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Hello guys , This is my curation report for Tribe . I will try to catch up everything daily on my curation report post . The goal of this curation report to establish a strong bond with the Authors and to support them and encourage them more to use Tribe . I curate only original content. Articles, art, poetry, videos, recipes, religious etc. I prefer Bangla and English language. Good and quality content is relatively easy to create. A strong article develops the chance of getting support, changes minds, gains followers, carries weight. Of course, everybody has something interesting to say. So go and create some contents ! also support those users who have believe on our tribe and supporting our tribe from start .


Nestle Is Criminally Underrated As A Wealth-Creating Engine By Wealth Insights

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"Summary Nestle flies under the radar compared to many of its peers in the consumer goods sector. Despite this, it has been a strong performer over the long term due to the company's depth of quality brands, strong balance sheet, and robust cash flow. Shares have rocketed higher over the past year a

5 Self Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know

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Hey everyone! How are you doing? A couple of days ago I made a post about 3 Simple Self Defense Moves All Woman Should Know. I'd like to thank everyone for your support and feedback. I really appreciate that.I will keep sharing. We all have the right to defend ourselves. If you want to defend yourse

Beautiful photos of the sun setting

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The best view of the sun sets is seen from the river or sea.From a distance it looks like the sun will sink into the water and when the sun is above the sky, another sun can be seen under the water.And when the sunlight falls on the river water it seems that the sun has taken the form of river water

Photo Shoot in a Car Park: Part 1

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Car parks are normally places were you leave cars while you're off doing things more exciting than driving cars. I've seen many painted white lines within car parks, but prior to this early June photo shoot with Kelsey Burgers - I hadn't done any photography in a car park. That's changed, and I've q

State of Splinterlands

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Aggroed discusses the end of last season and goes through a variety of Splinterlands metrics ▶️ DTube ▶️ YouTube

My 2nd Year Anniversary on Steem - The Creative FUN Continues . .

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This weekend marks the beginning of my 3rd year on the Steem blockchain. Time has gone by so fast. The 2 years seem to have flown by very quickly. Yet, when I look back, so many things had happened that it seems like it has been years since I have been on Steem. Having spent 2 years on the blockchai

Dragons bank #7

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@swedishdragon will loan the sum of 479 STEEM to @direwolf. He promises to repay 501,5STEEM in 45 days. Full payment will be returned the 2th of October 2019 @swedishdragon will keep @direwolf 3.462 GBYTE as collateral A sum of 3.462 GBYTE. 3.462 GBYTE is 479 STEEM & will be kept as as collateral. T


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Greetings this fine Saturday (morning for me as I begin this post). If all goes well I will get this finished this morning, but no later than this evening my time. It was a busy week and this weekend will also be hectic. I started buying SPACO token yesterday. Here is a recent quote from a recent po

Five Matches to bet on today

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Screenshot from my betting account As you all know, I focus on the top leagues most times. Today, I'll be choosing teams from EPL, Bundesliga and Spanish Laliga. Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao started this season's Laliga yesterday and they were defeated with a late strike from Aduriz. Bayern Munich

😒 It's not ALL Fun & Games in The Forest 🌳

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Yesterday I didn't get much time to spend working in the forest as there were other things that needed tending to.. Hopefully today I will be able to make up for yesterday's lack of progress back there. We'll see. Anyways here's a couple pics from the other day. A look into the darker side lol of my

[PHOTO] Cherry on top

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According to Facebook this was my most commented on photo 'back in the days'. Not everyone was able to understand what they were seeing. A bike, its shadow on the bicycle lane, a pedestrian lane left of it, a puddle from rain that fell a few hours ago on it, which reflects a bridge/landmark in my ci

The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆

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With 30 STEEM and a number of SBI shares to be won - sign up, engage, and win! 🎁 Welcome to the Engagement and Curation leagues. How does your engagement on Steem compare against others? This weeks Post is sponsored by @esteemapp - A mobile and desktop app for Steem. League Info Would you like to e


The Tribe of Neoxian
Neoxian City - A New Scot Tribe On the Steem Blockchainneox-silver.gif
The Monetary Policy of Neoxian
Introducing NEOXAG Bid Bot Sink !! Delegate Steem Power and Earn NEOXAG Each and Every day + Passive profit for Upvote buyers
The Tribe Of Neoxian Airdrop Reports & Future Airdrops
LowCard Game - First Steem-Engine Token Based Discord Game Bot BY NEOXIAN CITY TRIBE


That's all for today , I am inviting you to visit our city : Click on this icon to enter 👉 imageedit_25_4507760003.gif Though some used to call it Discord channel , but we(citizens) call it our city .



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