Finally Done With My Amigurumi Project!

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Last August, I started my alphabet amigurumi project. This is one of my efforts in making DIY learning aids for my toddler. I am just posting bout this now but I was able to complete all the letters of the alphabet in a month and a half. This is actually a milestone for me because my usual project completion time is at least two months. But this was done with a lot of side projects and distractions.


I shared thia project when I started it so now that I'm done, I want to share the journey I went through.

It was my first time reading patterns using symbols. And this is also my first time doing an amigurumi. To say that this is an ambitious project for me is an understatement. As proof, the first three letters are like guinea pigs.

Evidently, I was only able to figure out how to properly stitch the front and back of the letters properly when I was working the letter D. Althougj, it is still evident that I still need to work on the curves.

Letters G, J, and S proved to be challenging since they're all full of curves. But I love how I worked the letter O. I was able to somehow master the stitches or at least hide the imperfections when working with curved lines.

Letter M and letter W were both complicated letters. It took me a couple of hours to finish each letters. Letter T on the other hand was the easiest. Why? Because no curves whatsoever! The stitches are pretty straightforward. 7 rows of 24 sc's vertical, 24 rows 8 sc's vertical. And that's it!

Letter Q I must say is one that really got to my nerves. I actually had to skip this letter, work my way down to letter Z before I could muster the patience I needed for the letter Q. It still ended up not as pleasing as I hoped it would be. But meh! I got too impatient, tired, and practically frustrated so I just settled. It's serving its purpose so I'm still good with it.

I also hit a bit of a bump while working on letter P. I used different sized yarns for the front amd the back part, I ended up having two letter P pieces that does not match. And I only found out when I was trying to stitch the pieces together. I had to make another letter P with the right sized yarn. That's what happens when one has too much yarn in the box. Which is why my next project is targetting this problem: getting rid of my excess yarns.

The best part, aside from having the satisfaction of learning something new, is that I was able to put all my wornout clothes to good use - err, better use. Usually those old clothes will just end up as rags since they're too holey and torn apart to be donated. I used them as fillings for the amigurumi alphabet. I still have some more leftovers. I'm gonna use them for my next ami.

And the fun part, well, aside from my daughter enjoying learning how to read, she also had a bit of participation in the process. She drew lines on the patterns I was using. She thought we were drawing stuff on my phone. Oh well, kids will be kids.

Simultaneously, while I was working on this one, I also finished abother project for my husband. And right now, my next ambitious project is on the works. It's a bit big so I am thinking this will still be a WIP until early next year but as I said earlier, it's going to address the issue of my yarn leftovers. Will let you in on the project maybe when I've done at least 1/8th of it.

The pattern I used is from Asma.crochet

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Yay you did it! Great job on finishing all of the letters! Okay I’m even more motivated now, wow! They look so good! I know we are our worse critics but even the ones you aren’t so happy with look good.

I love the photo of all of the letters together, so cute and colorful. I especially love the pic of your daughter enjoying her letters! You should add it to your actual post!! 🤗

Thanks so much for sharing about your struggles as well because it’s good to take note on the more difficult ones. As soon as I am finished with my mother’s scarf set I will be making these with my scrap yarn. These will be great for my three year old and eventually for my one year old!

Cheers to completion! 😃🎉 Resteemed!

It was actually a fun experience. Challenging and so full of learning. It's really useful because she is loving playing with it. And so she learns while she plays. Keeps her busy while I do my work. Haha.

Hope to see your amigurumi too. :)

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Thank you for the unwavering support to needleworkers. More powers! :)

Nice @romeskie :D

Thanks! :)

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Wow! Those letters look great - well done!

Thanks! :)

Just love these! Craft and learning tools all in one!

I loved making this one out of all my crochet projects. Mostly because my kid really does enjoy playing and learning.

Hey these turned out great! The "Q" looks fine to me :) How big are these? BTW please consider using #creativecoin tag for your craft posting. (I am a creative coin tribe whale myself and would love to be able to give you a more valuable upvote, plus I think your posting would do well there in general. In case you don't know, if you use to post or edit your post, you can use up to 10 tags...) Cheers - Carl

@tipu curate

They're fairy sized, I think about 6 - 7 inches tall:


Will go ahead and use #creativecoin next moving forward. Thanks Carl. :)

That's such a cool project! Also a very satisfying one to finish - having all those letters around now and seeing your kid being able to play with them :-) Congratz!

Thanks! I almost wanted to give up on the difficult letters but I'm glad I didnt. :)

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Thanks! That's very nice! A tribe supporting DIY-ers. Will definitely check this out. Thanks for the info.

Amazing work, are you open to crafting & selling them? It would make for a nice sideline. 😊

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Nope, I love them too much to sell them. Lol. But I do sell some of my other works.

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