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The goal of BDCommunity is to support not only Bangladeshi users but everyone who needs it. BDCommunity rewards users for the wonderful content they produce. In order to find and reward quality content, every day our curators scour through the chain finding deserving contents. To inspire and support those authors we upvote over 10 contents daily and approximately over 80 quality contents per week.


A few words about the nomination:

We curate only original articles, art, poetry, videos, recipes, etc written in Bengali and the English language. Everybody has something interesting to say. So go and create some!

Here are the list of articles which have caught the attention of our team, this week.

Pondering. - Traditional Watercolor. | Steps of its elaboration.

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In this time when we must all be kept at home due to quarantine and that many countries are abiding by due to the pandemic, we should reflect on many aspects. In particular, I have reflected on how vulnerable we are as human beings, this invisible enemy that has cornered the world must make us think...

Perspective and serenity


I took this image a little while ago at the beach not too far from where I live. It was a rather serene evening, warm and still and the water was almost dead flat. My wife and I were walking along as we often do, sometimes talking but mostly in silence simply enjoying the evening, being together and...

Are we focusing on our weakness instead of Strength ????

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When I was a student of architecture the first year, my dad gave me this phone, button phone with the back camera, Nokia (forgot the exact model number). It was 2008 when my dad bought this phone for me. I never had a single idea about selfies or anything else. About the internet, I guess I used to...

A hikers dream made of granite

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I´m not done yet with praising the Australian state of Western Australia. I´ve got another highlight from our past journeys through the rough, but beautiful region of south-west Western Australia. Some of my photos were "lost" for some time but just recently I was able to recover some of them and...

Pototo Chips || Homemade

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Hello folks.... I was taking a nap in the evening today, well it went pretty long than I have expected. As I woke up, I was thinking of making a quick snack for the evening. And here I am creating a post about it. Well, one of my favorite vegetable is potato. It's probably the only item that I can...

Nectar Proves To Be The True Queen

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Unlike most queen bees, Nectar Queens like to get out of the nest and get their Proboscis dirty. Fortunately, you can hear one coming long before it reaches you. Unfortunately, they have a real taste for blood. Nectar Queen have come out of the honeycomb of the Reward Edition with an eager for...

From April 12, 2020 to April 19, 2020, we rewarded 62 unique authors. The 62 authors who received votes from @bdcommunity and the trail are:

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