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DIY: Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Flies & Keep Them At A Distance Forever!

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The problem with flies is not only their annoying buzzing all day long but they can also transmit diseases when they touch your food and other surfaces. So it's best to keep them away from your home. Therefore, I'm going to share several simple and natural ways with mostly the use of some simple but effective herbs to get rid of these irritating insects.

Many people find flies very annoying insects. No matter how hard you try to keep them out of your house, they always find a way to a way to get inside and then come into contact with as many surfaces as possible in your home. It may be that these flies find your home attractive due to poor cleaning habits, but usually they are really attracted to food left overs and other trash. How unattractive and unpleasant they are for your eyes and ears, your health should be the first priority why you would like to fight against these flies because like mentioned before they can carry all kinds of harmful micro organisms, which can infect you when they come into contact with your food.

Therefore, it is important to find a natural way to repel or eliminate these insects without having to use unhealthy and aggressive chemical products. In this article i'm going to share some interesting DIY natural solutions that you can try in your home the next time there is another fly buzzing around.

Bags Filled With Wodka

Some people say that bags filled with Wodka are very effective in repelling flies, by hanging these bags in the areas where the flies are the most active. Wodka not only has a very unpleasant odor for these insects, but because the bags are transparent, it also causes a ray of colors when the sun shines on the plastic, and that is something flies really hate when they are flying and because this effect is very annoying for the flies, they will choose to go somewhere else.


This herb has a very interesting effect on those annoying flies because they can't stand the scent of these medicinal plants. As soon as they smell basil, they quickly fly the other way. You can also choose to make a tea from the leaves and spray this tea with a spray bottle directly on the flies themselves.


Garlic has a very strong smell and release substances that fights of the presence of flies. Put some garlic in the kitchen or living room or sprinkle some garlic powder over your food. This will ensure that there are no flies.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil has a very penetrating scent, which is very relaxing for humans, but for insects it's the other way around.Although this oil is usually used to cope with stress and fear, you can also benefit from the oil by using it to keep flies at a certain distance. Put a little lavender oil in a spray bottle and just spray the oil a little. As a result, you will not only keep those disturbing flies away but your home will also smell good at the same time.

Eucalyptus Oil

Because Is of its medical uses Eucalyptus oil is a very valuable product, especially because of the benefits it can provide for the respiratory system. The strong smell can help in the event of colds, asthma or bronchitis to release the airways. In addition, eucalyptus oil is also ideal for disinfecting your home as it can eliminate all sorts of microorganisms and prevent flies or ants from settling in your home. All you need to do is fill a pot with warm water and mix it with some Eucalyptus oil. Put this pot on the spot where flies often come in.

Apple Vinegar

The acidic ingredients that contain apple vinegar are an excellent alternative to the chemical insecticides you can buy in the store to ward off other insects. The characteristics and distinctive smell of this vinegar are very unpleasant for these insects and can also help to disinfect the surfaces they were in contact with. Although it can produce very good results for spraying the Apple vinegar directly on the flies, it is better to divide some apple vinegar over a few small pots or plates, and then put it in different places in your home.

Oranges With Cloves

The natural smell of oranges is not only useful for repelling flies, but also to refresh your house. The penetrating scent of Cloves in combination with the odor of the Orange is very annoying for these insects, which means they do not want to be close to them. Put some cloves in an orange and then put this orange into a place in the kitchen or a place where flies often come in.

These are just some simple methods I learned along the way because of my interest in natural DIY projects. But If you know some other interesting natural ways to get rid of the flies in your home feel free to share them in the comment section. <3


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thanks for sharing this flies are really annoying , following you :)


You are welcome! And yes I couldn't agree with you more 😄 Thanks for following!

nice post , thanks for share


You are welcome @praju-starlet !

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There are so many Flies in Asia. Following you now, this a really good Post!


Thank you for your support! Unfortunatly we share the same problem here in Belgium, I hope some methods will do the trick for you if you got troubled with flies again.

This is a wonderful post as always @pandapoef. I'm gonna try a number of these. As I live in the countryside we regularly get inundated with flies over the summer months (almost as much as we get with Midges).

I'll let you know how succcessful I am. Thank you again.


Thank you for your kinds words @alioops ! I'm already excited to hear about your experiences with some of these methods, I wish you the best of luck and may you never get troubled with flies again! ^^

If you add the source of your Picture I will nominate you for @ocd.


I always add the sources right away on the picture itself. ^^
If you click on it you will get re-directed to their source, and I didn't had troubles with it so far but if it aint enough I'm happy to add them once more a the bottom of the article give me a few minutes, and thanks! ^^


Oh didn't know this. Do you accept that @ocd promote your post and use a picture of it?


Yes, @ocd definitely got my permisson! Thank you for this! 👍👍👍

Definetely I am going to try some of these. By the way we used to do the orange with cloves but just for the nice scent in the room.

If you think you are small, try to fall asleep with a fly in your room:)

EXCELLENT! great post...great timing for our rainy season here in Manila, thank you! :-)


I'm glad this post could help you out, succes @whitesummer and may your house be fly-free this rainy season. ;)

nice tips, it's flies and bugs season :D


Thanks, and yes unfortunatly it is ! ^^

Very informative posting... I will try it myself... Hopefully it will make my home fly free all the time... Thank you...


Goodluck @kamar68 nobody really likes flies, I wish you all the best!

Great ideas here. I'm going to pass them on to my organically-centric family.

cute. success.

We have just been putting up with them, we process so much food in the kitchen, they are everywhere! We will definitely put some of these ideas into practice! Thanks!


You're welcome @svfarms ! I hope some of the methods will do the trick for you!

Hmm might try this - been getting flies this year.


I wish you all the luck @artwatch !

Does this work outdoor, like at a campsite? Will definitely try around the house.


That is actually a quite interesting question, I think that because you are in the open air the effect will be reduced because the odor will spread much further and when you are inside your house the odor will be contained longer. If you understand what I mean? I personally don't use the herbs and oils against flies but I have all the items in my home because I use them to make other stuff like cleaning products, shampoo, toothpaste, deadorant etc,.. The oranges with the cloves is currently doing the trick for me around my desk. But for a campsite I think it would be best to use a kind of natural lotion that you can put on your skin to repel the flies (like that lotion I made for mosquitos) But keep in mind that natural ways are much healthier for your body but chemical products will guarantee more succes despite the fact that you are poisoning yourself slowly with the product. And that is why I always will try to find natural ways or solutions to fix my problem before grabbing at chemical products.

This is awesome. I live in an area where there is a lot of agriculture and every harvest, sometime near October, we get this massive infestation of flies - everywhere! Everyone has to deal with it. It's just a part of living in this area - but it's still a major pain in my @$$ every year. I hate flies.

Here's a good one: "If you go over to your friends' house, open up the fridge, and there's fly-paper INSIDE - he MIGHT be a redneck." :D


Haha yes fly-paper will do the trick ofcourse but its a little more cruel then my methods however there is a point where those flies can reach your level of patience and your just like '' fuck those damn flies" and you go full berserk on them with products,traps, fly-paper,.. But I hope you will find a way to solve your problem with methods like this oh and btw I also use mosquito windows everywhere in the house that is like a MAJOR advantage. ^^

Thanks for shring1 I'll try some of these methods.


You're welcome @ amy-goodrich ! I'm looking forward to hear about your experience.

Thanks for the tips, I have somehow been lucky this year and not seing many flies in my home but it's always nice to have some remedies :)


Unfortunatly I can't say the same, I'm terrorized with flies around my desk because I always leave the window open. But I used 2 oranges with cloves and so far it did the trick, no flies buzzing around my desk no more! And I can only be glad about that 😃👍