The new entrant in my family of Crystals - Ammonite Fossil

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This particular one Ammonite has been on my mind for a long time, but never got an opportunity to buy one. As it is so rightly said things come to you at its right time and finally I managed to get my own very first piece of Ammonite.

Let me tell you something about Ammonite's history and it's healing properties. Well this is my first time working with Ammonite, I have not personally experienced it's effects so I am also curious to reveal what exactly it holds in for me. Though Crystals and fossils have their own properties but sometimes the effects of it vary depending on the energies of the person using it. Though the formation of Ammonite definitely makes certain properties very clear.

Ammonite is not exactly a crystal, it is a fossil. It is a fossilized shell of an extinct species of Molluscs. Molluscs is the phylum of invertebrate animals. These ancient creatures who once inhabited the Oceans their remains are now found in marine rocks.

How is Ammonite related to healing.

Ammonite comes from the bed of the Ocean and is part of the water, as we are aware almost 70% of our body is made of water. Water contains the energy that supports creation. Water Therapy as we know gives very effective healing. The spiral formation of ammonite is at the basis of creation, the form that is replicated through our DNA, Chakra system and through out the nature and with that Ammonite helps to create a smooth flow of energy pattern that is aligned with the natural life-force. It helps stabilize and bring order out of chaos. It also symbolizes continuous change and involvement and helps to increase stamina and vitality again one of the properties of water.

When big soul transformations are happening Ammonite can give a good assistance of grounding. Ammonites are also very good for manifestations, the spiral pattern that is has helps amplify and integrating the energies just similar to the Reiki symbol.

The spiral formation of Ammonite reminds us that no matter what every turn and twist whether it seems right or not eventually leads us to the center.

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Leading to the center bit, if you think about it is actually quite thought provoking.


Yes it is so much representing the basics of life that we need to follow

I have one and I wear it around my neck on a necklace, yours look beautiful too 💚


It must be looking pretty on the neck. Since it's my first time working with it, let me see how it supports me and then I can go ahead with a jewelry piece

A question how one gonna judge the originiality ??? Though it looks quite beautiful and as said it found from the sea bed. Something very precious and i heard of it first time....@nainaztengra

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It is really difficult to judge the originality, the only way is to get it from a good source. Some crystals can be tested for originality but some cannot be. This is all about energy so if they are fake you will not feel any connection or vibrations from them. They do not start immediately working with you, but within a month the energies do start resonating and it shows what it's meant to work for. If you do not feel any change or any sort of connection then it may not be a genuine one.


Thats is the catch @nainaztengra unless and until you do mot have a good source you do not get a genuine and original product.
As far as connection and vibration is concerned it is all about faith that we have on such article. If you do not have faith we alwsys be suspectible on them.....hey these are just my own thought....i feel the resonance of good vibes comes when you stay healthy , happy and joyful apart from any matrialistic thing

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I really like fossils like this, they are amazing to look at with the intricate patterns they make - it's hard to believe they were a living creature once.

I had never realised that ammonite had healing properties, but it makes sense - I hope these see you well certainly a good purchase.

#thealliance #witness


Oh yes, this one has come very suddenly to me and I feel very strong about it, so I am sure it has something in store for me also given my current health situation.

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Do you collect and display your minerals?

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Yes I have a very big collection @mers, I do not display them, I make a few post on crystals at times.
I do Crystal Healing and it is a wonderful feeling working with them.


That is a nice vocation. I used to make mineral jewelries, I still have a few mineral beads around and I wear some of them which according to many spiritualists that they bring good vibes to the wearer.

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Your achievements speaks itself about your capabilities. Slow and steady makes it to the top! Good job! @nick750566 keep support :)

Oh wow, never knew this! I believe I may have some stones with this in it in my collection from the Big Island. I'll have to check when I get back. Love you and so happy to see you back and doing well.

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Well when you get it directly from the nature it's much more better then getting it from a shop. Do have a look at it and you can spend sometime with it feeling the energies.


Thanks, I will!

Adolphe and amazes me the things we can find in this world that are natural and gifts from our creator that help to heal. Things are so much better than the man-made Pharma. Thanks for sharing this blessings to you.


Nature has many beautiful things to share with us, we just need to explore and not exploit our nature. Trust me when I hold these crystals it's such a beautiful connection that I feel with the higher energies.