we need more testers for a multiplayer resource management rpg TwinForge played on steem blockchain

in #newbiegames2 years ago (edited)

this game is in pre alpha and is being manually run/updated by @madeyearcher using this account
if you are interested just leave a comment,and follow @grid9games and i will set you up a profile to start playing tomorrow

you should also read day 1 and day 2 of the testing and all the information resource links on how everything works(easiest to find those on day 2 post)

there will be rewards for players that turn in the most logs at the end of each week and the end of the month

28 people previously signed up on the 1st signup post but most of them never showed up once testing began


Yeah, sorry I haven't played the first couple of days. I forgot about it on the 2nd and then ended the day by tearing a ligament in my ankle. I'm hoping to get started on this though. Just have to work out what I need to do for the profile thing first

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