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The Tribe of Neoxian

Some of us already know that famous steem witness and top steem user @neoxian introduce with his own tribes The Tribe of Neoxian . So let's take deep drive into this tribe and project.

There is 3 tokens neoxian owned NEOX , NEOXAG and NEOXAGM .

  • NEOX [ a.k.a Neoxian Gold Token ] : NEOX has been created 4 months ago , here is the token Contract The Token of Neoxian: Neoxian Gold. This token can be used for redeem upvote from @neoxian , but no use on tribes atm .

  • NEOXAG [ a.k.a Neoxian Silver Token ] : NEOXAG is the tribe token that you need to stake it for make your upvote worth more powerful. You can also delegate your NEOXIAN POWER to other user.

  • NEOXAGM [ a.k.a Neoxian Silver Token Miner ] : NEOXAGM is the mining token for NEOXAG . All you need to Stake the mining token and you will start getting NEOXAG drop from next hour . Inflation rate is 2.5% for mining .


  • The tribe of Neoxian is the tribe of City of Neoxian Discord Channel
  • Forum - General Topic : It will be a general topic forum where nearly all sorts of posts are allowed. Content that is spam, plagiarism, broadly offensive (child porn, not safe for life, etc), threats of physical violence, or scams are not allowed.
  • NEOXAG tribes token & NEOXAGM mining token both are available on the Steem Engine DEX.
  • Tribe URL :
  • Use Tag "neoxian" in your posts to earn NEOXAG and STEEM rewards!
  • Author curve: 1.2
  • Curation curve: 0.5
  • Inflation: 5% per year, 2.5% proof of brain, and 2.5% mining


City Role based Airdrops :

  • FOUNDER(@neoxian) : 500000 NEOXAG.
  • POPE (@thereikiforest) : 60000 NEOXAG.
  • HACKER (@bala41288) : 60000 NEOXAG.
  • DRAGONS : Active Dragons will get 40000 NEOXAG & Inactive Dragons will get 10000 NEOXAG each.
  • CITIZEN SHARP : 7500 NEOXAG each.
  • CITIZEN PLUS : 500 NEOXAG each.

City Activity based Airdrops :

  • Top three chatters as determined by mee6 level will get 6000 , 5000 & 4000 NEOXAG respectively.
  • Top three citizens (excluding @neoxian ) that do perform legit giveaways will get 6000 , 5000 & 4000 NEOXAG respectively.

Neox based Airdrops :

  • Holders of NEOX (neoxian gold) token will receive:
  • NEOXAG = NEOX * 2000
  • Staking NEOX is not necessary.

Example : If you hold 20 NEOX , then you will get ( 20 * 2000 ) = 40000 NEOXAG .

Also there will be numerous NEOXAG giveaways on city Discord channel.







Here is the settings :

"author_curve_exponent": 1.2,
"author_reward_percentage": 50,
"beneficiaries_account": "null",
"beneficiaries_reward_percentage": 0,
"cashout_window_days": 7,
"curation_curve_exponent": 0.5,
"downvote_power_consumption": 200,
"downvote_regeneration_seconds": 432000,
"downvote_window_days": -1,
"enable_account_muting": true,
"issue_token": true,
"json_metadata_app_value": null,
"json_metadata_key": "tags",
"json_metadata_value": "neoxian",
"miner_tokens": "{"NEOXAGM": 1}",
"mining_pool_claim_number": 20,
"mining_pool_claims_per_year": 8760,
"muting_account": null,
"n_daily_posts_muted_accounts": 0,
"other_pool_accounts": "{}",
"other_pool_percentage": 0,
"other_pool_send_token_per_year": 0,
"pob_pool_percentage": 50,
"posm_pool_percentage": 50,
"post_reward_curve": "default",
"post_reward_curve_parameter": null,
"promoted_post_account": "null",
"reduction_every_n_block": 10512000,
"reduction_percentage": 0.5,
"rewards_token": 8,
"rewards_token_every_n_block": 3,
"staking_pool_claim_number": 0,
"staking_pool_claims_per_year": 0,
"staking_pool_percentage": 0,
"token": "NEOXAG",
"token_account": "neoxian",
"vote_power_consumption": 200,
"vote_regeneration_seconds": 432000,
"vote_window_days": -1

That's all for now , I welcome you guys to join our City Of Neoxian Discord Channel

Info about tribes taken from This post


That is really great to hear

Very good write-up zaku! Nice intro to

Nice post @zaku. I guess the information in the post will be sufficient for a newbie to understand this and join the tribe.

Thanks bala , yeah that's why i try to describe it in detail

Thanks for writing that up, and filling in the numbers there were missing from my post.

#palnet #steemleo

It's always my pleasure & thank you for give use opportunity to get involve with this amazing project

Short but Nicely described about the tokens. Looking forward to buy some miner tokens.
#neoxian #palnet #spt

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These tokens have centralized governance. I wouldn't touch it.

When it comes to @Neoxian or anything that got to do with him, just expect nothing but the best.

Yeah you right , The neoxian tribes going to be amazing

Thanks for the introduction of Neoxian tokens.

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You welcome and inviting you to visit our Discord

Good introductory write-up, bro. Gotta try to increase my stake.

Thanks bro , Best of luck

Thank you @zaku for informing about this platform. I am excited to see new platform like this. Gald to be here.

You welcome Rezoan , Hope to see your articles on city tribes

We can talk about anything on Neoxian. That's great! Hope we will see more and more people start publishing their content on this platform.

That's Incredible Now I have to Find the Time to get Over There and find out what the Tribe is all about !

Now I just have to earn some neoxian so I can STAKE IT! :-) I'm loving all these different tribes.


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Happy to be part of that tribe! Neoxian city rocks

That's fine, thanks for the information. I'll start with this site: D

You mention city a few times. What does that mean? How do we join a city to receive the AirDrop?

Yeah city means our Discord channel , which we used to call our city and i also mentioned about the city drops . the city drops is for those loyal users who sitting on the city from long time and also people got airdrop for holding NEOX. You are welcome to our city(discord channel).

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I love the tribe of neoxian... 🎉

Yeah man! let's go!

Thanks for introducing neoxian city

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Hi @zaku thank you for the information, another tribe which seems really interesting to me :)

Thanks for sharing this bro!

Wow I have missed alot dem this job but hoping to catch up with lost time

Thank you for this very detailed and informative post.

Thanks for making this intro post, After reading this i bough 130 NEOXAG token and stake them.

Thanks for the awesome review champ. Neoxian is one of the good ones on the Steem blockchain, good to see he built his own ship. Regards mate!

clear. this is enough 😊

Thanks for the post.

great post dear @zaku

Sir @zaku
What is the initial supply of NEOXAG?
Sir how to understand Author Curve 1.2 -- for general people?

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Good intro from there, i hope this coin token is found in the coin market cap, please?

This token can be found in Steem-engine only

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