclearization" of Korean peninsula
2005: North Korea signs historic agreement to halt nuclear program and "denuclearize"! (#3)
2006: North Korea declares support for "denuclearization" of Korean peninsula
2006: North Korea again support for "denuclearization" of Korean peninsula
2007: North Korea signs historic agreement to halt nuclear program! (#4)
2007: N&S Korea sign agreement on reunification
2010: North Korea commits to ending Korean War
2010: North Korea announces commitment to "denuclearize"
2010: North Korea again announces commitment to "denuclearize"
2011: North Korea announces plan to halt nuclear and missile tests
2012: North Korea announces halt to nuclear program
2015: North Korea offers to halt nuclear tests
2016: North Korea again announces support for "denuclearization"


good friend nose if I understood for you it is better that the two Korean presidents make their negotiations alone without the intervention of trump, and that you believe that if he is going to accompany them to the dialogue it is better to write him what he is going to say so that he does not lose the negotiations.

Well, I think that up to now he has done things well, I know he has a strong tone of voice and his speeches seem aggressive because of the way he expresses himself but I think his thoughts are the best thing for the world, no matter what country they are, and he thinks he wants peace for humanity, not war. and regarding their immigration policies, because like every human being, he is jealous of his own. thank you friend I follow you in your publications

I believe the US can assist with facilitation of peace talks, but ownership of the process has to be owned by the Koreas. Part of the reason they've always failed is that U.S. leaders are looking for a simple handshake, smile and photo op, so they can claim victory instead of real peace talks.

I hope that Chump doesn't follow any of these suggestions.
These are the worst ideas if you want lasting peace.
It destroys the entire bargaining position, thus all further bargains will be substandard. Far from ideal.

Remember, Kim Jong Un was educated in the west. He knows what things are like outside his country.

Also remember, that we have been fed a banquet of bullshit about NK. And all of these suggestions are based on that bullshit. Shaky ground to say the least.

Appealing to his ego is quite a powerful bargaining position. At some point in every man's life he begins looking at how he will be remembered and seeks legacy.

Not sure what DPRK bs you're referring to, but I'm quite educated on this country.

If you're looking to 'win a deal', yeah you could approach it differently. If you care about humanity of people, you just want peace.

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