The Top 20 Most Trusted Steemians - Well Played Haejin

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It feels like only a few hours ago, I was writing about how @ranchorelaxo appeared to have stepped away from @haejin and left him floundering. But I was wrong and @ranchorelaxo is back in action, giving @haejin all the attention he deserves ;-)

And now it's official, Haejin has jumped into the Top 20 Steemians by Reputation.

Well played Haejin, well played.

And he didn't just move up a single spot, he jumped from 21 to 19, with just a few clicks of Ranchorelaxo's mouse.

So without further adieu here are your top 20.

Top 20 Most Trusted Steemians by Reputation

Now there are some familiar names in the list, but the ones you don't recognise, I encourage you to check them out. 

There is some really interesting stuff in their feeds and some not so interesting stuff. 

But all these Top 20 Steemians will give you some insight to WINNING on Steemit.

When I joined Steemit I really thought this reputation thing was legit, but it's a bunch of numbers that can easily be gamed. So if I valued a users reputation when I first joined, what are all the other noobs thinking?

Maybe this is why @Haejin has over 20,000 followers.

People just trust this guy based on his reputation.

Now I've been tracking Haejin's reputation for a few weeks and you might be surprised it only took him about 1.5 weeks to move from 30 to 19. Such is the power of rancho's upvotes.

Well played Haejin, well played.

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Nice article.

Save for a few you could tell me that's a list of the 20 most boring blogs on here and I'd believe it 😂

#Haejin is a fucking scammer!!!

I am so glad you wrote this and equally glad you did the research and that I found it to read. I have only followed one of those people on that list, I found him honest and very interesting. I am sure he is a diamond in the rough. I have a very bad taste in my mouth for some of the others that I have come to know. Its a sad world, everywhere as scums like the ones you are talking about are everywhere in all walks of life. It would be so naive of me to think they were not in cryptoland either. I am resteeming you and following you. Every steemian should resteem you.

Wow, this is disgusting! Thanks for sharing, I'll resteem it so other new Steemians can understand, it's not all about 'reputation', not at all...

I feel really bad for people who just come in here with zero dollars. I hate any sort of shortcut but I had a tiny bit to invest in steem when it was a dollar but i still have no real influence on here. I post thoughtful, quality content and use all the resources possible but it is quite the uphill battle. Im at 300 followers now but still hardly any engagement. Alas, still better than facebook.


Weird. You even upvote. lol I just subscribed. I know I could use a few upvotes and I do have a "few" opinions and thoughts on stuff. lol


I am with you. Thinking that all of us were the same. Posting interesting things with quality. Getting up and rising through the ranks the honest way. I have no influence either but I do believe in Karma.

I don't understand any of it anymore to be honest. Rather I still don't understand it. The previous implied that I ever understood it. I really don't think it is possible to "work your way up" on here anymore than it is the real world. In every success story is someone who was given a leg or hand up. No one achieves anything alone. I think the only way to make it on here, if you don't have a buttload of money to invest is to be a trifecta of good content, being persistent and knowing the right people to get you there, or I guess just knowing the right people to get you there helps. We really need a user of the Minnows, ya know? Like someone who can rally enough Minnow support in the quantity necessary to shoot their reputation up among the top 20. To have someone with actual skin in the game. I see a few people on here who could do that. Without voting bots it is hard but I think it's possible. Maybe I am just daydreaming though. It's been one of those days, ya know? Nice work as always man, keep trucking.


To think that I was actually naive enough to believe that people were getting there the legit way. You know, oh gee lets see. Blogging and upvoting..maybe purchasing the odd little steem here or there. Just watching a program on doping in the Olympics..its all the same devil's game. Inside traders, computer hackers, corner thieves, offshore pirates you name it. All part of the devils clan of crooks.

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Thank you for collecting all together )

Interesting how this works. Wonder how a drop from 41 to 25 happens all over night. After helping make worth while contributions here. Notice some one skyrocket up to 31 reputation and they have been here less than 2 months. Something is very fishy with these stats. If they can game reputation and jump from 30 up to 19 by a boost by one person. It sounds rough for the newbies. Those who have made nothing here. You may see big drop out rates if this continues. It will hurt the platform which is not good IMHO.


fishy and scary is it not?

dear @xpilar you are giving a good news to the world,, I love your post,,
thanks for this post.,