People put a lot of effort in to their posts in hopes of making a few bucks and ZERO NADA NOTHING WTF!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello I'm am a mini Steem Whale. And I think i Should be able to give my steem Up vote rewards to anyone if I want to. People are gonna get discouraged and go away or not want to participate if their not going to get anything for putting so much effort into posting. Why would you want to be involved if your stuff never gets seen and you get zero steem rewards. Every post is a good post as far as I'm concerned. So good luck guys and up vote this post and comment and I'll reward you for participating in the steemit eco system. I'll go to your blog and up vote all your content. Thanks guys Steem on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s Guys at the bottom the list be patient. I need a couple days of not up voting to build up my voting power again. Once i get full power I can reward about 40 cents on all your blogs. Thanks for taking part in the steemit ecosystem


I would prefer if you could just explore my blog and upvote, if you can find any good content.

its all good content as far as I'm considered. Im an investor Im am investing in steemit all the way around.

I don't think blind voting will benefit the value of STEEM.
If you rewarded the good posts only, you would encourage quality.

Just my opinion, thanks for the vote

You don't get it. Im sorry. Thanks for participating !!!!

I'm not complaining.
Thanks, again for your votes.

People are gonna get discouraged and go away or not want to participate if there not going to get anything for putting so much effert into posting.

blind voting doesn't encourage me to put in effort.
it feels so random.

I think i Should be able to give my steem Up vote rewards to anyone if I want to.

I totally agree.

I think this type of action still encourages some to stay and be happy that some whales are sharing the wealth and following people and sharing some power.

Might be true, but right now I think the curation and reward systems are not working properly. It takes 100 small fish to actively look for quality posts, but it won't make the trending pages if some whale decides that a picture of a cat is better quality. I think the latter feels kind of random. Equipping those 100 small fish with some steem power would better the community in the long run I think.

You beat me to it... was going to say the same thing except with worst spelling :)

lol I wasn't paying attention in English class

no worries all my stuff right now is political, so if that interest you please check it out! Cheers and not much writing :)

I agree that there is a lot of good content that goes unnoticed on steemit, that is why I'm doing my part as well in upvoting posts that went unnoticed or commenting on posts especially of new users to help them or get them encouraged. However it is pointless to do it for every post out there, just for the ones that are actually doing or trying to do something. You need to encourage effort and quality as this is what steemit currently needs.

I have been doing some experiments adding an external post view counter to some of my posts to see how many people actually read them for a day and I was surprised to see that there aren't that many reads. Seems like steemit also needs more users that actually check the Blog posts we put out there as with just about 20 views you cannot expect a post to be set in the trending, no matter how good or interesting it is, unless there is a whale that votes for it.

If you want to really contribute with your votes, here is a tip. Go through the Payout Time posts on steemit and vote for good posts that really went unnoticed before their first payout, I'm regularly doing this:

So in short go out there and encourage peopel that show effort and quality in their Blog posts, as a long term investor in steemit this is what you should be doing on steemit... :)

ok thanks for the good advice

If more people with more voting power like you actually put it to good work here on steemit things can really get better for the authors that post good quality content or interesting things and feel discouraged by not getting noticed by anyone. No need to have a lot of mega whales, just more people with slightly more voting power and knowledge in a wider array of topics is what steemit currently needs to continue to grow properly. It is already getting quite a lot of new users on a daily basis, there is already a lot of good content being put regularly... now we only need more people with more power to actually make more of that good content more visible for everyone else.

Right Right.

appreciate it @cryptos We need more to think like you, and @juneaugoldbuyer and the others spreading the STEEMIT love.
full $teem ahead!

Dude your loosing so much Seem power your crazy not to be powering up as much as possible as soon as possible right now

nvr mind I went to you wallet and I thought i saw nine thousand steem dollars. Time to get some glasses

Hehe, wish I had that many :)

Hey @cryptos, would appreciate your support too. Just made my first post, it's had a handful of votes but sadly now languishing in the land of the forgotten. It's a bit tongue in cheek, and hopefully will raise a smile. It's also intended to attract a few more Steem devotees, so please give it a look.
I've got a few more original ideas bubbling around that are itching to get themselves blogged... But not so sure I'll give them the attention they deserve if no one ever reads them. Thanks in advance for your help!

ATTENTION STEEMIT :::::: @juneaugoldbuyer :::::: is TRUE TO HIS WORD!!
If you are a newbie, or just looking for a boost, this is the Steemit user to Follow and support!
Full $TEEM Ahead!


Without people upvoting, there is no way authors can understand if their content is worthwhile or tailor it to the wants and needs of the audience. I don't think blindly upvoting is the answer, but many people hold back when it comes to voting and giving reply's.

I think most of us who take pride in our blogs read all the comments and look at the upvotes as a measure of interaction. I will continue to blog on my favorite topics (security, travel, etc.) and am committed to giving my input and votes to others, so they know someone read their content and appreciate their labors. Thanks @juneaugoldbuyer for taking an active position and role in helping others. You have my vote!

Hi, my name is Tao. I am participating more and more, still figuring things out.

I like your attitude and I think you're right. I can totally relate to this to the point of only curating as oftentimes blogs get zero upvotes.

@juneaugoldbuyer I know what you mean. I had one post that I spent hours looking up data and only get like .50 cents and then I spent 10 minutes on another post and received like $8.50. I am grateful for both, but it the payout can be a little skewed. Alas, it is early in the life of STEEMIT, and as the Whales distribute more of the STEEM, it should eventually flow more freely, at least I hope. Anyway, I posted a nice pic of NYC. MY life has led me down many paths, photography being one of them.
full $teem ahead!

I don't think it's quite like that. Sure, lots of posts get unnoticed and there are hidden gems to be sure, but that is not the majority of them. Lots of the posts that get buried are also, quite honestly, not up to snuff in a few ways. I think the best way to help new content creators is not by letting them get buried without a peep, but by leavings comments that may help them improve.

Don't upvote what you don't like for the sake of it, but do help those with potential improve - it will help you in the long run!


Absolutely awesome! I know I'm really struggling as a beginning Steem blogger. I'll gladly take all the help I can get.

Hello Sir.
Thank you for being nice.

RachelK checking in .. Full support. Full steem.

I share your concern, so great to see someone putting effort in it. C

I'd love for you to check out my blog, juneaugoldbuyer! I appreciate upvotes and try to connect with them when people relate to what I'm trying to do. Feedback is even more encouraging, though more time consuming. :)


I have been on the platform for a couple of hours only, reporting for duty :)

Thank you for the upvotes @juneaugoldbuyer, I agree people will get discouraged and leave if their getting nothing .

Guys at the bottom the list be patient. I need a couple days of not up voting to build up my voting power again. Once i get full power I can reward about 40 cents on all your blogs. Thanks for taking part in the steemit ecosystem

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