Going Out For A Few Days? Get Paid & Make Your Votes Do "Good" Even While You're Gone!

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I've just learned of a neat new way to have my upvotes voted while I'm away (like on a 3 day weekend or even vacation).

Its called "adding myself to a curation trail" and I can do it with ANY account that is set up with a curation trail. So guess what? I can earn money for myself and do "good" (even when I'm gone) with one very easy step! How cool is that???

The way it works

  1. You sign up at https://steemauto.com (2 mins)

  2. Once signed up, you find the account that you want to "trail their votes". (In my case I am trailing @newbieresteemday because I know they will cast responsible votes for newbies) ;)

Visual Steps

Goto Login/Register

Register By Entering In Your Info (hit register button when finished)


Get Code To Input Into Wallet (copy and paste the code)

Go To Your Wallet To Transfer A Message By Sending $0.001 SBD

Enter steemauto, $0.001, and your code (then submit transaction)

Go Back To https://steemauto.com and Log In... Then Click On "Curation Trail"

Then "Search" For A Trail (I use newbieresteemday) Note: don't use the "@" sign.

After Finding The Trail, Click "Follow" Note: default is 50%, need to adjust to 100% if you will be gone.

To Adjust How Much Of Your Vote To Trail, Go Back To "Curation Trail" (left menu bar) And Click It. The Following Page Will Appear - Click "Settings" To Change

Adjust Your Percentage Of Vote Allocated (use 100% if you will be gone)

Thats it!

Now you can go relax and have a great time, knowing your votes will be cast automatically in a way that you support! And you still get all the curation benefits too :)

Also EVERY VOTE COUNTS!... Even if you have little to no voting power, by using this method your votes will add up together and actually help the newbie that is voted on! So while it may look like you have no power, in reality you are contributing because your vote will definitely count!!!

That is cool! And I know because I was taught it by a great steemian named @coolguy123 who learned these "giving" ways from his membership in #stewardsofgondor! He is the creator of the #coolstewards program and delegator of 200 SP to get @newbieresteemday curation trail just launched!

psst... Here's A Secret: We Set Up A Curation Trail For "newbieresteemday"

Of course, we set up @newbieresteemday to be such an account. We have volunteers manning this account and voting only for newbies posting high quality material with a 45 Reputation Score or lower. And we will keep the voting power between 80 and 100% (NO OVERVOTING).

We would be honored if you set us up as your your designated voter and we promise to uphold our values of helping newbies and building a great community here on steemit!

Its time to act... Its easy to turn on and off... And the most beautiful thing is it works even if your vote is less that $0.01! How's that for some good news today :)

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Thanks for doing this @davemccoy, yes this detailed post was very much needed.

Thank you for mentioning me, happy to be part of #newbieresteemday.

Glad to see some positive responses.

I would urge users to help by resteeming this to make it reach more Steemians as well as join the curation trail as every small help (by joining curation trail and however small the VP provided) will be of great help for new joinees.

As usual, @coolguy123 is right!!! Resteeming this message is something that will help... So if you are reading this, then "re-steem" it! Lets let others know they can do this!!!

Steemauto is perfect for this:-) you have many more options when you are there, also use auto claim:-) is there any minimum % that newbieresteemday demands? I follow one curation with 1% can include one more with 1% . I use most of my vp since I’m pretty active:-)

For those of you who want to sign up with #steemauto its a smart idea. And remember not to over use your vp:-)

no of course we don't have any requirements... Any gift of your voting power is a gift... We are thankful for whatever anyone can do!

And yes... we have 3 members tr ained already @beeyou @mariespeaks @charisma777 who are handling the vote. They will keep our power between 80 and 100! And they will use the votes as described. The purpose is to help the newbies and give them a nice surprise when they have a good post!

Thanks for the comments Coach... and yes 1% is perfectly fine, we'd be honored! :)

Will setup this tomorrow:-) keep up the good job, and make the most of the days when you are away

yes exactly! I see some of my friends are gone all the time and they would love to get their votes counted and used in a positive way. I didn't know that even the small votes added up, but it does... that is aweseme!

And thank you for setting us up as a regulor too, that is awesome and very much appreciated too!

Hi @everydaycoach, thanks for the positive response. As @davemccoy responded, there is no fixed demand/requirement with regards to with regards to VP%.
Even a 1% vote from a person with reasonable SP will be of some value addition to the curation trail and final vote value from the trail.

And as @newbieresteemday account is a new one and doesn't have much SP, they are restricted to vote on some countable posts only and hence there is no chance of over use of VP of the users part of curation trail.

A resteem of this post will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much @davemccoy for this gem of information Brilliant one .

Thank you @sbyse :) I'm glad you liked it too... I think it is an awesome thing to know. Now people that think their votes don't count can have them count even when they aren't even online... And when they are active they can just move it to 1% or 0% and then always manage their "power" (even if its small, it all counts now) ;)

Great post !I love the fact that there are new ways to move forward and lean on steemit

Thank you @vanemilano! I love that too... I'm on day 52 now and still learning so many cool things and ways to do good all the time! Its really amazing how creative people can be!

That's great news! I got 3 people to sign up to Steemit this month. I will add this to my incentives list for sure. Great work Dave and all the helpers of @bieresteemday. Go Steemers!

thats awesome @sweetjoy about signing up 3 new members! That's something that will help you as you all can work together on things and support each other with learning new things. Make sure they know about the tag #newbieresteemday so that can help them with their posts too!

Its a good way that you can also trail each other too... Of course I like newbieresteemday, but you can also set it up for your friends too. The good thing is that all the people that vote will have their power added together to count to the person that is getting upvoted. It makes every vote truly count!!! :)

ps... you missed the "new" in #newbieresteemday lol ;)

Great idea. I will join today and tell others! Great work Dave! Keep it up! Joy

Awesome @sweetjoy! And you keep up the great work too :)

ps... I'm now happy to know your name is Joy so that must mean you are sweet ;)

Yes that's true. And you are
Dave the King of Steem

Great mind
Great dad
Great steemer
Great King (of your castle)


I really like this

I like this a lot too.. there are so many that don't even know they could use it... so spread the word @annmighty and let me know if you need my help ;)

I have applied and also made newbieresteemday my trailer

that is terrific! You are wonderful :) Thank you so much for that and for spreading the word too!!!

Btw, I see that you are moving on up nicely... good job ;)

Pretty soon its going to be you doing the resteeming for the next incoming class... pretty cool huh?

You're awesome, thank you again!

😁yes sure,will be glad to do that

I knew you would be, you are a natural.. I remember you feeding me your friends and just good posts... You're doing well @annamighty ;)

Thank you sir😀

I av resteemed,will also tell my friends

you are fantastic and I'm so glad to see you at 43

I discovered SteemAuto a couple of days ago. At this moment I'm playing around with the settings of both the curation trail and the fan base to make sure they don't drain to much of my VP.

I felt lucky I found out about it now, because in a couple of days I'll be in France for a week. I simply love the fact that I will not have to worry about upvoting and earning while I'm away.

By the way, you can also use 'Fan Base' to automatically upvote any author(s) of which you know the posts make good money. You can set it to upvote after x minutes (this depends on how popular the author is) and decide on the % of SP too.

Good idea to set up a curation trail for 'newbieresteemday'. I'll look it up and follow it as soon as I've finished my new post.

you were the reason that made me think to do this post. When you said you'll be gone, I realized that happens to a lot of people (that have a real life) ;) ... And then I wanted to explain it to you in a simple way so you would do it... so thank you @simplymike!

And btw, I know that I saw a few messages from you a couple of days back, and I have been meaning to get back to them and say thank you for "being all in"! Sometimes I have so many things happening that I say to myself, I'll get back to it... and then it just keeps piling up. I don't forget what you said though, and I wanted to spend the time to give you a proper response... I am so happy that I met you and want to be your teammate here for a long time!!!

Have a nice trip! And thanks for sparking this post!

and ps... thanks for thinking of using us for one of your curation trails... and fyi, we won't overvote (we are well aware to stay in the 80s)... ;)

And no problem. i know what it’s like to have so many things to do - lol
It’s nice to have someone one can rely on. I think I can speak for many people if I say: thank you for that :0)

:) that's nice @simplymike!!! thank you!

I hope you have a wonderful trip to France!!! And don't forget to come back, I'll miss you ;)

i love the concept and will add 10% myself! And of course the tag-lifter supports this message because you used @newbieresteemday as your tag! =)

I am the "Tag-Lifter" and you have been resteemed because you tagged your post #newbieresteemday


You have been resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday ... I made today my #newbieresteemday, and invite you and others to do the same. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

thank you very much for the trail! :)

always great to be resteemed by the tag-lifter lol ... and glad to see your example! :)

I've not used this part of steem auto yet. Thanks for the great step by step directions. I have made a note of the URL so I can refer back when I need it.

yes... if you are familiar with steemauto then you are ready to go anytime you want. If you are gone you can find any curation trail to follow to meet your own tastes and needs! I really love the fact that is is doable!

One question that comes to mind @davemccoy . . . you knew what trail you wanted to follow but if we don't, how would we go about choosing a trail? 😊

that's a good question @gillianpearce... I know they list all the trails and how many people are following them. I think you can go through them and figure out what their purpose is by either they're name, their blog page, or by simply messaging them. I know what we are doing, so if someone would ask me, I would definitely give them and answer.

btw you can follow 100 trails if you wanted to... I don't think there is a limit. ;)

Thanks for the extra info @davemccoy. I've made a note. 😊

let me know if you find a place that aggregates this info!!!

Will do @davemccoy. 😍

Thx for the heads up on that. I'll be using that down road.

You're welcome @sminchow! Its a great tool and something people at our level don't know much about. I'm very glad @coolguy123 showed us how it worked because I will never let my vote sit idle again! have a great day @sminchow :)

wickid cool idea!! if I'm ever lucky enough to go on a vacation I'm definitely using this ! or if I get over worked with all my other projects and just need a break for a few days.
Another fantastic promotion from @davemccoy!

haha... I don't think you will ever get to use this feature but I'm glad you like it!!! lol

And yes it is "wicked" cool ;)

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thanks @resteemable! I have a question for you about the "witness vote" will that help you out if the newbies vote for you or do you need a certain size to make any difference. I haven't really delved into it even, I just know it exists (and thought it was really for the big guys)... If it is only for the big guys, then we will all grow up one day and we will remember what a wonderful service you are for us!

ps... do you have a curation trail too? If not, you should set it up. I will include you in my future posts about how we can support the causes and programs that we all realize are benefits to us. And I think people would set you as a part of their trail too. Just an idea. If you need help doing it, I will guide you through it if you need any help.

Hi Dave, yes every vote helps! The steem we generate goes to support everyone who uses resteemit.com

Also we have a curation trail on Steemauto!😊

cool and cool... I have a few things ahead of the witness topic in the Q, but I will be doing something on it and if it helps then even more so that I will do it. I think it is important to explain to people how someone like you guys, really help out the newbies. I'm excited about this now. I will have some questions that I'll come back to you on, are you connected on discord? if so my name is davemccoy#2479 if you want to add me as a friend there.

Also when it comes up I will mention your steemauto feed just like ours. I will use my big mouth to talk about both of us :)

Woow amazing picture, l like very nice, thanks for sharing

which picture did you like @rilexs? I'm curious ;)

it's the most beautiful

haha Dave...remember our conversation...you can only lead a horse to water...:)

lol... that's why I didn't reply again ;)

I tried!

so cool and thanks for the lesson.

I agree Brian... its uses are far greater than I discussed too... I am so happy @coolguy123 told me about it, its yet another aspect of this place that some brilliant person created! I'm amazed pretty much every day about something! Talk to you later and let me know if you discover anything cool too :)

There is also a Curie curation trail there on autosteem. You CAN join more than one trail. I was actually close to doing a post similar to this pointing out the Curie trail. I joined a little more than a week ago and the rewards are starting to come in so I can sort of see how it does.

that is awesome, if you can share any infomation about how it performs, please let me know. I'm focusing more on the payouts for curation and I know it varies by what time you get in, but I don't know where to find out the questions like... does someone that votes 5 days later get paid the same as the person that votes 2 days later... stuff like that.

Anyways... I will start to mention curie trails if you can let me know if you think its a good deal.

I'm going to sleep now, I just wanted to reply to you before I finished my day! :)

This looks like a good way to vote. Though my vote hardly has any weight plus bandwidth may limit me after 4 vote or comment. :D


hey Rydhi, the beautiful thing about this method is that even if you have a very low vote total or just do a small percentage of your total vote like 5%... it is added to the total because we all move together. And while today it is small, one day it will be big... and frankly its awesome because it does count when its added to each others... so don't think your vote is too small... if we all just do a little, it adds up over time!

And on the bandwidth issue, that is an issue with steemit where they limit the amount they allow at different times. usually during the week. It hits everyone and especially the newbies like us. I'm telling you this so that you know its not anything you are doing to make you lose bandwidth...

Have a great day and weekend!

If you ever want to see the bandwidth meter save this website: https://steemd.com/@myscrible

Its in the upper left!

Good Day Dave,

Since I have less than 45 Reputation can I also use the @newbieresteemday tag in my newer posts?

Getting a "viewership" does take a bit of time and work and I will admit I have not posted as often as I should have.

Regardless, Nice post and easy tutorial. SteemAuto seems like a nice tool to use.

I have joined and set my voting power to 50% for the moment, so my normal votes still count elsewhere.

I also made a new post myself.

As I mentioned to @mudcat36. I would never expect anyone to resteem a post they feel is not for them or ones they feel unnecessary. If it will not add to your wall and its quality. Then I would respect that.

Will catch up over time. Have been way too scarce.

hey Upclass! good to see you again! I just replied to you on discord too :)

first, you can always tag your posts with #newbieresteemday because you are a member. So even when you are over 45 and around 80 then you can still use it for sure!

Thank you for setting such a high percentage and fyi you can always adjust it easily if your needs/plans change. Its a great tool and I'm glad you learned how to do it!

I respect very much your point about resteems and your point about getting vieweership is exactly why we started this to help aspiring people while they learn how to do so.

I'm always happy to read any post you make, so just make sure I reply back to you (which means I see it) and I will check it out. I am going right now and read the one you put here!

have a great day and thank you again!!! :)

Thanks for the follow.. Your write up is really helpful 👌

thank you for that and I'm happy to follow you @leumas! If I can help you with anything, just let me know!!!

Good idea @davemccoy! I have 1 question regarding to the curation trail, since I following @newbieresteemday trail and what if there is a whale in the trail, and whale vote first before my vote, I will not earn anything right?

Thanks @williamsyee... That's a great question. First you can set up the time that your vote gets casts. Some do it right away at 0 minute wait... While others do it at the 30 minute mark where none of the curation trail goes to the author. Others will go in between. I frankly haven't figured out the best time myself so when I using this trailing service I just go 0 minutes and hope that the @newbieresteemday curators do the best to maximize the values of the votes. Remember they are also voting on behalf of @newbieresteemday so they want the highest curation trail for the cause too... Everything that comes into that account will be used to make it bigger (more SP).

So its up to you whether you put a lag in it or not... remember the vote we are casting is manual and then the trail follows our vote (so hopefully we pick the right time based on the circumstances for all).

And as far as the whale vote, I don't think you need to worry about that yet... so far the only big votes come "after" we vote because they maybe saw one of our people resteem it. But there are no whales yet in our curation trail. And my guess is the whales out there would probably rather have us get the trail because they aren't really voting for the curation trail themselves, they are really voting to "endorse" a particular post or way of doing something. Just my opinion!

Thank you for your detail clarification! I appreciate it. I think the time to cast vote will be based on curation trail? From example I set 10min, should it be I vote 10min later after newbieresteemday vote? And if 0 min will be immediately vote after newbieresteemday vote?
The reason I have this concern as I notice some curation trail have whale in it and I don't think newbie able to gain any benefits on it, unless newbie just want to help out upvote but don't want SBD in return. I might be wrong tho just my opinion.

yes you have it right... it is after the vote from @newbieresteemday . So if you have it at 0 it is right when the @newbieresteemday votes... and 10 min would be a 10 minute lag.

You can tell that we don't have any whales by our total upvote... it is roughly 0.15 including @newbieresteemday... so I'm quite confident that no whales are trailing us yet ;)

But you do have the concept and right thinking... but in our case we are small so its not an issue!

This is a great tool.
I'm using it for two weeks now and it has a lot of interesting features.
It has an auto schedule post so you can write your post at any time of day and then decide when it will go on steem.
And I couldn't agree more every vote does count no matter how small it is.

Thanks for the feedback @zelenicic... You are a veteran compared to me! But I can see the potential of this feature big time. Like you said the counting of the votes (no matter how small) is awesome and I hope others spread this word... Lots of people with no voting power have any clue that their (0.00) vote means something (if grouped together)...

I like the auto schedule post idea you also mention, I'll check that out next ;)

LOL me a veteran

:) yes... you have a 2 week usage so in steemit time that makes you a veteren!!! ;)

Oh gosh.... I feel important now.

Very interesting. I may use it next month.

Cool @marinaart! Yes I love the fact that I found this out... There is times when I'm going to be away for a couple weeks.. Just know I can set it up and be done with it, I think that is very very cool!

I've finally decided to join #newbieresteemday curation trail :) My VP is really low at this moment, so I hope you wouldn't mind.
Your instructions are really simple to follow too @davemccoy

Really nice concept @davemccoy
Thanks so much also for the generous donation

Thank you very much @mrrpiusz... And you're welcome... It wasn't much but it was a way to help people to understand that the games aren't so hard and can be quite fun!

Great idea Dave! The days when Brian isn't well, I can actually take off now:) I'm resteeming this too...your step-by-step is bang on! Cheers:)

thanks Lynn always like it when I'm "bang on"!!! lol

and yes I think it is very good for giving you the ability to do other things and not worry about "logging in"... your account would actually grow through the curation while you are away!

Give my best to Brian and I'm glad you found this and resteemed too. I did want to share it because I know everyone has things in their life to tend to as well!

Have a terrific evening Lynn and let me know if you ever make contact with @luanne

I sent @luanne a msg, but I also commented on @hickorymack's last post and gave her my Discord name/# so she and I can stay in contact. I will of course stay in touch with her and help in any way I can. Have a great evening also Dave:)

I saw that... cool ... thank you Lynn!!!

My pleasure buddy ;)

I hope you are having a good weekend... I saw Brian's poem and last post.

Thanks Dave; yes, pretty powerful stuff to say the least. It's been a tough weekend overall. Thank you for checking in though. I'm actually working on a blog about it all. I hope your weekend went well!