LIBERTY: To Live Simply & Mindfully Is Our Right If We Choose It. Government Over Reach is Nonsense. The Grid is The Matrix. | BushCraft - Homesteading - Liberty. #17

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Being Off Grid as many of us peacefully aspire to be - should be our right if we choose.

The government and the grid need us to support their agendas and paychecks.

The constant government surveillance, over reach and constant policy work so bureaucrats can say they worked an honest week and can justify their salary, is nonsense.

I do not consent.

I love the simple life. I did not used to -- I have matured into it, with my belief systems.

I've spent over 300 nights in a year, in a hammock, during all 4 seasons in Canada, it is the definition of comfortable and simple.

-- You just need to get your base layers tuned and dialled in on what you wear and what you have inside and OUTSIDE the hammock.

Barry, Why Do You Keep Writing This Series??

Part of why I write this series is to remind myself weekly where I am going, and the challenges I am currently in the middle of due in large part to government harassment and interference in my life that my closest friends here on Steemit know all about.

It actually brings some peace to my soul seeing images of the woods, offgrid life, solar solutions, cabins , and the simple life. The longer I have done these posts and a couple other related series, the better I feel.

I also know daily new people arrive to Steemit and crypto and it is for them also, I've said in many many posts

It is also a statement to the government who targets and watches informed individuals and who read their media posts and track them.

So, I expect to end up in court where they can produce all this content, and be on the record with me, and other homestead types, expressing our beliefs freely, openly and voicing our discontent with their parasitic, harassing, manufactured consent against people who know they need you on the grid, connected, so they can collect taxes and monitor YOU.

I Keep Asking... Are We (Born) Free, or Are We Not??

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My Philosophy In Daily Life & Travels:

I have always tried to be kind to people every day, as part of my life Philosophy, since I have always believed we can achieve more TOGETHER.

My path to Crypto and Liberty is with you guys.

We are all early adopters here, if you are even close to reading this today.

Be encouraged.

If you online search my name + PIZZA -- you will see my deep love of the pie as I seek to eat it, wherever I am, or whatever I am doing.

Life Goals:

-- Get Paid to Travel and Blog about Pizza & Those Travels.

-- Buy a Pizza Store.

-- Become Crypto Currency Independent and Love Liberty and Life!

-- Continue to Hold and Sell Real Estate as I have done for clients since 1991.

Don't let anyone tell you twins are a problem ever!!!!!

FUD or no FUD!!!

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It actually brings some peace to my soul seeing images of the woods, offgrid life, solar solutions, cabins , and the simple life. The longer I have done these posts and a couple other related series, the better I feel.

It also brings psychological benefits to kids who suffer from ADHD. They're less jumpy and fidgety.

Go figure: in addition to liberty value, the off-grid woods have therapeutic value.

Yes, that is a benefit clinically that I actually believe some people are waking up to, that may not have in the past.

I don't have kids but I have been around them in the woods, with friends who have offspring. I do not have a large sample size of this to observe LOL.

I am redoing my template for the Steemit Needs Series and will be heading outside soonish for my self imposed physio limp.

I may head over by the woods where I was run over, that area is a PTSD nightmare for me, nearly every night TBH.

A person's property should be sacred. How they choose to live on it is no one's business but their own.


I will be challenging the system on this shortly.

When I have tried to film my things in court before, they refuse to let me so rather than fight them, I take the victories in the books on the record.

They look foolish. And they know I film, before I get there and talk to me in court about it -- proving 100% how they have Apprehension of Bias before I even show up, and target people, in an untransparent fashion with extorted tax dollars.

We are not born free, we have to free ourselves during our lives. Discovering your individual values and learning to think critically begins our individual journey.

It's a shame we are presented with so many assumptions, the only truth is we are all different and we must forge our own path.

I discovered myself when I moved to Northern California and lived amongst the trees & nature for the first time in my life. The community was amazing and I formed the way I think.

I recently graduated from school and am determined to use Blockchain tech to make the world a better place according to my libertarian values.

Thank you for sharing @barrydutton, your place looks awesome and can't wait to show you the life I am in the process of creating for myself.

  • Here is Delta sleeping! we rescued her when we lived in Northern California...!



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In nature, everything is wisely thought out and arranged, everyone should do his own thing, and in this wisdom - the highest justice of life. I liked your post.