Romance Beach in Secret Island

in photography •  2 years ago 

Hello Steemian, now i will show the photos using Nikon D3100 camera. The camera with this type is pretty good for use in the open space because we can set the ISO contained in this camera. So, for those of you who like hunting in the open space, this camera is very recommended i think. This photo I take in the morning with a cool atmosphere




Thank you for looking at my post. hope you guys like. do not forget to vote and share this place to your friends with resteem. You can follow me on steemit. Regards, @farizzz

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I am impressed with the mood of this photos. They really make me nostalgic about the times i had on the Black Sea sands :) Nice composition also. Dropped you a FOLLOW!

thanks :)

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nice photo, i would follow you from now

Thanks. :)

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Hi it's very much nice to see your takes. Amazing.

I just check your wallet now, I really wants to know some ideas from you for powerful upvote.

You can contact me on discord.

I'm not using that.
Anyways thank you

Mantap @farizz , i like this 😊👍👍👍👍

thanks brother :)

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