Never Miss A Reply Again... Fast-Reply Is Back, And Better Than Ever!

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Replying to all the comments you get on your post is a must. With this brand new tool, you'll never lose track again and no comment will slip through the net.

Last year, @oroger introduced Fast-Reply, a tool that allowed us to see all our received comments and reply to them at warp speed.
Unfortunately, a couple of months ago, Fast-Reply simply disappeared, and we had to go back to using our 'old' ways to follow up on comments. For an unorganized person like myself, these 'old' ways were definitely not foolproof. Some weeks, I received so many comments that I couldn't keep up and many remained unanswered.

But Not Anymore..!!!

2 days ago, @arcange announced the release of Fast-Reply's big brother:


SteemReply is a brand new tool that allows you to see all the comments you've received on your SteemIt posts in one, organized list.

You can reply to them and upvote or downvote them through the tool's dashboard, which saves you a truckload of time.

Now you'll never miss a comment again, and you can make sure that not a single one remains unanswered. Your level of engagement will go through the roof!

And that's not all... the fact that you can manage multiple accounts from within one dashboard is another huge time-saver.

SteemReply will make sure that you can get back to every single person who has left a comment on one of your posts, while - at the same time - you'll spend less time doing so.

You can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to use SteemReply in @arcange's introduction post.

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Definitely going to have to check this out! I waste so much time fiddling around with trying to reply to all my comments, I end up losing track of some.

I got completely lost all the time. Using 5 different tools to check comments, it's hard to keep track of where you left off. Now I don't need to worry about that anymore
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Excellent, definitely a tool that Steem has been in need of 💪

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Exciting! I use Steemify for that purpose. I’m looking forward to comparing the two. Anything @arcange is behind is going to be great!

Anything @arcange is behind is going to be great!

Can't argue with that 😉

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Keep up the AWESOME posts!!

maybe in desktop ma'am because in mobile phone we have @partiko app. It notify me right away..

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That's indeed the only thing I like about Patiko: the fact that they show you your mentions and replies. But sometimesit won't update for a couple of days, so I can't see my most recent comments. And that aweful editor... lol

Still, even when it works, I sometimes lose track. The big benefit of SteemReply is that once you've replied to a comment, it disappears from the list, so you only see the ones you haven't replied to.
Plus the fact that it makes it so easy to check the comments for all your accounts. It is a real time saver not having to log out of one account and into another...

really? that's nice, but is this available in mobile phone? steemreply?

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Yes, I got it to work earlier today. Took quite some workarounds, though, because on Android, Chrome and Brave don't support extensions. And since you need the Keychain extension to log in... (Steemconnect might be added soon)

So I downloaded the Yandex browser, which allows you to install chrome extensions. Then, followed the steps in this tutorial and got it to work.

Stilll haven't managed to get it to work in Firefox, though
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Well said, darling! 🎯

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Sounds great @simplymike ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Hey awesome!

I love discovering tools that help me manage my steem business and especially ones by guys like @arcange

You will notice I try and reply to every comment on all of my posts and I’ve a .02$ upvote so that nobody gets dust. Drains the voting power but that is what it is there for.

Having this will help me not miss anyone. Thanks!

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I try to reply to every comment too, but sometimes I'm so busy, the comments keep piling up and it is hard to find where I left off. But that is history from now on. I still can't help they are piling up and I'm always late to reply, but at least I knowI've seen them all 😉

I used to upvote every comment, but had no choice but to stop doing so, since there was no VP left to upvote posts pretty often...
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That's neat! One of these days I'm going to step into the world of steem tools to make things easier...but for now, I'll keep doing it the hard way.

@mattifer, please just give it one shot. You'll be amazed to find out how much time you'll save replying to comments... It's really a game-changer...
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What an awesome looking tool. I will definitely look into this further. Thanks for sharing! :)

I use a combination of GINA bot, Partiko, and my F5 key at the moment! :D

I've been using the Steem Enhancer extension, the 'Comments' feed on SteemIt itself, Partiko, Ginabot and going through my own posts. Often it was hard to find out where I left off. No more of that now... This is exactly what I needed 😉
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Great catch on this new app. I had to figure out Steem Keychain first, but after I got it going, I really like it!

I only started to use Keychain recently. Before, I wasn't sure I could trust it. But then I did some reading, and it is way safer than using Steemconnect.
Keychain has made my life so much easier. It's pretty easy to set up and it saves you a lot of time
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I know, it is working out well for me too. So I learned two things from your post! And they were both simple to set up and easy to use - Win-Win! 👍
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Holy Mac&Chz!!!! I love this! I will be checking it out when I finish with this comment for sure! Thanks so much for letting us know.

To me, it's a life saver! 😉
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Will have to look at it. Becoming quite a challenge to keep up with replying to everyone while I've made a commitment to produce new artwork every day. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Then SteemReply will be exactly what you need! 😉
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Oh yes... I need this! Het, that's me in one of the screenshots!

😂 lol, jep... I thought I'd give you some extra exposure 😂

It's a huge time saver!
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So now I know that if you don't reply... It's because you are ignoring me...

... or because I can't get SteemReply to work... 😉

I will add it but I have our steemify app too

Just give it a test-drive... I'm pretty sure you'll be convinced quickly.
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Thank you @simplymike! I was aware of it, but, don't know why I didn't do exactly this! Thanks for spreading the word!

Upped and steemed

I hope you will implement delayed upvoting.

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for delayed upvoting you can use beempy, if I'm correct
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Thanks for the info @simplymike, this sounds like a tool I could use. 👍👍

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I think t's a tool everyone can use, lol. At this moment, I'm going through all my comments at warp speed 😉
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Sounds like something I need too
Definitely going to go check it out
Thank you for bringing it to light :)

You really should. Once you've tried it, you'll never want to go without it anymore. It's such a time-saver
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Great news!:)

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
uvoted and/or resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Coolness! Thanks for the heads-up, @simplymike - definitely going to check it out. Also...


Thanks, I'm honored.

It's an amazing tool - I'm saving so much time. Going through my comments at warp speed at the moment and I don't have to be scared I miss one 😀
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I very rarely get comments, but I do often miss the ones I do get, so this seems cool.

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Have you been here long enough to ever used Fast-Reply?

Not sure how long that would have to be, but I've never used it. I first joined (with a different account) in November of 2017. I actually do get notifications on my phone from Partiko and eSteem, but SteemReply is really awesome for what it is, too. I like the inbox nature of it. Makes it just kind of like replying to emails.
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I love how it will vote and respond in with one click of a button, too. 👍
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Can this also work on a PC?

Of course... I only just found out how to use it on my phone - it took quite some workarounds to get the Keychain extension installed on my Android system.

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Thanks on my list. Until then ginabot works for me and esteem.

Give it one shot. It will make things a lot easier (and quicker), you'll be amazed to see how much more you can do in less time.
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Pretty cool there's a beefier version. Hopefully, I'll get along better with this version.

How come you didn't get along with the previous version?
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It wasn't updating properly. I'd reply to everything and then the same comments would still be there. The only other issue I had was I didn't remember the context of the conversation LOL.

That's one of the things I like about SteemReply: the fact that your previous comment is showing.

With Fast-Reply I always had to visit the post to find out what the context was 😆
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realy awesome tool for use

I completely agree 😉
Posted with's talk of the town now....a great tool to keep Steem engagement on the roll

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You bet! It's been months since I've been able to reply to all my comments and spend so little time.
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Thank you for this, @simplymike. Am going to check it out. @ginabot is playing up again, too!

She's a pain sometimes. You'll love this one!
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ah yes, I've had difficulty logging in, but I think that's my connection :(

Since this one works with Keychain, I would think that problem should not be an issue
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Still not getting in, so I'm giving up.... but I don't have the same number of comments as you do....

Have you got Keychain installed?

Or - more important - are you using it on mobile, maybe?
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Yes. Now - blush - but I keep getting an error message - won't accept my posting key....

@arcange has implemented SteemConnect now - I assume that will work.
(Did you enter your master password in Keychain?)

Oh wow! This is an amazing tool ever!! Great job @arcange you have outdone yourself again!

Hmmmm.. I gotta try this one! True time saver, this makes steemit life more comfortable and easy peasy. Thanks miss awesomeness @simplymike for introducing this to us.. 😁

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You're welcome... Just made it through all my comments in no time. After this one, the list is empty, and I can be sure I didn't miss a single one 😉
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WOW - that looks good to me!
Thanks for bringing it to our attention and @arcange for president! :)

You're welcome, @pundito. I came across it by accident, while I visited @arcange's blog because I was looking for something. 🙂

I was so happy when I saw the introdu tion post, I just had to tell the world 😂

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Worthwhile initiative

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I couldn't agree more!
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Thanks for sharing this Dapp... I've just tried it out and it works great! Love it... and do recommend it!.facebook_1531326118812_LI.jpg

It's awesome, isn't it?!

Yes it is! Thanks again for sharing it! 👍😉

Excellent news!! Going to check it out right now!!

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Did you try it yet? To me, it's a life saver 😉

I went in and checked it out. But haven’t figured out how to have multiple accounts in it.

Posted using Partiko iOS

If I remember correctly, you just need to log out and then log in again with another account. I'll need to check it on my laptop tomorrow to be 100% sure

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I was going therewas a way to just switch between accounts. That would be a time saver. If it’s only function is to show replies only, steempeak has a filter that can do that as well

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You can check multiple accounts. Just add your other accounts and you have acess to the comments onthose with the click of a butto

Dear @simplymike

i just had a pleasure to read your post and I was wondering: what is your impression about this tool 8 days later publishing this post?

Im very curious.


It's a real life-saver! The time I spend on replying to comments has halved, and I don't risk missing one anymore.
I'm over the moon about SteemReply! 😉

Dear @simplymike

I only had a chance to read your old comment a moment ago. I don't know how could i not see it before ... anyway thanks for being always so supportive and responsive.


You're welcome.I try my best 😉

(Sorry for the delay, but I've been so busy these last two weeks I can't keep up with replying to comments)

it sounds really great!