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Another week, another list of @newbiegames' favorite games & contests list. Grow your account while having fun!



Our Goal

The main purpose of this @newbiegames account is to make SteemIt more fun and more profitable for everyone, but especially for newbies.

By highlighting (some of) the games and contests that are running on SteemIt, we are giving you the opportunity to have some fun ánd have a chance to win some prizes that will help you to grow your account.


Our Featured Games

Every now and then, we will update you with a list of ongoing games and contests.

In every edition of our ‘featured game’ posts, we will select up to 3 games/contests that encourage engagement and we’ll give them our highest recommendation. We do this to reward the #newbiegames game makers for using our tag, and to encourage others to do the same.

The more people will use our #newbiegames tag,

  • The more games/contests can be played and the more prizes can be won
  • The more we can reward our game makers and contestants.


Now let’s get to it...

fearured games title.png

If you want your contest/game to be featured in one of our next editions, tag it with the #newbiegames tag and we'll find it!

Featured Game #1: 🌺 SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge 4 - August (Join Or Resteem And Win) by @simplymike

gardening journal (1).jpg

Get creative and join this awesome writing contest.

August is here... This is your chance to show off your gardens, farms, balconies,..! Show us what you are growing, harvesting and which bugs or pests you are fighting.

click here.png


Featured Game #2: 💰💰SCULPTURE NAME CONTEST💰💰) by @johndoer123


Come up with the best name for the sculpture and win!

click here.png


Featured Game #3: Steemit Basic Income Giveaway (Superpowers) by @bengy


Win a @steembasicincome share, and part of the @steem-bounty by answering a couple of simple, but very interesting question:

If you could have any superpower (it could be just mundane, but laws of physics are no barrier!), what would it be?

Why would you want that particular superpower over any other?

What could be potential downsides?

click here.png


more games.png

Below, you'll find more games/contests by our members.
(I've ordered them by date: at the top, you'll find the ones that will expire very soon, at the bottom, you'll find the recent ones.)

To be included in our next edition, use the #newbiegames tag on your next game or contest. You can also drop your link in the comments section below.

👀 Be sure to keep an eye out for the Pay It Forward Curation Contest 20 by @pifc, which will run from Tuesday till Saturday. 👀

Guess the right amount contest #27 by @rentmoney

😝 Crazy Comment Contest - @Steem-Bounty Added ! by @rentmoney

Find the catchphrase and win a small prize! by @pandasquad

New Numbers Game 😎 Last Weeks Winner ! by @rentmoney

Guess the right amount contest #28 by @izaid

💰💰SCULPTURE NAME CONTEST💰💰 by @johndoer123

Guess the right amount contest #29 by @izaid

Find the catchphrase and win a small prize! by @pandasquad

Zen Colouring Contest #26 - ||ZCC LOGO|| - A Chance to WIN SBD by colouring a weekly pattern! by @magiccleatus

FREE SBD RAFFLE #5 by @rufruf

Steemit Basic Income Giveaway (Superpower) by @bengy

Let's Get You Noticed 😎 Promote Me Contest 😎 by @rentmoney

EPISODE 29 #dogsofsteemit Challenge EXTENDED! by @supernovastaffy

Guess the right amount contest #30 by @izaid

Find the catchphrase and win a small prize! by @pandasquad

Steemit Survivor Contest PRE-ANNOUCEMENT - 20 SBD Grand Prize! by @eoj

Do two wrongs ever make a right? (with $1SBD Bounty) by @dollarsandsense

Decipher the coded messages and get some STEEM! - Part 2 by @aquatarkus


Steem-Ship 9 ( $30 + In Prizes ) by @rentmoney

For more games and contests, check out the #newbiegames tag!

(Did we somehow miss your game or contest? Let us know in the comment section below)

Do you want your contest or game in our next list? Use the #newbiegames tag on your next game or contest and we'll find it. Feel free to submit the link below.

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Thanks again for mentioning my contest!

Interesting games. But I've only tried a few. Look like I will check out the other ones.

The tag is very important so as to give #newbiegames more exposure.

Thank you for featuring my contest

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Please check out my game.