Beach Cleaning Day

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Hey Steemit community,

I would like to share something with you that is close to my heart, and I believe as a community here, you are in a place to also take action to change things.

Ok so here we go, I took an early morning walk on the beach here in Puerto Morelos Mexico! What a pleasant walk, the seaweed that is currently washing up on the shore does not stink because the sun has not baked it enough yet :)

I was walking to this cool chill spot I found (pic below) and as I was walking I spotted some plastic in the seaweed, I picked it up and at that moment on the collection began. I have no freaking idea how this started but by the time I was at my chill spot I had a lot of plastic and I still wanted to clean up more.... it was a weird competitive thing with myself to see how much I can collect.

Chill spot.jpg

Anyway sitting at my chill spot I forgot about the plastic for a while drifted into my meditation and when I opened my eyes I saw BIG clouds in front of me, they seemed far enough, I continued writing in my Journal, then I saw a bird starting to peck between the seaweed, more birds joined shortly after. It was almost as if I was being thanked for my contribution. As I was reading my book I had this sudden burst of "move now momentum", grabbed my stuff and all the plastic that I could now put in my newly collected bag.

I got to shelter just in time, I would have looked like I have been swimming with everything I was carrying in 2 minutes. The rain came down hard, as I stood under this grass umbrella trying to make conversation in broken Spanish (with Suzanna, also caught in the downpour) I heard someone inviting me at the resort behind us to take shelter on their veranda!! What a blessing, just as it calmed enough I went over to take shelter there. Bill helped me to connect to the Wi-Fi and I could message Naomi to say I am safe during the storm.

As the storm was raging, there was some lightning and thunder with no less than 3-5 seconds between flash and sound. It was a bit scary but at the same time exhilarating! Then it started to clear, Suzanna said goodbye, I thanked my hosts Bill and Deb, then continued home bag of plastic in hand for a project :)

Everyone must have thought me crazy for carrying the rubbish I collected past every empty bin :)
Here is the picture of the art project and the cleanup afterward :)


I walked away with many plastic bottle caps, probably more than 15, a fork, toothpaste container, aluminum foil, Polystyrene cups and plates, a can and a battery and much more between all the plastic!

I challenge you do something similar, collect and make art, your art, no matter if people think its good or not. Express yourself!!

  • If you wish to accept this challenge, Post in the comments below: "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!" Then post your short description with your photos.

Oh before I forget, as I was walking back 7 pelicans flew overhead in formation! It was something awesome to behold!

I love living the life I intended,
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Great job taking the initiative like that, and I'm sure that the animals were thanking you. I like your idea of making art from it, I'll share this with some folks I think may be into it. Also check out the tag #litterwalk if you haven't heard of it yet.

Thank you for your upvote and comment:) I will check #litterwalk out :)

@hickorymack, @phoenixwren & @tobixen when is the next opportunity for a #litterwalk contest? :)

I would also like to contribute to the next pool prize :)

Wonderful contribution!! Love this ❤ Blessings beautiful @dream-blossoms. You could also 'follow' the @asapers. I will share your link with them. It might get featured in the next Read Me! ASAP!

Thank-you for sharing this @lyndsaybowes! 🌱❤💙💚💛💜

Thank you so much! I will follow them ASAP :P

Thank you @lyndsaybowes for the resteem <3

Hickory runs the #litterwalk contest, and one just finished, so she's the one to talk to about sponsoring the next one! :)

She seems to have gone AFK. I hope everything is OK with her.

Me too. She didn't answer on FB either. :(

Great stuff! Thank you! I am excited to get involved

I like cleaning the Earth, especially the beach. Thank you for your hard work. Also I like the art.

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This is awesome! Great job! I could probably make a cigarette butt sculpture, since that is always a big portion of what I clean up, lol. Except I'd be kinda grossed out. 😂

Jip! That is quite a big source of litter too. Thank you for contributing by cleaning up :)


That's an awesome initiative. I used bottle caps I picked up from the beach and made some artworks with my son.

That sounds like fun! Every piece of plastic that is not in the ocean helps!
Thank you :)

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