Should join STEEM...??

in nature •  5 months ago

Hey folks... :)

Today I got some pictures of a good friend, he showed to me.... he told that he likes the beautyful nature and made some snapshots with his mobile (!!😳)...

I was really flashed.... cause in my opinion they are really, really strong... so I told him that he definetely should join Steem so that people can see it and give him more than a "like" for these really wonderful pictures....

Then he asked me if I can post a few for him, to see what happens... so I'll do... :)

What do you think.... should he show more ??
I think he definetely should...!!^^

**PS: Sorry for gramatically mistakes, english is not my mother tongue and school is "few" years away.. ;)



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Of course he should...amazing shots! Tell him about ColorChallenge...i think he will love it😊


Appreciate your comment, Leyla...^^ whats about ColorChallange ? :)


Basically every day of the week is some color...and you post photos which contain that color....Here is link to more info and list with days and colors

Very good information, as well as extraordinary natural beauty @fizzu