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RE: What President Trump Should Say to Kim Jong Un this Summer

in #news6 years ago

good friend nose if I understood for you it is better that the two Korean presidents make their negotiations alone without the intervention of trump, and that you believe that if he is going to accompany them to the dialogue it is better to write him what he is going to say so that he does not lose the negotiations.

Well, I think that up to now he has done things well, I know he has a strong tone of voice and his speeches seem aggressive because of the way he expresses himself but I think his thoughts are the best thing for the world, no matter what country they are, and he thinks he wants peace for humanity, not war. and regarding their immigration policies, because like every human being, he is jealous of his own. thank you friend I follow you in your publications


I believe the US can assist with facilitation of peace talks, but ownership of the process has to be owned by the Koreas. Part of the reason they've always failed is that U.S. leaders are looking for a simple handshake, smile and photo op, so they can claim victory instead of real peace talks.

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