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RE: What President Trump Should Say to Kim Jong Un this Summer

in #news6 years ago

I hope that Chump doesn't follow any of these suggestions.
These are the worst ideas if you want lasting peace.
It destroys the entire bargaining position, thus all further bargains will be substandard. Far from ideal.

Remember, Kim Jong Un was educated in the west. He knows what things are like outside his country.

Also remember, that we have been fed a banquet of bullshit about NK. And all of these suggestions are based on that bullshit. Shaky ground to say the least.


Appealing to his ego is quite a powerful bargaining position. At some point in every man's life he begins looking at how he will be remembered and seeks legacy.

Not sure what DPRK bs you're referring to, but I'm quite educated on this country.

If you're looking to 'win a deal', yeah you could approach it differently. If you care about humanity of people, you just want peace.

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