Weaving a Mandala

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Today is Whitsun day (Pfingsten in German) so I have a little holiday. My mother visited with friends a nearby monastery to attend the service, which was held outside. And for us – being Protestant – it is always impressing to observe all the rituals and elaborate garments (the Bishop of the next big town was visiting) of a catholic service.

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You noticed the beer truck? This is Germany, church service and beer :-DDD

So, today I write about a needlework which is a bit more contemplative and perhaps appropriate for such a day:

Weaving a mandala

I had a stressful week with many visits at the hospital and often grief has stopped me from being productive and coordinated. My head was (and is) full of sewing projects I want to try out, but I couldn’t concentrate enough to choose one over the other. With knitting it was the same: I hopped from project to project accomplishing only some meagre stitches. Therefore, I decided to put all this away and try something fresh. I stumbled over a weaving kit at a bargain shop and thought this the perfect project to get my head into stillness….
Yeah, so I thought :-D

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The kit consists of a wooden frame and some raw wool and acrylic yarns. It has no explanation, but the cover photo shows an example of the finished mandala, so I had no problem to set this weaving loom up.
I decided to follow the example exactly and started with the darker blue for the centre. After two rounds of fickle yarn-under and yarn-over I was sure that this loom is not a device for meditation, but a devilish test invented by aliens to examine humankind’s patience. Result: Humankind has no patience. And with humankind I mean me 😂😂😂

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But I persisted and grabbed this fluffy pastel blue yarn and was again thrown back. It wasn’t enough. Or better, the cover photo showed a voluminous yarn, but the thingy I held in my hands was considerable thinner. And it got even thinner by weaving it and pulling (perhaps I overdid it). My day was done, and the meditative mood crawled defeated out of my kitchen.

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Next day same story only I used the thick beige yarn. This yarn came in one thread but was shown on several rounds on the cover photo. No idea how this small amount of the beige yarn could suffice to work the mandala on the cover photo… Spoiler: it did not.
This process dragged out over the whole week and only today, on #needleworkmonday I finished the mandala.
My summary is, I love how the mandala looks on the cover. Loved the thick and fluffy wool and I was a bit disappointed that I could not reproduce it. Also, weaving does not calm me down – oh no – if I ever want to speed up my heart rate, I will grab the next mandala weaving kit.
And this – please don’t laugh – could happen faster as I originally thought 😆 I decorated the mandala at our entrance and I definitely need three more of them, to create a nice overall look.


I hope you all had a nice week and found time to relax 💕

PS: I cheated and bought a second kit to finish my mandala.

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.


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That is lovely work @neumannsalva! And I love the idea of church and beer lol

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OHHHH again such a yummy cake! Thank you so much for your work!

Your piece looks so lovely!

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Thank you 🙏 I am a big fan of pastel colours.

If you focus on the center of the mandala, the bit of fuzziness around the edges makes it look like it is spinning/moving.

Oh noooooooo you are right! Now I can see it too. Perhaps I will be able to hypnotise people before they come into our flat 😂

It could be worth trying. :)

aaah, who would have thought that this was a stressy thing, because it looks so calm and peaceful and full with soft vibes.... i guess this is why we can't judge a book by its cover, so to speak XD

i hope you will have a better week ahead and that you will find a breather for yourself :)

Yes, I was surprised too. I was deceived by the pastel and the fluffy yarn 🤣 But it is absolutely possible, that this mandala will calm everybody else down and that I am avers to weaving :-DDD I guess I am much more patient in garment making than with home decor....
And thank you so much for the kind wishes - I can really use them!

Pfingsten ist Pentecost auf Englisch, ja?

Yes I think so, but Leo dictionary told me Pentekoste isn’t used... I have never heard the name „whitsunday“ before therefore I have written down the German name too... I was too unsure

Pentecost is what I have always called it as a Baptist. Whitsun may be more catholic or Anglican terminology. The coming of the Holy Spirit like tongues of flame, no matter what we call it.

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Goodness, it should have a warning on the packet!
It looks very pretty, though 😍

A warning for me... I am not sure if somebody else would have been so impatient 🤪 I guess I am only patient if making clothes (ok, honestly I am never patient, it’s a question of how impatient...)

Haha, I am useless at those kits! I used to have so many - batik, candle-making, weaving - I gave them all to charity shops when I moved. 🙊🙈🙉

Thank youuuuu 🙏😁- now I will also blame the kit 😂 I am not responsible. The kit was invented to test my nerves 🤪

And lovely mandala!

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This is so pretty, I am in love with this mandala, the colors are breathtaking and angel like.

Uhhh thank you so much! I am also a big fan of these soft pastel colors. I have a second kit with a slightly different color scheme (more beige, brown pink) When I have time I will try this again.

Oh yeah, the beige and brown pink will give it a bit girly pastel look i guess. Would look forward to it if you share in future :)

Oh, I can understand your frustration @neumannsalva !

I don't know how this idea of creative process being a form of meditation became the general perception. In my experience, if I set out to create something very specific, it usually feels more like a struggle and constant challenge!
There is rewarding satisfaction, of course, if I finally successfully complete a project, but I wouldn't call the process 'meditation'. :-)

Your mandala looks really beautiful! I especially love that colour scheme, very pleasant to look at, soothing for the eye. I bet by the time you complete the third one, you'll be a 'mandala making guru' !!!

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I am so with you.. painting or dancing is no meditation for me. It involves planning, doing sketches, rehersal etc. And I am always eager to achieve a good result, this is not relaxing :-D
It is a bit different with knitting or crochet. I often choose simple patterns I already know by heart, so it is relaxing for me.
And the colors were the reason I picked the mandala up: I loooove pink <3

Wow who would of known? I am grateful you shared your experience with us so we will know there is not a lot of relaxing involved with this kind of weaving craft. I am glad you at least were able to get your hands on something new and escape from your usual craft. The colors are so calm and peaceful, it really looks beautiful. Kudos to you for doing this without instructions! 😊

Maybe if you try this a couple of more times it will be more relaxing ~

I would not take my word that this mandala making isn’t relaxing.... perhaps I am a mandala-resistant species 🤣 Take my friend SIlvia: she loves to weave in yarn-ends or to sew on buttons. For her a meditative work. I despise both tasks and they make me nervous. But we now have a ‘contract’: I make jam for her and she sews my buttons on :-D


Love it! Great contract!!!!

Hola me encanto los colores, muy linda @neumannsalva

Thank youuuu 😘

Hola @ neumannsalva! Te quedo muy linda, me hicistes reir con este comentario,

si alguna vez quiero acelerar mi ritmo cardíaco, agarraré el siguiente kit de tejido de mandala.

llegue a tu publicación porque @vibesforlife, presento tu publicación en el concurso pay it forward, te invito a participar, un abrazo.

Thank you for inviting me. I am so sad that I do not speak Spanish, but I followed @vibesforlive and @pifc
I will try to find someone who can translate your comment better than google :-D
<3 <3

¡Hola! No hablo ingles, me ayudo con el traductor de google, te invito a unirte a la comunidad #ccc tiene varios concursos, animate, un beso @neumannsalva .

Such a neat project! I want to try one someday but will go into it as an exercise in frustration!

Do not take me as an example... I am sometimes very fast frustrated, perhaps you are more patience or perhaps you like the movements more than me. I found it fiddly to get the fluffy yarn under the thread without destroying it.

Oh no! I understood: weaving is not for my nerves)))) I like functional things more, but you did a good job trying something new for you! I did not quite understand what happened to you. Why did you often go to the hospital?

I guess you are right. I have much more patience when working on garments. I so often see beautiful decorative works (like amigurumi etc) but I seldom have the desire to try this out. But our entrance is really ugly and I thought a bit of handmade decoration will help. But this one mandala is not enough... we will see, if I get two more done :-D

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. I think I may have to try making one myself.

I found you thanks to @vibesforlife's entry in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the great work!