I am a raglan addict

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I am addicted to raglan cardigans. I find them sooooo relaxing. Perhaps because I know exactly what I must do…

Are you laughing already? Me, knowing exactly what I must do? I have to admit this time my pompous claim to know everything was not as exaggerated as many other things I have written till now. I knitted and crocheted so many top-down raglan sweaters so that I am fairly competent with this. But there are still two three parts I must think about:

  • The size of the neckline.
  • The size of the sleeve opening
  • The short row part of the back neckline.

I will explain my difficulties regarding the Fake Frankie cardigan I started some weeks ago (you can see the early stage here).

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The question of the neckline size and beginning stitch count is for a top-down raglan sweater decisive. With this decision not only the width of the neckline is determined, but also the raglan set-up, meaning the later width of sleeves, back and fronts. With the Fake Frankie there was another question to be answered. The original Frankie shows a sweater where the neckline ribbing is knitted together with the whole sweater. Naturally (lazy as I am) I wanted to replicate this. But the original Frankie cardigan has another special feature; its fronts are not closing. This feature is not to my liking and I wanted to change it for my Fake Frankie. What I did not consider is, that neckline and front design are dependent of one another. This led to me casting on and unraveling this beast wonderful cardigan for four times. Yes… me… four times. A novelty. Normally the thing would burn. Perhaps the mediation practice is paying off (no way 😂).
My first neckline problem where too little stitches. I would have choked myself. The next try was not much better. The third had an adequate neck opening but here I encountered the relation between fronts and collar. By making the fronts wider (so that they close) the neckline did not lie flat like with the originally Frankie, but the collar was standing up like a mandarin collar or small turtle neck. Super stiff and not to my liking.

Kopie von Kopie von 1800px × 768px – Design ohne Titel(4).png

For the forth attempt I decided not to knit the collar, and to cast on additional stitches for the fronts after 9 rows. I will pick up the neckline stitches later and hope my above musings are sensible, meaning that the sloped front parts (because of the additional stitches of row 9) will lead to a collar which lies flat.
With all of these thoughts thought, I could finally divide the beginning stitches into the five parts and define the raglan lines. I have chosen to cast on 70 stitches and divided them into 12 for the fronts, 10 for the sleeves and 26 for the back.

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Now we are approaching problem two….

I knitted happily onward only to notice with the first try on that the fronts were too big in relation to the sleeves (they weren’t, I miscalculated completely). Therefore, I decided in row 16 to stop the raglan increases for the fronts. In row 50 I tried the cardigan on again and tada: the fronts were too small and the sleeves to big (the noise you hear, is my head on the table).
For the next three times I only increased the fronts. I could have avoided this…
In row 56 I separated the sleeves from the body. I was too impatient to unravel again for smaller sleeves (I know...perhaps more meditation is called for) and here we are:

old neckline(8).png

The last problem will be a future task. I wanted to rise the back neckline and I have read that many knitters do this with short rows. I am not sure if they do it while casting on or later. Hopefully later, because than I have a chance to try this technique out. Has someone tried this neckline trick already?


At last I wanted to tell you of a cmal – a crochet make along. My friend Lisa Pinenotes has designed this beautiful dragonfly granny square and is giving you the pattern for free.

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photos by Lisa Pinenotes

I am thinking of a bunting for my entrance because my woven mandala is getting boring (I never made another one…😱) The cmal will run till 4th of august and to top the free pattern, she also gives away prices to the participants.
If you are new to crochet don’t fear, Lisa has made a YouTube tutorial, so you can learn to make the dragonfly square. Hope to see some dragonflies 💕🌈

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.


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Actually whenever I see this needleworkmonday tags and posts I used to think how much variety it can offer, and usually I never opens it too to know what is inside. But I am here commenting after it has been recommended by Curie and I must say I was wrong in my assumption.

That is really a creative stuff and the post you made through your heart stating all the steps that is to be conveyed to the readers. The photographs makes it more colorful and making it easy to understand.

I just wanted to know what is reglan and I realized it is a particular model of a stuff, this is what I got from a quick visit to google to know what it is

A raglan sleeve is a sleeve that extends in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone. It is named after Lord Raglan

Thank you... Cheers and have a great day

Uhhhh I am blushing and happy I could make you smile and enjoy a topic which is perhaps a bit newer to you. The raglan shape has a really interesting history. And this special form I am currently knitting is very new. It uses the diagonal seams but without seaming. It is knitted in one piece from the top-down which is very convenient as you can try it on while knitting.
The older/different way to knit is to knit all pieces like back, fronts and sleeves flat and then sew them together. The advantage is, that you can transport the single pieces better and that you can tailor the sweater easier. But because I am lazy, I prefer the top-down raglan style: much faster :-DDDD
Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment 🌈💕

Good to see a detailed response: True it was a new topic for me and I really enjoyed it well. It is really interesting to see the minute details about this stuff. Looking forward to see new designs and stuffs.
Have a good day, cheers

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Ohhhh thank youuu 💕🌈😍 I am so happy you have chosen my post! Your curation is amazing and gives so much value to Steemit! Thank you 🙏

What particular photos hahaha, I love how you are, i note that you are funny and nice, congratulations for your post!

Thank you so much for the compliments 🙏🌈 And I am happy I could make you smile a bit!

Just seeing your photos today had me worried... this sweater might be out to get you! I see how the yarn sneaks up behind you and attempts murder!

😱😱😱 And I thought it wanted to cuddle!

I agree - the relationship between the neck, the raglans and the front edges is complicated! I loved the jersey that I made previously, but it was very simple and knitted in one piece, including the neckband and the button bands at the front. It's very cosy, but the thing I would change for another pattern is the sleeve increases: I felt there were too many and there was too much bulkiness under the arms.

The short rows for the neck shaping sound interesting - it would be good to hear about your experiments :)

Well done on the curie vote, that's excellent!

If you mean your striped cardigan, than I am with you, it looks very nice and the neckline is much better than mine (was). The sleeve problem I have every time. I guess it happens because I know my arms are quite thick and I am afraid to make the sleeves to small and I overcompensate... I have no idea why I do it with every!!! ragalan I make. The sleeves are always to wide. Hopefully I will learn to do it differently someday.
And with the short rows... I may have already another idea ... I thought about crochet to rise the neckline at the back. I researched and the short row method only works if you work the short rows at the beginning.
I don’t think it is easy to incorporate the short rows afterwards. I will brood over this a bit...
And yes, the @curie vote is amazing and I am always sooooo happy to get one (I guess I am a bit externally motivated - shame on me)

The stripey jersey was bottom up with set in sleeves, so easy to shape the neckline. I was talking about the raglan jersey I made in January using instructions from J.s Knit and Purl jam. It was very simple with no additional neck shaping, but the casualness of the style meant that was okay. I've read about short row neck shaping, but I haven't tried it yet. What I love about these sorts of jumpers is the minimal sewing up 😊

I love raglan sleeves, mostly because they make me feel sporty (and pretend healthy though my body is aching everywhere :D). Truthfully, I will not be able to comment about your attempts because I know nuts about knitting except knit and purl stitches but I can tell you this, I love the cardi you have made so far!! 😍 Especially the neck part. The sort of mandarin / turtle neck collar that curls is pretty! And I like how the some rows of stitches (its garter stitches?) pops up on the flat stitches (knit and purl?). Sorry if my terminologies are wrong. I really need to get into knitting 😅.

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I feel sporty while wearing H&M running tights 😂😂 (as long as nobody knows that I collapse after 3 km) The raglans appeal to me mostly because they are so easy to make and I can avoid sewing :-DDDD And your knitting lingo is great! You described everything perfectly. I also liked the simple pattern of garter stitch /stockinette mix, sadly I yesterday made a mistake and made the stockinette part too small (means: unravel😱)
I now distract myself with crochet and avoid the frogging....

Ahhh, Raglan style jumpers/sweaters are something I really love!
But I've never attempted making one... and after reading about your journey, I don't know if I want to attempt it :D Although it does sound like a proper adventure :DDD
Were you pretending to be watching a game but actually typing up this post..? :D

NOOOO don’t be discouraged. I only let it seem to be complicated, if you use a nice pattern (and don’t improvise thoughtlessly like me) top-down raglan is really easy indifferent of knitting or crochet. You are so advanced in crochet, this would be absolutely no problem for you!!!! I will research later maybe I find a nice YouTube video for a top-down sweater...
ANd with the soccer 😂😂 We don’t have a balcony or garden and on this day it was extremely hot (34 degree and humid) My husband and I had a course to teach in the next day and we decided to go out and write/work there. And this soccer field is only 5 minutes from our flat.... My husband loves soccer, so we went there to work/watch/knit :-D
And although it was so hot I also jogged on the field after the game was finished:
That’s me, short before melting 😂😂😂🥵

It's a funny thing with these projects, even if I've done crochet or knitting projects before, when starting a new one, every time I feel like a complete beginner...

Good to have such a big soccer field near home, a huge incentive to do some sports (even on a hot day) and a great place to work! I love working outside, if the weather permits, although it doesn't happen too often here :DDD

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You may love raglan cardigans, but I am not sure they feel the same way. :) Good luck getting the current one to cooperate.

Ohhhh Great, I hade to laugh very hard. And I thought about a t-shirt with this text:
“You may love raglan cardigans, but I am not sure they feel the same way”
And just to let you know, my luck with the cardigan ran out: I made a mistake at the bottom. I made the stockinette part much too small and now I should unravel... yes yes... should...
I picked up crochet instead

ehy @neumannsalva, really beautiful post !! you made knitting a super fun thing! I sometimes knit, it's an activity that relaxes me, but after three times I'm wrong and I'm not able to make up for my mistakes (I have to wait for my mother's help) so I get angry and my relaxation is over: -)) I love making hats, because they are pretty fast and I can decorate them in a lot of different ways !!

Ohhh I am happy I could make you laugh 🌈💕 I am normally super impatient but I have such a good role model: my friend Silvi. I sometimes write about her, because her studio is in the same house where I rehearse. And she is so patient with knitting and crochet. I normally want to burn everything after the first mistake, but she unravels and works on patterns for many many times... it seems her patients is effecting me positively.
I also love hats, but it is so warm here, that I cannot think about knitting one 😂🥵 THis has to wait some months.... But perhaps you want to share them with us on #needleworkmonday? This would be so awesome 👏 🌈🎉

ha ha you are lucky to have a neighbor teacher !! like my mother undoes and undoes !!
I have to tell you the truth that I don't usually knit with me when I travel, unless I know I stay long in one place and have time. but maybe at the next stop at home I will make a new hat and publish a post !! keep on .-))

For me you are the full professional, because I wouldn't know a single thing to crochet, nor to knit. Your contributions about your handicrafts are always creative, funny and written and photographed with a lot of love. It's a lot of fun to read them even though I really don't understand much. What is a Fake Frankie? Funny name. A reader has already looked up what Raglan is. Also interesting. I wish you a lot of joy in your creative work and whoever says that such things don't need nerves, a lot of patience and a meditative being, has probably never built, sewed, potted, drawn anything himself in his life, etc.. :-)) Crawl things up four times and start over: Congratulations on this heroic enterprise.

Oh, and also for the @curie!

Ohhhh blushing ☺️ I am always happy, if I can make you smile. But believe me, I only let is seem to be complicated, but a raglan sweater in stockinette stitch is fairly easy (if you can knit a hat, than a raglan sweater is very similar) And yes the photo shoot was also fun on my side :-D It was not planned that I snagged myself in the yarn, but I went with it.
And „Frankie“ is the name of the original pattern. I can not buy it here, so I improvised it after looking at the photos. It is from the beautiful English magazine Pom Pom magazine (a spin of book from the magazine which I only can order in the UK.... much too expensive)
And with the patience: yes to all! Although I not always have it... many of my knits rest in a box and wait that I have more motivation to undo the mistakes 😂
It is so nice to hear from you, and I wanted to say sorry that I am not commenting on your posts (which I still love to read) I have a bit of a hard time here with my fathers illness... I hope it will be a bit better in the future.
Sending you: 💕🌈❤️

Beautiful result, I love how you explain about your raglan and thanks about the dragonfly granny square pattern link, I will try make.

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