#NeedleWorkMonday - The Making of a String Quilt

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You all know that I haven’t been working on anything new lately. I am determined to finish my mother’s warm set so that she can wear it this Fall. I should be finished with it this week! Yay!

In the meantime my mother has been busy working on a string quilt. This is the first time she has tried this technique and I wanted to share. This one is actually a sample quilt as she will be making the real deal for my sister. She sent me some pictures and explained the steps of her process. This method is really great for repurposing fabric scraps.



First she got all of her strips cut out which took her literally all day.


Then she cut six 10 1/2 inch squares from her batting.


Here comes the fun part. What makes this method of quilting easier is that all of your strips are directly stitched to the batting. This is the first strip she starched and pressed then laid across the center of the batting.


Next, she took the second strip and laid it on top of the first one right sides facing together. She pinned them down on the batting to be stitched together with a 4th of an inch seam.


Here’s what it looks like after the two strips are stitched together on the batting and then pressed open. Her pieces are stitched off the batting to ensure she covers every inch. The goal is to cover up all of the batting piece and leave none of it showing in the end.


From there you just repeat. Keep adding new strips and stitching them to the previous one (right sides together) on top of the batting then open up and press.





Those corners of batting that are sticking out still need to be covered. So she added some more pieces of fabric to accomplish that...


Once the entire batting square is covered you then flip over your work to do the trimming. You trim all edges even with the batting to get a clean cut block...


Here is the first finished block! She is so proud of it...



If I were to ever give quilting a go I would definitely prefer this method. It’s easy to understand and I can cut straight pieces pretty good. 😄 It seems like an easy achievable method that even beginner sewers can accomplish!

I am so proud of my mom for being able to be so versatile in her work. She is able to keep up with new methods and adapt her sewing style to them. This is such a beautiful block! I am also proud of her for taking these great process pictures. She used to struggle with taking good lighted photos with her phone but has improved tremendously. I taught her well. 💅🏽💁🏽‍♀️😂

I hope you enjoyed seeing this process. I will make sure to take photos of the finished sample quilt and share it with you! 👌🏽

Thanks for Sitting In!

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  ·  21 days ago (edited)

I was just reading a story book about quilting and war and I was thinking to try quilting and maybe write about it when I do. Thank you for showing us the process. I think quilting is cool! :) I love the colours your mom chose 😍

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Oh how awesome! You definitely have to write about it once you give it a try. I am really thinking about doing one for my girls’ room to decorate their wall. I saw one on Pinterest where the quilt was framed and it was soooo cute!

Yes I love the colors she put together too!

She should be proud its a cool piece and so cool to see the process

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Thank you so much! I thought it was a really great display of her process. I appreciate the tip!

MOst welcome

Have a great day

I love what you showed of the quilt. Sometimes the most impressive colorwork isn't that complicated if you know your craft.
Long time ago I made a quilt, too. It was in a technique called "roman stripes": you sew the stripes to each other till you have the width of the block you want to have. Then you cut it into squares which you can rearrange as you want them. You can make interesting geometrical effects that way.

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I agree! If you know the craft it becomes more enjoyable than a stress to complete.
That technique sounds neat, pretty similar too.

It's so wonderful to see that both your mom and yourself have a common interest and able to learn from each other.

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Thank you! It’s really nice that we can share our interests with one another :)

Easy!!??? Did you say easy? I am in awe how much work it is to make a quilt block and how precise one must work. I can vividly imagine myself cutting irregular stripes and then sewing them on in funny curves. Your mother really is a professional. And yes, her photos are impeccable. Not only are the photos clear and understandable, I also love the color scheme she used. I can imagine that such a block would look so beautiful on the backside of a boxy cardigan… sorry my imagination is running wild and you know I am a bit obsessed with making clothes :-DDD

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Lol! Yes I did say easy. 😅 The cutting the strips straight part and sewing them down together on the batting is really doable. There are some things in sewing I can’t imagine accomplishing but I really feel I could pull this one off. I am actually thinking about giving this one a go to decorate my daughters’ room.

I know it takes great skill and concentration to do something like this but I guess I may be over confident because I know I have my mom to guide me! 😋 I guess I’ll find out how easy or hard it really is once I give it a go! You could totally do this too @neummansalva! Start saving your dress and skirt scraps! 😜😘

I agree that it would look beautiful on the back of a cardigan and that sewing clothes is fun!

se ve muy hermoso y ademas la gama de colores es estupenda, sirve para muchas cosas. siempre he querido tener una mesa de trabajo asi como la tuya...

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¡Muchas gracias! Ella me hace querer hacer uno yo mismo. ¡Pensé que la gama de colores también era genial!

That is pretty cool - I love the combination :)

Thank you :)

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I love quilting and I am actually working on a quilt right now but have not seen this technique yet and I really like it.

That’s awesome @cassidydawn! This was new to me too and I look forward to making my own. My mother is teaching my daughter and I how to sew and this will be my next project.

How long have you been sewing?