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I am looking for some nice original newbieresteem glamour for our pages.

We need some designs with anything you can think of from banners to page break to gifs, for the newbieresteem team to use on our promotional posts. Let the creative juices flow bright people, anything goes as long as it says newbieresteem on it or in it.

Ideally we are looking for a complete package so that we do not have to use gifs from places like, or have to make new banners and page breaks for each participant, something to keep the brand recognisable across our team database.

The prize for a complete package is 2sbd, though if the prize is broken up into parts it will be divided between the winners, with a top up from me to make it at least 1sbd each.

It is that simple, although if you only do gifs I will try to get the funds to pay you for your effort and use just your gif, the same goes for any other design we choose.

  • The design should have in it our core ethos of helping new steemians with advice, editing, our discord channel invite our competitions - newbiegames, the free resteem service & mentoring.

You may sign the work to give yourself free advertising every time we use it, it might get you some repeat business.

The winner will be chosen by davemccoy, mudcat 36 and myself.

So that is it, get the creative juices flowing and send us your ideas via the comment section below, good luck, peace love and respect to all.



Hello, I'm back haha this is what I have for you. Hope you like it and I am open to any suggestions. @beeyou @deliberator @davemccoy




All the designs are made to work in both light and night mode in the blog. If you need a animated gif I'll try later but I think this is more classy.

Plase, tell me if you think that I have to make a Post for this.

Yes post that as its own post... that is awesome... You are amazing @jogreh :) Fantastic!! Muy bueno ;)

Thank U :D

Wow, you are very good @jogreh! Thanks for taking the time to create these designs. I will speak to you in english since hablo un poco de español. :)

I agree with Dave. Create a post so everyone can see your work. Use our hashtag #newbieresteemday so the community can see your excelente art.

Thank you. Perfecto haré la publicación usando el hashtag

¡Estupendo! Iré a echar un vistazo.

WOW that is all I can say, amazing my friend simply amazing.

Oh Thanks ^^

You are very talented, would you like to join a new market place I have just made, to sell these skills? it costs nothing, and I want nothing in return, there is no middle man, and no fees.

Yes, of course. That would be cool.

If you come on here, and drop me a message, I will put you into the other server for sellers and trade people, there is no catch, there is no fee either. You will be dealing with who ever needs your service direct, it is between you two with no middle man.

1 sbd paid to you my friend, still waiting on someone doing a gif.

Thank you my friends.

Here's your brand new logo!

did you know about the logo contest we have going for Asher's League of Excellence? With your skills in design, I think you could be the one that blows away the competition! Here's the link if you haven't seen it!

Cool! Will take a look at it! :)

I think its a big deal to get him a good logo... Especially for the 2nd engagement one: Asher's League of Excellence ... I think that will have 1000 people by the end of the year and be the thing that many use to judge their engagement. So getting him a cool design is the goal! ;)

that is awesome @spiritualmax! I love it... I'm going to use for sure!!! I just realized it was a contest, but until there is a winner I will happily use this! Thank you :)

I like it. what do you think @mudcat36 & @davemccoy ?

Love it @deliberator ... The competition is a great idea and I'm using this one for now until I see which one @mudcat36 and you chooses to make "official"... Great to keep things refreshed!

Love the divider too! Thanks for tagging me brother ;)

I did this competition after a chat with mudcat last night, to get some sort of official design to use. :-)

Nice @deliberator! Good to see you and @mudcat36 are connecting too! :)

ps... let me know if you hear anything about @simplymike... We need to make sure to protect our own!

Simplymike is fully reinstated with her account, and feedback is back to normal, all good now.

I've never seen it mentioned, yet I have people I know (and family), who are epileptic. Strobe lights and anything repetitive can trigger a fit. Apart from them, I also, when my anxiety levels rise, find gifs build up an unpleasant feeling or tension very quickly and then I give a little jerk, which relieves me.

Unfotunately gifs have become very popular, so I do not waste time wishing they would stop and just scrroll past them as quickly as I can.

What I would like to see is that they are 'circular'; in other words, not animated, end reached and starts over again (jerky). Some gifs are so smooth they do not show where they start-end, like rain falling. Those are nice.

Edited out just for you :-) I am trying to find a gif that simply rotates around with newbieresteem in it, something non flashing just gently turning.

Much appreciated, but was not hinting. Actually, I used to make gifs - they are very easy to make (In the old days, v6 of Paintshop pro had a small gif-maker included). Where you do not have action, but rather, the picture fades, grows smaller or larger and so on, the problem is that most create it as a sequence. let's say as you had it, fading to a blank white. Then, starting at first image again creates the jerkiness. Let us say you create the gif with 10 images. Plan your gif to have 18 images and place them as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 --->starts off again at 1,2,3.....

The effect would have been, it fades to white screen, then reverses itself, unfading back to full colour image....

As for sign, for example, turning, you need an imgae with it at various degrees, from full face, to a complete revolution. There are programs that can create this effect, with you deciding in how many steps, the more steps the less jerky, but the bigger the gif in memory. A happy medium has to be worked out...unfortunately I do not recall the names of any of these programs

Hi. Are you still looking for a banner? @jogreh entered our logo contest and I told him about your contest. Very talented!

Hello! I'm here. Let's see what I can do for you :3

Yes I am and they are amazing designs, that is for sure, thank you beeyou for finding this gem in the ocean.

No problem. Did you see the logo he created for the curation league? I really like this one for our newbie resteem, if Asher doesn't choose it for his logo.


I love it, and he is now on the new market place, I think he will do well there, and he was the first one in, so I can call him a founding member. Thanks to you.

Oh, good! I think it's great that we are working together to support our newbies. It's a shame to see talent go unnoticed. jogreh is obviously talented. Thanks for helping to get him set up in the new market place!

No need to thank me, you were the one that highlighted his potential not me, I just put the man where he should be able to make some money from his talents, you deserve the praise, so thank YOU.

Let's all pat ourselves on the back. :) It truly is a team effort. I made the intro, you got him where he needed to be, and hopefully he will be a success story on steemit. Teamwork. :)

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