[Steem-Bounty] Which Advice Would You Give To A Brand New Steemian?

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It is time to put your thinking caps on! Answer the question and earn your share of the @steem-bounty that is set up on this post.


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The Question

You come across a Steemian who has just signed up the day before.

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There are plenty of tips you can give a brand new user, so think hard and come up with a valuable and original answer to take home your share of the bounty!.


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#1 tip - start using Steemify, Partiko, busy.org, SteemPeak, or any another app/platform that helps you engage more frequently. These tools can help you create posts easier, reply faster (by sending you notifications when someone comments or posts), or find new content.

Consistency and determination will keep you alive on Steemit ... using effective tools and resources will help you thrive.

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Smart thinking, @helenoftroy.

  • Search through the #introduceyourself tag and plan an intro post with some background, your reasons for joining in the fun, perhaps a photo or 4, topics of interest to you, ask which communities you think your interests would fit into

  • Go find the tags you think will interest you the most, both new/hot/trending, follow these people

  • Look at the dapps

  • Learn basic html/markup

  • Buy 750 Steem and power it up

  • Delegate 100/250 to @steem-ua (4 blogs a week, 7 blogs a week)

  • Write/video intro post

  • Ignore the spammy intro messages and look for the real accounts. Vote/Follow/Reply to all that look 'real'

  • Plan 3/4 posts on your subjects of interest - see which communities, based on your interests, that this work could be of interest to

  • Join Ashers Engagement League!

  • Write engaging and interesting comments on all the blogs relating to the direction you are likely to head

  • Check @curie author showcase posts, trending in dlive/dtube/steemhunt

  • Produce 'content' post using steempress/busy.org/dlive/dtube

  • Comment like mad (but make them engaging!) on all the accounts producing content in this niche

  • Always try to reply to most/all comments of worth on your posts

Repeat last 3 steps for a few months. Don't expect much in way of rewards, enjoy what you do, have a long term plan/vision. Pray. If that doesn't work, try someone else's ideas in this post :)


I especially like this one:

Join Ashers Engagement League!

:D best advice there is!


Where did you copy/paste it from Asher?! LOL
Hard to believe you typed something like that so fast!!!

You should create a bot that will send it to all newbies! 👏



Off the cuff this one!

There are too many bots on intro posts as it is, but also a few genuine comments too which is nice to see. Honestly, it's not going to work as above for many newbies, but hopefully some could use this approach to some success.

And I would still consider the last few points to be of use to longer term members :)


I don't remember I got any bot on my intro post but luckily I met a few great people here who helped me with my blog..

I agree with you on the last few points! Your list is great!


Lol, I think you've summed it up quite nicely. Maybe we should end the contest right here and now, because everything has been said already :0)


I didn't mention @dustsweeper for one, and so the list could certainly be improved :D


Hahahaha what a list ash!! Where were you when I was so neW! 🤣😂..

buy 750 steem and power it up

  • How i wish! We all wish!

Join Ashers Engagement League!

  • i think its a must! This will keep them inspired and pumped up every week..

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Simple. Don't post more than a handful of posts for the first couple of months. Instead comment. Find topics, authors, competitions anything that has an active following. Actifit, steem-ua, etc.......

If you are following and commenting twenty plus posts a day you will see votes. As long as it's not spam and you are reading the posts. This will show new users how being a part of the community is the beneficial way to join the blockchain instead of making 4 posts a day that recieve 2c each. The users gets discouraged, thinks it's crap and leaves. If you do comment well and consistently you can receive 1 - 2 dollars a day from users. I've seen it and done it.

You make good connections and form friendships, that way when you find your space and do begin to post heavily you have people in the same group to follow and vote for you.


I love this advice... its perfect!


It's what I would do if I was starting all over again. I've learn a lot since I joined and there are so many mistakes that new members keep making that are easily fixed. I'm doing things in a much better way now and can see a huge difference in the levels of interaction that I get and the sp that I am earning. Especially for newbies there are great initiatives like the redfish power up league which show them a better way and give them that helping hand to grow their account.

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Very good advice, @niallon11. Thanks!

This happened with me just a few days ago! I had a comment by someone I didn't know, checked their account and their comment to me was their first one, (and they chose me as their first person to follow - what an honor!) so I wrote this comment to them. (I wish I'd seen all the great advice here first!)

I see that you have just joined Steemit - welcome! I don't know what your interests are but there will be people here who share them. And you will find very nice people here who will also welcome you gladly!

I was given good advice when I first joined, to make thoughtful comments (like you did with me) as well as writing your own posts. And to make a good introductory post. Use your own photos if possible, and if you use photos from the Internet to make sure they are copyright free (Pixabay.com, Pexels.com) and give credit to the sites they come from. If you like to enter contests there are many fun ones here and people will get to know you through them. I hope you enjoy your Steemit journey!


What a friendly welcome you gave that person. I love to see how people have this pay-it-forward attitude :0)
And it wa not only a friendly welcome, but also one loaded with good advice.


Thank you!
I still remember the people who were kind to me when I started out, feeling lost and lonely. They are why I am still here. I might feel a little lost sometimes, but not lonely anymore! If I can pay that forward it makes me very happy!

I would tell a new user that networking here is more important than quality content. That spending hours and hours working on a post to have it go out and only get a few upvotes can break your spirit and make you think steemit is a waste of time. So instead make sure you have a discord account set up with your steemit name. Do your intro post and join a few groups. Look around for contest and fun games going on here and take part in them. Get into a few groups you like. Pay it Forward, ASAPERS, CCC, NEWBIEGAMES, ect. FInd a crowd to read your post. Then start to work on that great content. That way when it comes out you will have some eyes to look at it right away. Also that after a few weeks if you think you are going to stay the course buy some steem. It will speed up your growth by a lot if you just put yourself to at least 50 SP.


Great advice!

I'll prefer to start positive with

1 - Do your intro post and join a few groups.
2 - Look around for contest and fun games going on here and take part in them.
3 - Get into a few groups you like such as "Pay it Forward", ASAPERS, #ccc, NEWBIEGAMES, etc.
4 - Find a crowd to read your post (resulting from 3).
5 - Then start to work on that great content. That way when it comes out you will have some eyes to look at it right away.

I'll add earning SBI shares in 2 although it's implied.


Thank you that is what I learned here in my 5 months so far. Glad you agree.

Delayed Gratification
Put all your effort into getting shares of @steembasicincome. SBI will upvote any post you make on any Steem platform (dtube, parley, dlike, ...).

  • Your goal will be to get enough shares of SBI so every post you make will be above dust level. (somewhere between $0.02 and $0.03 depending on which study you believe...) That way you will be guaranteed a reward for your efforts. At the current Steem market price, you will need around 25 shares to get your $0.03 upvote, if you post once daily.
  • Look for contests that offer shares of SBI. Enter all you can! Good luck!
  • As you start earning don't power up right away. When you start out most of your SteemPower is delegated. Steemit Inc. delegates you to 15 SP. If you power up, the delegation goes down to maintain you at 15SP. Therefor you can see, you are spinning your wheels.
    • Example: Let's say you won a contest and got 1 Steem.
      • If you power up that one Steem, you will get an extra 1 SP, but delegation goes down and you still have equivalent of 15 SP.
      • If you instead purchase a share of SBI, you will start receiving guaranteed upvotes on your posts, for life.

NOTE: When the price of Steem rebounds, the upvote you receive from SBI will increase. Current price is $0.75. If it gets up to $3, your 25 shares should earn you a $0.12 upvote... on every post... for life...

Set a goal of 25 shares of SBI.


This is a great advice - but, it's going to be difficult for newbies to grasp until they understood how difficult to get enough votes to earn a payout for a post.

I have been offering to sponsor or co-sponsor contests to help newbies earn SBI shares and am surprised at how little participation that I have received.

I would tell them to post quality and original content and to focus on the engagement with other Steemians. I would advise them to join some communities and make some friends. I would also tell them to focus on long term and don't get disappointed with the price of Steem at the moment as now is the ideal time to get visible as there are not many Steemians around.

Last but not least I would tell them to have fun! This is the most important!

  1. Hold out on your intro post until you read other's introduction so you have an idea of what you want to highlight on yours.

  2. Follow only those you want on your feed and don't feel obliged to follow back.

  3. Always leave a thoughtful comment, don't start typing Great post just for the sake of commenting.

  4. When you have 0.001 STEEM or SBD and you're on Discord, get Ginabot and look at this primer - engagement saver so you won't miss any mentions and replies.

  5. DO NOT let your voting power go below 80%. Read the Steemit FAQ and it should answer some questions about the basics of Steemit.

My advice would be..

steemit life is not for income generation, unless you invest and buy a lot of steem and become a WHALE that is sooooo great! But if you have no other funds like me, then we have to start from scratch.. Now now, it is not a bad thing. Everything great always starts from somewhere. There is no easy way to success, its not always a boring path, you can have a little fun between stops in your steemit journey.

FIRST, you must know your niche. What is it that you have that you might want to share here. What are your passions? What makes you tick? What makes you feel good, enough to write about it?.. Steemit is more than FB and IG. We do not just post pictures, we create stories out of it. The platform needs your post to be STEEMABLE. Of course, always remember to post only original contents and or always quote anything you use that is not yours.

SECOND, you must know how to write a lot... heeey! You dont need to be a great writer per se. You just have to express clearly what you have in mind. You have to communicate to your readers through writing. If you are havinh difficulty using English, its okay, you can use any language here. I am not a great writer either, i cant do novel like writeups, i only write what is in my heart. And it seems to work perfectly fine.

THIRD, find a community, a group or a family where you can start growing with. Steemit is more fun if you have someone who shares and cares the same passion as you. You need to have a support system. You need a mom a dad a sister or a brother to keep boosting you up and encouraging you to be better each day. You always need a FRIEND! The platform is not a lonely island, you can meet and keep friends here.

FOURTH, find love! Find some inspiration.. follow people whom you think will keep inspiring you to stay here on steemit. Never compare yourself to others. Know that you also have what it takes to become a Successful Steemian.

LASTLY, set a GOAL! What is it you want to achieve here? Why are you here?.. having a goal gives you direction at where you want to be. And once you achieve that Goal, create a new one!.. Steemit life is likewise a cycle.

Soooo steem on my friend! You can do it too! 😉

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I would tell this new user to secure their account information. I would secondly tell them ..... to secure their account information and not to click on any strange links.

I would then tell them not to get discouraged if their posts only make a few cents or possibly none at all as good content doesn't always get rewarded. I would point out that the Trending post that are paying hundreds have paid for bids on them and is mostly the own authors money they are seeing.

I would point them in the direction of the #newbiegames tag and tell them the best way to interact is to join in on some of these games.

And since the @steemmonsters kickstarter is still running I would encourage them to jump on that wagon as well but to use the same caution with their monster investment as any other investment and that is to only invest what you can afford to lose.


That's a seriesof very good tips, @rentmoney


Thanks !

My number 1 advice is -

  • be yourself

My second advice is -

  • ready, aim, test <<< repeat

Do not fire all your best shots before you have gained sufficient recognition and following. Don't tell your best stories to empty chairs.

I have over 600 followers, but, my posts do not attract many comments. But, if I comment on others' posts, I'll almost always get a response - good or bad and I'll learn from them.

What I have learned is to find a friendly community where people do not judge you harshly and are understanding and helpful when you make newbie mistakes. That's why I have started #ccc - "newbies helping newbies" and offer to sponsor or co-sponsor contests.


Good tip, @freedomshift.
And you've got me all curious about the #ccc.
I will definitely go out and try to find some info on it, because I haven't heard of it before.
Is it an account, or just a tag?


Thank you!
#ccc is a tag for people in the community to find each other's posts.
I have been trying to have a different contest every day of the week that I'll either sponsor or co-sponsor.
I currently co-sponsor two contests - Monday and Tuesday and I sponsor one on Wednesday and one on Friday but have been looking for others to take the remaining spots.
With my SP at 1,600 only giving $0.06 - it'll take 50% upvote for a payout, so, giving out SBI shares makes more sense.
Please click on #ccc and look for my offers to contest hosts. I even have one that I'll give 1 oz. silver as the top prize IF there is sufficient participation or engagement.

  • be enaging as possible. Find users that have mutual interests and engage as authentically as possible. Creating connections bonds wuth these users will help you build your network. If you have mutual interests chances of them engaging with your content is greater.
  • vists steem bounties site and engage with posts with bounties set on them. In this way if you provide insightful commentary you will get an upvote and be sure to get a piece of the bounty.
  • save up 1 steem and get a dustsweeper subscription. This upvotes tiny dust votes you get to enesure your coments and post get a minimum amount for payout!! So tiny votes you get always count.
  • download a mobile app to help you to stay engaged. There is no official steem app but 3rd party devs have created quite a few. I suggest trying out Partiko. You get points for each interaction you complete via the app and these points can ve redeemed for upvotes.
  • Use styling and markdowns to make your posts easy to read. This will keep readers engaed.
  • search the grid for competitions and enter as many as you can!! Win, win, win. There is no small amount of steem to gain, just greedy people.
  • join @paulag's red fish powerup league for some motivation to keep you going!
  • go slow and steady and be patient, i promise it gets easier as you go along. you just have to be consistent!
  • most importantly have fun. This will keep your spirit going!

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First, I would type “ Hi and welcome to Steemit.”

My advice would be:

  • Be upfront and introduce yourself in a post. At the least, where you are from and a photo on your Steemit page.

  • Write good quality original posts with your interests and tag them properly. One post a day is a good goal.

  • Study the markdownStyling Guide to make your posts more attractive and easier to read.

  • Read all you can about how Steemit works. There’s three small lines beside your photo that will take you to a lot of info.

  • Find followers and leave meanful comments. Do not beg for upvotes or follow for follow. Let your work speak for itself.

  • Even if your VP(voting Power) is nil, I think people appreciate an upvote every time you comment

  • Don’t be discouraged when you are getting only a cent or two on your posts. It all takes time.

  • Steemit is not a get- rich -quick -site. The Wallet can be overwhelming at first. Eventually you will learn to power up to have more steem to interact with others.

  • IMP-Do not lose your key number. Keep a duplicate of it in a safe place.

  • Have fun and meet some of the wonderful people on Steemit.

Best advice to newcommers in my opinion would be

  1. focus on comments and engaging with other people
  2. join minnowsupport
  3. hodl

I would tell him that if you are going to make it on steemit you have to bring something new to the table everyday till you find something that works. You can never sit idle here or you will shrivel and die. Always keep moving and hustling.

Dear my friend, if newbies have not at list 500 usd to invest to buy Steem and power up his account, i do not see other chance than join steem-bounty family and slowing growing with intelligent comments, than he can survive, i do not see easy life for people who are doing post in this Steemit ocean and they got upset after few months to see their account still worth of cents...


You are not contributing to the topic here and continue to seek bounties by upvoting your own comments with multiple alts. I do not appreciate this behavior at all.


Dear my friend, i am sorry, it was not my intention to hurt you, i think we are all a family and everybody can say its opinion in steem-bounty. I am contributing in this family as active bounty maker and i am not looking for bounties just for earning but to find more friends, if i compare the bounty i setup with the bounty i take i am not making profit at all. Regarding the content of my comment, i think you can ask to many people who went lost in Steemit without find anybody look or comment their post, instead of steem-bounty where everybody are a part of a real family.

Dont give up, this is not a race and this world its begenning. Be constant and dont forget to help others new steemians.

Have fun and remember that "what you give is what you get"
If you have fun you will learn a lot. Thats the mainkey...

First thing would be to start visiting tags your interested in read some posts you find and comment on them and start engaging with fellow steemians and then create an introduction posts so when they do visit your blog you have something to greet them with and they can see you’re a real person! I think that’s the best base to start from and if I knew that in the beginning I would have had a much better time than postin 50 posts for no payout! Also I’d say get some steem even if it’s 1 or 2 and get a dustsweeper subscription it will save your life and make sure you never miss out on a payout ever

•I will ask the person to do an introductory post with pictures.
•Make sure all his posts do come with pictures.
•Discover their niche
•Post good content always
•Use tags that will earn them upvotes
•Purchase steem power
•Interact and connect with new friends
•Follow, upvote and comment on others post so that others will do same.

@newbiegames, If brand new Steemian is focused and Content Oriented then it's absolutely fine but, if not and hold the thoughts of Infant Stage then it really important to concentrate upon posting at least one post daily and numerous comments, and comments should be priority.

Steem Economy is Social Networking Platform and most importantly we have to boost the Engagement Levels for the Long Term Professional Relationships and for that new Steemians should concentrate upon more commenting and that with Consistency.

With all other aspects, Steem is an Financial Aspect so if anyone have lot of amount of Steem it doesn't mean that we should expect upvote from them for whatever comments we are making on their posts. So, First of all go freely and after consistent work upon Steem Economy then analyse from where you got the upvotes and from wherever you are getting upvotes that should be your priority and that is because, those are the upvotes which are coming with value for your efforts and work so here you can expand your engagements with more consistency towards your Priority Sphere.

And if you are confused and don't have any idea to post any content then best way is to try out Contest Section because from there you can try out for numerous contests and for sure inturn your work can reach towards more Audience.

So these are my few points which in my opinion can help Newbies to some extent.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I would say exactly what I said to a newer user that I saw trolling for upvotes on a friend's post:

It seems that you're new to Steemit, so I'm going to help you out. One of the best ways to grow your account is to comment on people's blogs with "relevant" comments. Once they see that you actually care about what they're writing and that you're not just trying a "follow-for-follow" scam that is absolutely worthless on Steemit, then they might check out your blog.

Take the time to actually read the posts you're viewing, and write quality, original comments. That's the best way to succeed here.

Just my opinion. You can take it or leave it. From past experience, you probably won't even read this comment. Still, good luck!

I recommend every new user to read posts and write constructive comments, and to answer comments in their own articles.

I think the best way to start here is to participate in contests and join a few of the discord Steemit communities.

I advice them not to use bidding vots or pay for resteem, and use @dustsweeper service to get profit for every upvote.

I am a newbie too in steemit. I joined on 15th aug, 18 and completed my 1st month. I believe I dont have enough experience that I can give tips to the minnows/plankton as I am a plankton myself. But I can share my experiences that I have faced in my first month. Hope this will help a little. I will write them in a series of do's and dont's.

  1. First of all, make a good introductory post of yourself. What your posts will be about, what is your experience in that field etc...

  2. Every one has a different style of blogging in themselves . So write in your own words . People will like it more.

  3. Dont copy paste pictures and words from internet. Your post should be unique, that is what people are looking in here, if you want to use pictures, use them from pixabay and dont ever forget to leave sources.

  4. ENGAZE! ENGAZE! ENGAZE! Engazing to other's posts by upvoting and commenting a good thought over the post is the MANTRA to get more exposure.

  5. Join different discord teams and make new friends. They also do a lot of help to you.If you need free upvotes go to PAL , KIWI COMMUNITY, DYNAMIC STEEMIANS etc...

  6. Dont beg for upvotes. It will put negetive effect on your image. Engazing is the key to get upvotes.

  7. You can use free/paid resteem services . but do not go for bid votes for now.

  8. Last but not the least, steemit is a social site, so try to be gentle. If you came here for quick money, invest your time elsewhere. If u can invest some mobey, then you may grow faster but not organically !
    Thats it mates. Stay well and keep engazing. Together we can grow
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The new user has to understand that steemit is a platform where you can either invest or blog to earn steem dollars, steem or steem power. And from my few months experience here I would say steem investing pays off. If you are able to invest into steemit you don’t need long hours of writing or content creation to make more steem, SBD or SP because your money will work you.
I hope this helps!!!

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Can you blacklist @intellihandling?

They only seek to steal bounties away from users who have spent time reading the post and contributing with insightful comments. Cheers!

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I'm going to try, to the best of my ability and resources to follow the top ideas here and see where that takes me.


I didn't think about how or when I was going to decide

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Just one simple advice
Don't spam and participate in contest.
Everyone has one particular interest, the advice will be to be focused and determined