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Hello friend Steemian, hope you are always in good health. This time i will show the beauty of the place that can be said "Numero uno". For those of you who have visited the place this is certainly already feel the air of nature which is tied to this place. Combined with the complementary scents of the forest and sea complement each other in order to show remarkable beauty. Let me introduce you, Lhok-Keutapang. Hidden-one beach is located in Aceh which is indeed a bit difficult to achieve and do not have a strong physical because it must take a fairly pretty extreme terrain. Hmm but for those who like adventure is certainly not a challenge huh? Btw, all photos taken using iphone 6 camera and DSLR camera.


After going through the forest about 3-4 hours, then we arrived at Lhok-Keutapang or i call "Romance Beach". When our eyes are immediately treated to a green scene by the leaves change with light blue sea shining.



Upon arriving we decided to stay overnight in Lhok-keutapang to better feel the place that this place has. After finish setting up a makeshift camp, it's time we enjoy the scenery while waiting for the sunset down in the middle of the ocean. Perfect! The morning sunshine combined with the ocean really we do not want to miss this awesome experience. Night arrived, we took refuge in a simple tent lit by moonlight. The sound of animals around the waves bloom for relaxation and calm. Eliminate all the fatigue in mind. We also sat on the beach chatting while enjoying the breeze of the beach night breeze.






The night passed, the morning arrived. The fresh morning sea scent feels soothing. The view of the morning is also not less interesting We also play on the beach while immortalizing some moments to tell others the place is beautiful. Once satisfied, we cook food for breakfast to keep the stamina awake for having to walk home. We also cook just to fill the stomach that has been begging. Instant noodles is our choice. Armed with pots and matches, we made natural stoves derived from tree branches.



After breakfast, it's time to go home. We cleaned up all the gear we had and tidied up the places we camped. "Do not leave the garbage, then god angry", I strongly agree with the argument. We must keep nature so nature guards us. So that our future grandchildren will still be able to feel what is felt by his grandfather. When we're done, we slowly walk this farewell, hoping to be back again sometime.



Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to read. Upvote, Resteem and comments I would expect from you guys. Follow me @farizzz for so we can exchange thoughts and information. And Thanks to Six6Monday community, keep solid and grateful! Always success!

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Back to Nature, Lhok Keutapang, Aceh, Indonesia

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Being out in nature and sleeping in a tent is always a great experience ! Really beautiful place!

of course, great experience if you ever do it. thanks for comment :)

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