Reviving @newbieresteemday - You Can Help!

The @newbieresteemday initiative was set up to help newcomers get more exposure for their posts. After being dormant for 6 months, I'm going to try to bring it back to life.

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The #newbiereteemday initiative was the brainchild of @mudcat36 and @davemccoy. Both wrote an introduction post to present their idea in January 2018.

The account @newbieresteemday was created a couple of months later.

The basic idea behind the initiative was to get the community to actively support newcomers.
In @mudcat36's initial post you can read;

(..) The Steemit Newbie Resteem Initiative would like to pay the help we have all received forward to new users by devoting a collective effort to finding newbies and resteeming them. If you are at a ranking of 40 or over you may be a minnow, but your far from inexperienced on Steemit, that experience can be brought forward to help strengthen the platform by assisting new users and helping them to stick with Steemit in the early days of their experience here.


A Personal Note

My Own Journey

Before I go on, I want to share with you the important role the @newbieresteemday initiative has played in my journey here on SteemIt.

I started on this platform in October or November 2017. Since I was used to flying solo, I didn't know any better, and tried to grasp the entire concept of the platform on my own.

I guess I don't need to say that wasn't such a big success.

At the time, I was mainly into website flipping and internet/affiliate marketing, and I initially saw this platform as an opportunity to promote my affiliate links. Boy, was I wrong... After the first week, I was already flagged down to rep 11. The community did not like affiliate links in posts, back then. I guess you could say a whole lot has changed since that time. :0)

But I didn't give up. It wasn't easy, because I had never written blog posts before, but somehow I managed to get my reputation score back up to 51.

But then I realized I would never get any traction with the username I had at the time. After misspelling it myself for the 10th time, I decided to create a new account with an easy to remember and hard to misspell username... this account.

When I look back now, it was a smart decision, but creating a new account meant I had to start all over again. I went from being a minnow back to being a redfish with a rep score of 25.

So, that happened in January 2018.

Fortunately, I had met @davemccoy a couple of weeks earlier, and he invited me to join the @newbieresteemday team. I accepted the invitation, and I'm glad I did. Joining the initiative was the smartest move I ever made. Without it, I would have been long gone by now.


A Bunch Of Redfish

By joining NRD, I suddenly met a truckload of people. If I remember correctly, we were all fairly new to the platform. Just a bunch of redfish supporting each other and other redfish with everything we had. Maybe some of us were minnows already, but I'm pretty sure most weren't - except for our sponsors @abh12345 and @coolguy123, and our partners @danielsaori and @goldendawne.

We were a happy bunch and I learned what it was like to engage with others. And something I had absolutely not expected, happened: a lot of these people became my friends. I never thought it would be possible to become friends with people you never met in real life, but obviously, I was wrong.

We laughed together, we cried together, we spilled our guts and we had fights. But in the end, we were more than just a team. At least, in my experience.

Meanwhile, a lot of the people have left the platform - either temporary or permanent. And some of them, I still miss every single day.
@amariespeaks, @terminallyill, @charisma777, @jan23com, @smylie2005, @gracefavour, @royaleagle, @deliberator, @jorlauski, @wanderlass, @gracefavour, @plushzilla... How often do I wonder how you guys are doing and if you will ever return...

Others are still around, and even though @newbieresteemday was put on hold more than 6 months ago, I still consider these people as my friends, and I engage with them regularly. They'll always have a special place in my heart, because of everything we've been through together. People like @davemccoy, @mudcat36 (I'm glad you decided to become more active again), @beeyou, @bashadow, @cryptkeeper17, @abh12345, @lynncoyle1, @themanwithnoname (and everyone I'm forgetting to list right now) are still a part of my life on SteemIt.

It's thanks to all of these people that I am where and who I am today.


But let's get on with it...


Support Is Needed

Since HF20 happened last September, newcomers are struggling to survive. The limitations set by the Resource Credits system are making it very hard for them to post and/or engage. They need the help of the community more than ever.

I'm not going to go into the matter again, since I have been repeating myself over and over again these last couple of weeks, trying to raise awareness about the fact that newcomers are treated in a very unfair way, and that we need to unite in order to support them.

These last couple of weeks, I've been working with people like @xcountytravelers, @brittandjosie, @thekittygirl, @swedishdragon, @thedarkhorse, @akomoajong and others, trying to help newcomers out by handing out delegations, providing answers to their questions and trying to get more eyes on their posts.

In spite of all the effort everyone is putting in, it feels like we're fighting a running battle. For days, I have been thinking of a way to get more people involved.


A Lot Of Promises, But...

Yesterday, the @newbieresteemday initiative came to mind. The project and the account have been dormant for more than 6 months, but I thought it would be worth a shot.

If it works out, great! If it doesn't, at least I will have tried :0)

For now, I'm using the account to resteem some quality posts made by newcomers, trying to give them some more exposure.

A lot of them leave, because of lack of attention. Pretty often, their 'Introduce Yourself' post gets a ridiculous amount of automated ánd human comments, and sometimes reaches a post payout that's worth more than I ever made on any of my posts. Some posts get upvotes worth +$40... I guess you could say our initial welcoming system is working pretty good.

But then they face reality. They post a second, a third, a fourth post... and the only upvotes and comments that come in are the ones from @steemitboard and other services. No matter the quality of the post, it simply gets lost in the neverending stream of posts that are published here each day.
I can imagine this is pretty demotivating... I don't know how long I would be able to keep that up myself.



You Can Help!

It would mean a great deal to these newcomers if they would actually get a little human engagement.
Knowing that they're not spending time and effort to write posts no one ever sees, would be a motivation to keep going.

And that's where you come in.

It would be awesome if you would be prepared to follow the @newbieresteemday account, and leave a message on a couple of posts every now and then. This doesn't have to take up a lot of your precious time... just a couple of words would already mean the world to them.

And if you need an extra incentive, I can give you one: for every comment you make - no matter the length of it - you might gain a new follower for life.



The idea is to reinstate the actual idea of the @newbieresteemday initiative again, but I'm taking this one step at a time. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.

So, for now, I'm asking for nothing more than to visit the account's feed every now and then, and spend 10 minutes of your time giving our newcomers a little TLC.

That's not unreasonable, right?

Soon, I'll let you know how you can help even more if you want to... no obligations, no strings attached.

But I thought we could already start small, so at least something is happening while I'm thinking about the future of @newbieresteemday again.

So, I guess I can only say: "Stay tuned!"


If you come across a post of a newcomer (rep score below 53) of which you think it deserves a little more exposure, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments section below!

I won't be able to handle this on my own, so I'm inviting the people that actively work with newcomers, like @xcountytravelers, @thekittygirl, @brittandjosie and the other members of Steem Terminal, @hitmeasap and @swedishdragon - or anyone else who comes across newcomers' posts often - to use the @newbieresteemday account to resteem quality posts and give them a little more exposure. Just send me a DM on Discord if you're interested (@simplymike#5957)


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I was reading this and thinking, but how can we hello with comments when its so hard to find newcomers? Then I got to the end and thought, genius!

It doesn't always work. I sometimes wonder if some newcomers don't know how to check for comments on their posts. So often I've seen lots of comments and the author hasn't replied to anyone. Let's hope this helps some of them, though.

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So often I've seen lots of comments and the author hasn't replied to anyone.

You don't get far when you only have 5 or 15SP. If you take into consideration how many comments an introduction post gets, it is almost impossible for a newcomer to reply to all of them. They will run out of RC every couple of comments, then have to wait until RC has recharged before they can comment again. This will leave no RC to spend on a post. It's a tricky situation that scares most people away.
Posted with

Hmm, yes that is off putting. It's incredibly frustrating how overwhelming and off putting some aspects of Steem are.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yep, I don't know what STINC was thinking when implementing the RC system and keeping it up. Imo, they're simply killing the platform with it :0(
Posted with

Good Job. I've only just come back.
It's tough these days......I'll be following and giving input!!

It's bloody hard to get real people to read and comment on any post now days.

There's a truckload of content published every day. And the more DApps will be created, the more posts will be published.
It's not easy to get noticed...

Thanks for the support 👍
Posted with

What a great idea! Starting this week I'm resuming my duties as judge at the @pifc contest, and if all goes well, I'll find the time to help out here as well 😊

I've missed you too 😊❤️

Since you're resuming your jury duties, I assume you gus are still fully enjoying paradise?
Good to here from you again. I really miss the neverending fun in the comments sections we used to have 💜

Yep, life is definitely ok here! ...all things considered 😊

Always nice to see you too!

First I want to say I love the fact you love new accounts just as much as I do , and as much as my steemterminal friends do! The NRD account I missed because I didn’t enter the platform yet at that time and I am glad you did the CPR on this account ! So YES I WILL ! I have a lot steemstuff going on but I will do my best and combine all things together. I followed you now and I even saw that there are a few people I helped when NRD was still active. I will sent you the ones I think need extra exposure and offcourse we at steemterminal and @heyhaveyamet will stay active for the new accounts aswell. If people need us we are available in discord.
Gr Britt

That reminds me, I will add a link to teem terminal to the comment I leave when I resteem with NRD! 👍
Posted with

That’s great dear thanx

Very cool initiative... I am also missing a contest I used to participate. Maybe I should take over it, since the previous host seems to have left the Steem camp...?

What do you mean with 'a contest I used to participate in'?

Love this @simplymike. Personally I've also been a bit slack on the platform these days due to life commitments, but still my posts struggle to get exposure and I have been around for a year now, today actually! Just got the notification from @steemitboard.

Just thought of a cool idea. Might be cool to work with a adoptee group. Pair up Steemians on different levels that have similar interests (so they can actually connect) and let them interact for a month. For example, A newbie, seasoned redfish, minnow and a dolphin maybe. I'm sure there are plenty of active users who would be keen. But I have to stress that the group must have similar interests, i have been in a similar group before and it felt very forced. No connectivity and a few of the users were just there for the upvotes and did not bother participating!

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Congrats on your first anniversary!!


I must admit that it had been a long time since I had seen one of your posts. I rarely look at my feed. I opened up to publish my post, and purely by incident, it was right there in front of me. I would have found it through the @pifc post, though.

I have been thinking about an adoptee plan a while ago, but it requires a lot of commitment from every party. There were a few people who had such a program running individually (there still are, like @hitmeasap and @johndoer123), and there used to be a tag, but I thought it would be awesome to scale it.
However, I'm super-chaotic, and I'm not the person to set up a system like that.
If I remember correctly, there was also a Discord community (I don't remember the name, only that it was an all-girl community and that I got kicked out because I wasn't following all the rules) who had such a program set up.
It would definitely make things easier for newbies, but the bigger accounts are so busy already... In a perfect world, it would be an ideal solution, but in the real world... I don't know if it is doable....

Thanks!! It's been a crazy ride!! But I'm still here!!

Yeah, I birthed a kid back in December and it just all kinda went mental. Been back at work since she was 2 months already as well so time is my only issue. So won't be the best person to chair this either!! I actually haven't even been on discord since December.

If I can manage to post an actifit post a day it's at least something. But feel a bit bad using time to blog here while I could be writing for my company blog. But making time here and there!! So hopefully you'll see some more of my posts soon!!

Great initiative! I think these things are never easy to get off the ground due to inertia. But it's such a good idea. We need fresh blood and new faces! I will resteem this for awareness and as a reminder to help whenever I can.

Thanks for the support.

Posted with

I remember receiving help from this initiative too when I just started out myself.
Pretty cool seeing you are trying to revive the account/initiative @simplymike.

It's just an attempt. I'm not the real 'organizing-type' - too chaotic for that.
But I've been following up on newcomers, and I wanted to give them some more exposure. To be honest, I did't want to clutter my personal blog with those resteems, so I started using an alt account. But that account doesn't have a lot of followers, so it wouldn't be very effective.
Then I remembered the @newbieresteemday account. I have no idea how many of the 1400 followers are still active today...we'll have to see about that.

The initial idea of @newbieresteemday was that everyone schedules a 'newbieresteemday' every once in a while. I'm going to try to bring that back... it doesn't require a lot of organization skills, since people do it individually - so I might be able to pull it off... maybe.
Everything depends on the goodwill of the community.

One thing I'm sure of: it's an experiment. I do not want to experience the pressure I experienced when I was running @newbiegames. I'm only presenting an idea, it's up to the community to make it work

Oops! I commented with the wrong account. A perfect example of how organized I am, lol

Stellar idea @simplymike. Tell your sponsored newbies that it would be smart for them to comment on one of my most recent posts(save their votes). Thanks for bringing this back it was an amazing program that created and kept a ton of us around on here. Thanks also for the mention that was very kind.

Thanks also for the mention that was very kind

After all, you were part of it, right?
I really miss the NRD days sometimes... often, actually.
For this post, I went to look up who was actually part of it, and it was shocking to see how few of us are left. Also, I was surprised to see some were still here, but I had completely missed that 😂

It's all very basic at the moment - don't want to get into the same situation I got in when I was running @newbiegames... 😉
Posted with

Awesome @simplymike! I'm super thrilled you are doing this :)

And let me know if you need my help with anything... I will try to get some SP so I can delegate a little to the account too. I haven't been posting much, but I'm sure I can up participation on Steemit in order to earn some to help such a good cause!

Oh, Dave, there is indeed something you can do for me. Could you please change the bio of the account. It now displays the Discord link. But it is as good as dead, for all I can see. Maybe you could add a link to this post instead?

Yes I will be happy to... I will add this post as the link for sure!!!

Thanks, Dave.
I'll see how this goes, and then I might reinstate the request to create a newbieresteemday every once in a while.
But taking it one step at a time. No more @newbiegames-like stress situations, 😂 I'm busy enough as it is.

@coolguy123 never took back his delegation to NRD, so there was still 200SP in the account. I've added another 200SP. I think that should be enough to cover it for now. I'll be offering to give the people from Steem Terminal the posting key too, so they won't have to go through me all the time
Posted with

yes no pressure whatsoever, there was nothing happening... so anything you do is a plus! And thanks for all you do in every aspect for everyone :)

So glad to see you grabbing the torch! <3 #newbieresteemday was and still is an awesome idea and group of people :) the Steemit world wouldn't be the same without it up and running.. I wish you all the best and I hope the cause lives on forever ! I can't say much for myself.. I haven't been writing or socializing much this last year.. but my heart is still in it and you have my support!

Wow! So glad to find out you're still around ❤️
I thought you were long gone.

For now, NRD is a one-person initiative - I'm very bad at organizing, and I'm on my best working solo. Taking it one step at a time, just to test the waters - I don't know how many people will actually check out the resteemed posts. I might bring back the idea of everyone organizing a newbieresteemday every now and then, but first I need to figure out how to do that with giving myself an even bigger workload than I already have.
My activities these last weeks have been mainly focused on helping newcomers, but I'm starting to realize that it has a negative effect on the quality of my own posts, not to mention my curation rewards and frustration level. 😂

So baby steps it is , for now. Time will tell where this will lead to.

So great to hear from you!!!!!

So good to hear from you, too! I' happy to hear you wanna give it a try and I definitely know how difficult it is to organize and maintain NRD. It did take a lot away from my personal writing but it is really gratifying and exciting to help new people find their voice and a path on Steemit. I miss the community very much.
Baby steps are definitely a must. I wish you all the luck in the world. Anytime I get a chance to log on I'll be sure to check the page and participate. I have been in a slump for a while .. creatively mostly because real life/family life is busy but great. Probably another reason I have been a ghost on here.. I do wanna get connected again though. I really love helping people and with NRD and my personal writing I felt like I was making a difference in my own small way. Anyways I'm rambling.. I did send over like 30 SP i think? or SBD I don't remember lol over to the NRD page. I figured you'd put it to good use <3

Thanks, @amariespeaks

Life has gotten a bit in the way at the moment. I'm so far behind on replying that I don't even get a chance to resteem with NRD.
Trying to catch up as fast as I can 😉

I'll definitely give the account a follow! I don't think I ever came across that initiative before. I admit I get excited every now and then to try to say hi to new folks and give out a little support, then I get busy and it's all I can do to keep up with my current commitments on here! I think I need to set out a specific day when I can just take 15-20 minutes and spread a little veteran love. I know the ladies do a great job with the Steem Terminal and Hey Have Ya Met, and it will be great to follow the newbie resteem account because then the tough job of actually finding the accounts is done. I just have to buckle down to do my part and make a few comments here and there!

Hey! @plantstoplanks! I am so happy you are finding it helpful. That definitely is why this project was started. We do actually have a curation trail if you wanted to help them out that way. Just look for heyhaveyamet in the steemauto app.
Let me, @brittandjosie, or @thekittygirl know if you need any help.

I know exactly how that feels. I send a small delegation to some of the most promising newcomers, but I can't give them all upvotes, because I would run out of VP in no time. All I can do is stop by their blog like twice a week and leave a coment to motivate them, or give them a tip. But that takes quite some time. I would like to be able to follow up more closely, but I barely have time to write a decent post (my posts are really crappy these last couple of weeks) and get reply to the comments I get.

I wouldn't be able to do this without the people from @heyhaveyamet and Steem Terminal. They are the ones that are doing the hard work...

Doing the commenting is so difficult! Before @brittandjosie joined me, i was doing the weeding, welcoming comments, posts, and follow up comments. It just about killed me. I am so luckly to have @brittandjosie and @brisby doing the before and follow up comments. It is a blessing for sure.

We appreciate you and your supportive words.

I'm glad SteemReply came along - saves me a lot of time replying to comments, time I can spend on folllowing up 😉

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

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i will try to jump on this. thought... I'm rather critical and picky :P

Hi, @simplymike!

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I sent you a message in discord matey. Great post. :)

I'm truly sorry I countered your enthusiasm in the way I did. Still, thanks for the support

You’re good matey. It’s not a worry. I appreciate the attempt at revival. :)

Thanks @mudcat36
Still need to read your Discord reply, to be honest. I haven't had the guts yet. 😉

Glad to see this account back again after a couple of month. Newbies really need this support than any other.

That's right!

They can use all the help tvey can get, indeed.

This is sweet! Great initiative

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You got a 3.11% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @simplymike! :)

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Hello there 😉.. will you cyeck onbthis post @simplymike

See how many commenters that really read the post? Remind me to your old post about bot promotion comments, but now they use human promoters...

I try to stay away from resteeming introduction posts. But I noticed she had a second post, which I did resteem. Thanks for the tip, @cicisaja

Wow! Great stuff @simplymike

I knew about NRD but never really looked at it or I would say it never caught my attention until now that you have presented it.

I wanted to give them some more exposure. To be honest, I did't want to clutter my personal blog with those resteems, so I started using an alt account.

I actually tried this but the outcome was awful as non of my followers bothered to check out the posts I resteemed daily.

But then I think you operating with this NRD account will result to a better outcome because the account name sells out and people can understand what's in with the account. From there on, those who buy the idea of supporting newbies can easily get on the posts and maybe check out the NRD blog to go through some of the posts.

You got my support on this. I will follow the account and try to engage with some of the resteemed posts to the best of my ability.

PS: I have always wondered about the mystery behind your username, glad I got some in sights :)

Thanks, @akomoajong

I knew about NRD but never really looked at it or I would say it never caught my attention until now that you have presented it.

It has been dormant for more than 6 months, so it is not a real surprise it didn't attract attention. We also had @newbiegames, which I was running. But it became too much of a stress-factor and a giant work load to keep it going on my own, so I decided to quit. One of the hardest decisions I ever had to make on SteemIt.

I want to avoid this to happen with NRD. So I'm taking it one step at a time, and see if it can be beneficial for newcomers somehow.
The thing is... I'm under the impression most people just don't give a sh*t...

Ah, time will tell, I guess. 😉

I have always wondered about the mystery behind your username, glad I got some in sights :)

The previous one was @mike314-0005. I mistyped it myself so often, lol. That's part of the reason I added the 'simply' in front 😉
Posted with

Oh! @newbiegames was great but I could see the too hard work and never thought just one person was doing it :)

The thing is... I'm under the impression most people just don't give a sh*t...

This is the case actually!

I'm not much a free man these days but if you need any help with any of these activities, you can count on me.

PS: That's probably the most difficult username on the chain. Sure, you probably had little or no one tagging it ever 😂 Also, what's with the Mike though? I have always known Mike to be a thingy for males. I have actually been holding myself from asking 🙊

Posted using Partiko Android

@newbiegames started out as a team effort, but the last couple of months, I was on my own. Way too much to handle for a single person.

The 'Mike' originates from the time that I was making good money building and selling websites and promoting affiliate products. The income was huge at the time, but I didn't pay taxes, so it was a risk to use my own name. Now, Mike is very close to my real name (which is 'Mieke') and very generic. My last name is the most common name here in Belgium, so I didn't have to change that. The combination Mike Janssens was perfect - there must be hundreds of people with that name here 😅

Wow! Cool and interesting. Thank you for the clarifications 👍

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Look at you, taking the reign to continue to help others. We did meet some great friends, didn't we? :)

I wish I have the same energy as before but alas, life takes over. My heart is still there but life no longer allows me to expend the same energy and time I once had. After work and mommy duties, my brain and energy is zapped. I will help when able but I feel it would be empty promises on my end if I reach out to others yet don't really have the time to show support in any way. If time allows, I will try my best since I still remember how hard it had been as a newbie.

Newcomers do need a support system and I hope you and others will take the reign to help them.

taking the reign to continue to help others

That's a little overrated. Actually, reviving NRD is my final attempt to get the community to help newcomers.
I don't know if I have the energy and willpower to make it work. When mudcat36 saw the post, he became super enthusiastic 😀, but I had to slow him down, because I definitely don't want to end up like it was with @newbiegames in the end. So one step at a time, and we'll see.
To be honest, I'm so tired ... I feel like I'm fighting a running battle and motivation isn't always there.

I am one of the graduated from @newbieresteemday. Pleasure to stopping by. Resteemed.

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