A Call For Steemit Newbie Resteem Initiative Founding Members And Our Initiatives Evolving Road Map.

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This initiative is all about supporting new users on Steemit. Whether it's resteeming a users post or providing advice, we are an initiative that is focused on creating a self sustaining ecosystem of support and guidance for new users on the platform. We are hoping it will continue to grow and take on a life of its own. One of the ways we suggest this is done is that experienced Steemers devote a day out of the week where they find new users who have produced good quality posts and resteem them. We also want to be there to provide advice to those new users on everything from account security to streamlining their creative efforts. Basically we as experienced users pooling our collective wisdom and resources together to make a contribution to Steemit for Steemit by doing nothing more than helping others. It's early days and we are currently growing fast with many Steemers both old and new joining our ranks. At the moment we need co-founders pledging themselves to our effort and in this post I hope to outline what that means if you volunteer, as well as where we hope to go with this initiative.

A cofounder is someone who will be at the front of the pack and will be doing a little more than a few resteems a week. We will need you to not only resteem but take part in weekly write up's and reviews on the initiative as well as participate in voting. Vote for what you might ask? Well, every week we hope to have members of the initiative with a ranking of 40 or over submit posts that they think are worthy of attention from promising new members with a ranking of less than 40. Once these votes are put forward we want to take the proceeds that I and @davemccoy raise from our posts under the initiative and place the ones that have won the vote in promoted. The runners up I will place in a write up as a weekly newsletter of sorts on the best of the newbies. Cofounders can do write ups on the best 20 from each tag for instance, and I will focus on the five runners up from each tag for a weekly publication. This will also make it much easier to find our group of candidates to vote on. This increases the exposure for potentially hundreds of newbies given all the categories on Steemit. The title for this newsletter is still a work in progress like the initiative but @davemccoy and I are hammering things like that out along side many other details. But everything @davemccoy and I make from the Steemit Newbie Resteem Initiative go's to promoting new users, cofounders can decide for themselves how to go about dealing with their rewards on their efforts.

As our effort and following grows we have hopes that eventually we will have enough cofounders to begin to monitor the categories and tags that they have defined themselves on Steemit under. I.e if you're an artist then you as a cofounder of our initiative can choose to watch that category and support new users under it. Eventually we would like our cofounders to establish subcommittees in those tags that participate in their voting process on new users. Now Steemit is a huge place with a lot of new users jumping on board everyday so we need a lot of people to support this. Any weekly write up's, contest, or content you as a cofounder do under our tag #newbieresteemday and earn on is yours to decide what you do with. Only @davemccoy and I will be dumping all SBD we earn from the initiative back into the initiative. He and myself keep none of it and devote it strictly to promoting new users. Now if you want to contribute then great, but you're not under a mandate and if you are working hard to promote newbies then it's only fair that there is some incentive for you. If you are involved in creating a contest and want to take a percentage for yourself then fine. As long as the new user benefits from the contest as much as the inventor did then that's great. There are things we don't want cofounders doing. Mainly charging new users for resteems under the Steemit Newbie Initiative, but otherwise being ethical about providing support is pretty self explanatory.

@davemccoy and I are working quite hard to get this up and running. At the moment I am working getting a website up and running which will be linked to Steemit and The Steemit Newbie Resteem Initiative. I am aiming to have everything from Disqus, Discord, and of course Steemit linked into the site where comments and content are all joined into it for people to engage with our effort. With the upcoming release of Steem Smart Tokens @davemccoy and I are eyeing the potential for creating a smart token that will reward users on Steemit who take part in our initiative. I am receiving a great deal of assistance with this off of Steemit, but if you have skills relative to those goals and want to weigh in then I'd love to hear from you. Once we are up and running and have a smart token linked to the initiative to reward users who are participating in helping new users then people like our original cofounders will be a big part in helping with the distribution of these rewards. Both @davemccoy and I know that some will join the effort and stick, but hopefully in the long run we have succeeded in creating a system of support where everyone is rewarded for helping new users and contributing to Steemit for the Benifit of Steemit.

Thank you so much for reading guys. For those of you who have jumped on board and thrown your efforts in with ours I want to express my deepest thanks. I also want to thank @davemccoy for joining forces with me on this. I wouldn't have stood a chance of getting this idea off the ground without his tireless and selfless efforts in helping others. If you are interested in being a cofounder then please reach out to me in comments in this post and I will get back to you asap. Many blessings and as always, Steem on.

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For a new Steemit user such as myself, this is such an amazing idea and one that would surely benefit everyone! Right now I'm already feeling how difficult it is as a minnow to be noticed. Once I get the hang of Steemit, I would surely love to be part of this initiative. But for now, I'll do my own share and write more posts. <3

All the best!


If at any point we can help you then let me know. :)


Will do, thanks a bunch! Right now I'm really just exploring the platform, although I'm pretty sure I'm missing out on lots of things.


Nice to meet you cruziana.... You will do well here if you keep that genuine and nice attitude. Making comments and being honest about posts is most of what will make you noticed over time. I have now noticed you by your simple but nice comment, and as a result I am connected to you now and you are free to ask me any thing at any time and I will help you. That's how it works... So don't be shy and get out there and make friends by being honest and taking time to write sincere comments... And make sure you send us your posts so we can help you out a little bit too ;)


Nice to meet you as well! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, I'll definitely keep those things in mind! :) I do hope I can also help you guys out even if I'm still a minnow! Just let me know.

Hey @mudcat36, the entire plan looks solid to me! My reputation is still under 40 now, but I will try to do my part in resteeming and commenting on posts. In fact, I have been doing this on a regular basis and I find joy in helping out fellow steemians and in improving steem as a platform.

Do let me know how I can help as a newbie!

I'm in... I will resteem all day tomorrow too.

You have been resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday ... I made today my #newbieresteemday, and invite you and others to do the same. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

This is very good and pulls together a lot of the things we've been discussing and the movements that are happening behind the scenes... I think you do a great job of getting the big picture put down to words and in a readable format. I think it is a good update for those that are on board. I recommend you change one of your tags to something that will be easily searchable in the future...

#newbieresteemdayupdates comes to my mind.

That way when we want to put out a "memo" that requires some real thought and input, it doesn't go into our fleeting feeds that disappear into oblivion as time goes on.

(by the way, you can change tags on any post before the 7 day payout is paid, then its locked forever with no edits)

I think in order to "roll out" each objective to the masses we will need to condense the pieces into "bites" so that hey can be consumed easier by people scanning posts. I can help do this, I'm pretty good at simplifying (that's how I try to think ;) )

I'd also like your feedback on identifying and naming the different job roles because I think its important to let people know they can help in so many diverse ways.

I'm going to get a little sleep before I get back on it tomorrow, but I think the last 2 days have been the most uplifting time I've had in many years. Its great to see the talent, effort, and enthusiasm and I'm so impressed with so many.. Lets talk tomorrow and once again its a pleasure to be working with everyone involved!

This sounds fantastic to me. Although my number is already 47, I feel very new. I joined at the end of December and have a lot to learn about steemit. I'll be following @mudcat36 and this initiative so I can participate along the way, as I learn how this platform works. Currently I haven't made time to visit steemit on a daily basis or to post very often. I'll start there so that I can become experienced enough to help newer folks. Thanks for organizing and to all users who are taking action on making this initiative a reality.

I’d love to become more involved in the project. Just let me know how to apply