Simple PizzaGate Thought Experiment

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How many people would have had any suspicious of a small, pizza restaurant in the NW side of Washington D.C. WITHOUT the 'Podesta Emails' coming from WikiLeaks?

Not many I assume.

The answer to this question should help in understanding how this could go on in plain site. If you're a part of the 'in-crowd', you simply do not speak of it. If you do, you're 'suicided' or 'disappeared' or committed.

These emails and the obvious 'code' is like finding the frame of a complex four-dimensional puzzle. You know there is something inside, but the puzzle pieces are scattered across time and the digital universe.

These emails are a key piece of substantive evidence and the ONE MISSING VARIABLE that is not present in many other conspiracy theories: actual, language from the actors in positions of power.

Mafia members have had damning evidence come from wiretaps in which they use language in odd contexts, leading to obvious question marks from investigators. Given the PizzaGate situation, legitimate interviews and investigations from law enforcement officials is warranted, at a minimum. Anything less will shake, to the core, whatever remaining trust that exists in the current power structure.

This ring of Pedophiles is directly exposed by the emails from John Podesta and Tony Podesta. Also directly connected to this is DOJ Andrew Kline.

The only remaining options for those in vicinity of this global investigation now is to obfuscate remaining loose ends, deny, flee, or start a global war to change the conversation. They don't deny its their actual emails because that is simply too big of a lie to tell.

via @titusfrost 's excellent work:


Please send people to to get them to join steemit to help work on this. Ill personally upvote many of the pizzagate researchers work.

I have been over at the new pizzagate thread on, but for some reason every time I make an account, it does not allow to me sign in. Unfortunately this means that I'm unable to communicate with anyone on there to invite them to steemit. I have however, brought some information from there to here so that it can have a permanent home on the blockchain. There is a lot of new information coming out, tying Marina Ibramovich to an Australian paedophile ring, and also apparently tying CEO of reddit to cannabilism. (I'm not sure if that is spirit cooking related, or whether it's even legit as I haven't dived into that particular subject yet).
I will continue to bring any information I deem to be important over to Steemit, but it would be a lot better if someone who is able to make an account at voat could make a thread explaining the benefits of the blockchain and why Steemit is the best place for them to be posting their information.
This is where you can find a lot of those who are still investigating-
It would be much appreciated if someone could hop over there, and if they are able to sign in after creating account, make a thread and bring everyone here.

Thanks. Ill start it. Maybe we can bring lots of people.

Excellent. As I said, I think you should emphasize the benefits of the permanency of the block chain, as well as the decentralized nature of Steemit which is a great obstacle to censorship. Good luck!

Thanks fuzzy, will add the information to my utube, and other media comments.....not on as of yet.

The idea of a place where honest humans come together to collectively investigate grievous injustice is awe-inspiring. I congratulate ALL that do.

So, to compare and contrast... how is this different than the Catholic church pedophile scandal? Surely a worldwide organization like that has more power and influence than a few politicians, yet their scandal became worldwide news and was easily believable by anyone. By comparison "pizzagate" only seems to be talked about by anarchists trying to prove government is evil and neocons trying to prove Hillary is evil.

The bigger reason no one notices is that it is TOO BIG.
When I tell people there is an organization covering the entire USSA specifically for the disposal of small corpses, the look at me like I am stupid, dumb, a tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy kook.

Another is that people just DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE IT.
Something so horrible is the stuff of bad horror movies. They don't even use the stuff in good horror movies because it is to far out there.

Another reason is that "pedos" are those lone guys that hang around near schools. The movies have turned the psychopaths into weird loners. Definitely not people who are hell bent on power and will stop at nothing to be the at the top of the totem pole.

I'm curious about that organization for the disposal of small corpses. I could not google anything. Can you tell me more please?

Sorry, I thought I posted this everywhere by now:
I would like to add another piece of information here (please excuse if I already typed it here)

Years ago I was reading through a book about how corporations go bankrupt. On the chapter about growing too fast, they talk about one that didn't go bankrupt. This one company bought about 75% of all the mortuaries and crematoriums in The U.S., then jacked up the prices and instructed all the salesmen to push high priced caskets, etc. They seriously over extended themselves and should have gone bankrupt, but their creditors never seemed to bother. A real life monopoly here on American soil. And nobody speaks about it.

If you were a dark arts "cook" that later needed to dispose of some left over ingredients, what better than to have a ready corporation that deals with these same ingredients all the time?

BTW, you all have uncovered one little clique in the most corrupt place on earth. See some of David Icke's videos about missing children and put the pieces together.

What most regular people think:

  1. Everything so outrageous can't possibly be true.
  2. Even if it is true "whatever" there is nothing I can do to stop it, so why care
  3. Someone or some group will handle it, so I don't need to care
  4. Even if you stop it, it will continue anyway.

So in the end people just shrug it off.

especially 3, in my life, the FBI will handle it. Really? Because we have seen zero signs of Comey having political ties and acting on those within his position?

People need to earn trust.

I suspect this investigation will continue regardless of whether or not the people in power want it to. That won't prevent them from trying to contain it.

The "fake news" narrative has been their most recent weapon. Many people will migrate from Reddit to communities (such as Steemit) that cannot be tampered with. Recently /r/pizzagate was shut down.

Bonus coincidence chart:,fake%20news

OK.....that´s right, let ´s spread the TRUTH!!!

Lmao. At least conspiracy theories can entertain believers and non believers in peace on the STEEM blockchain. Enjoy. :-)

I'm not sure if it counts as "opportunity" or "threat". Sure, no censorship is great, but if Steem becomes a go-to place for all who think that a cigar is never really a cigar (OMG he siad CIGAR!!!11eleven)... As much as I've no doubt about corruption in power circles, there is something cheesy (OMG! fnord!) about the pizza thing (OMG!), and it does looks like a simple case of misdirection (

But seeing all the posts and comments I wonder what Steem will look like in the next year, two, five? What will it be full of?

FBIanon posted quite a few tidbits about Hillary, CF and Human Trafficking on 4chan in July,

Might be interesting to folk here.

Todo este tema pone los pelos de punta!!