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RE: Me Made May 2019

in #needleworkmonday3 years ago

Sorry @neumannsalva I missed this post so as to upvote in time...
just wanted to say that memademay sounds like a wonderful idea. I actually wore my crochet dress the day before yesterday :-) so I feel I'm in with the initiative:-D
Your garments look really lovely and so so cool! And believe me, nobody sees the uneven seems apart from you ;-)

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No problem at all :-) It is lovely you found the post and perhaps you will participate even more next May (or we start an SewingSeptemberonSteemit). It is good to hear you are wearing your beautiful dress, the world needs to see it <3

Oh dear, I'd have to take up sewing then before September... not sure about that... but upvoting will be definitely something I'll be doing!!!
Yea, now I'm on the hunt for occasions for my dress :DDD

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