Allowing Our Body To Self Heal!


The last two days my youngest has been sick with a fever and vomiting. She is managing to keep down breastmilk and water, but her body is rejecting any food. She sleeps, then wakes to drink some milk and then she falls asleep again, we have both fallen into a rhythm. The best place for me is right nest to her.

None of my girls have ever taken medication. If they get a fever then I know their body is fighting the illness. Of course I monitor them, but I also let their bodies do what they need to. By doing this I am helping their immune systems to develop and grow.

Our immune systems can only develop, if we allow them to fight viruses and illnesses. So children it is really important to allow our children to get sick. It is by no means easy to watch them become unwell and to see them suffer. It is only natural for us to feel helpless and explore anyway in which we can help them.


But those feelings play right into the hands of the pharmaceutical companies, they want us to be scared so that we buy their ‘medicine’. So that we sign up our kids to be life long customers. The more we medicate ourselves, the more we need to medicate ourselves.

Why is fever viewed as such a dangerous thing? When in reality it is a sign that our bodies are working.

Of course I understand that some fevers can be dangerous, but the majority are not. We just need to stay hydrated and allow our bodies to do what they can and that is to heal themselves. The more we interfere, the more medication we consume the less powerful our immune systems become.

At the end of the day practice makes perfect!


I have not taken any medication in over 10 years and yes I have experienced pain and sickness in that time. I have successfully treated infections and I birthed 2 of my children with no other assistance only that which my body can do.

I am not here to make any assumptions about anyone else, or to pass any judgement I just wish to share my experience. When you decide to take control of your well being, you need to look at everything in your life. Everything we consume affects our bodies ability to self heal. Everything! What we eat, drink, absorb, what we listen to and watch.

I am not saying that I will never need any medical assistance, but I am doing my best to live a healthy life. I know the food I eat, I make decisions everyday about what comes into my body. I take that responsibility on, I see it as one of the best ways in which I can honour my body, honour myself.

If my body does need some extra support, I use herbs or adjust my diet to make sure I get the extra nutrients my bodies need.


I trust in my body’s ability to self heal, yes it takes longer than if I were to pop a pill to treat my symptoms, but in the end my immunity gets to develop more. Because by popping those pills, we are dumbing down our immunity. We are weakening ourselves.

At the end of the day we all make decisions, we make choices that affect us and those around us. But choosing to value your own health, to honour yourself by giving your body what it needs, this is something we can all do.

It starts with listening to your body and then educating yourself about the food you eat, the water you drink and what you allow yourself to consume. We can choose fear and as a result hand over our power to the pharmaceutical companies, or we can choose to reconnect with ourselves and hold on to our power. The choice is ours.

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I absolutely agree! And I believe it does not take longer to get well, but rather it takes far less time. Many of my friends run off to the doctor, get tamiflu or cough syrup or antibiotics and ply themselves with tylenol and decongestants but become far sicker than I do and are sick for weeks after I am all better. Often their illnesses progress to pneumonia and so they get the pneumonia vaccine in addition to the useless flu vaccine every single year, not connecting that they also get the flu and pneumonia every year as well. I rarely get the flu, if I do I am quite well five days later, and I have never had pneumonia.
Unfotunately, in the US if the schools find out a parent does not take a child to the doctor for every little thing and vaccinate them up the wazoo, their children could be medically kidnapped. I am now of the mind that one must either not tell the schools any personal business of any kind, or don't send your kids to school at all. That too will soon be illegal here though I fear.

that is really scary that children are being medically kidnapped when the parents are really doing the best thing for them and allowing their immunity to actually reach it's full potential. Thank you @owasco xx

So many people see fever as 'bad' - even my husband is like 'oh no, I have a fever, must be bad' - but fever is a GOOD thing and anything that can support that is amazing. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal, especially with the right support and nourishment! Glad your little one is on the mend.

I know it is crazy how fearful people are of a fever, the pharmaceutical companies and medical system have done a good job there xxx

Good that she could still keep breast milk down with the antibodies that you provide to help her through it. That may well be the very medicine she needed at the time and the reason her body didn't reject it.

I only recently learnt that fever is the body's defence mechanism because invading organisms can't survive those temperatures, while our bodies can to a degree. Yet we take medication to counteract that very defense mechanism. Yes, it can cause brain damage if the fever goes up too high, but that's not a common occurrence.

I used to get chronic earache as a child, but my mother never took me to the doctors for antibiotics. I'd have been on them way to often if she had. They may have speeded recovery up a bit, but how long for before the bacteria developed a resistance? I can't remember the last time I had an earache now.

if we let our bodies deal with infections then they build up immunity to them, you treat it with medication and it always reoccurs, really happy to hear your mum kept you away from doctors xxx

A million times YES!!! This is how healing takes place at our home, too. I can't say that I have never used "western" medicine in the past 21 years of being a parent, but I can say it's few and very far between. It has taken a lot of dedication and strength to make those choices for the kids, and out of the 6 @cassidydawn is that ultimate poster child. She's only experienced health care outside of the home once since her conception.
Once around when she was 9 (I think, mom memory dust, maybe 8) she ran a fever of at least 103 for 3 days. She wasn't particularly uncomfortable other than just not feeling good, and we used tepid baths, cool rags, etc as I know all well killing the fever starts the immune system back at square one. By the third day, I noticed some blisters on the back of her throat, and I really wasn't sure if she had a virus or strep throat at that point, so I took her for "a second opinion" because I knew that if she did have strep, I was going to have to give her antibiotics to knock it out quickly based on the 3 days already passed and my understanding of that bacteria.
I took her to the children's hospital to get a strep culture. We sat for 4 hours while they swabbed, tested, and confirmed she didn't have strep. Then we went home and continued our journey through the illness. She actually was a bit upset with me at first, for taking her to strange people when "mommy is the doctor"! (Hence the 'second opinion', that's how I explained it to her).
It's all about knowledge too...I know myself, my genetics, my kids bodies, and their genetics. We are in great shape in all those ways, so we maintain it. One thing I particularly appreciate about modern medical practices are all the fun diagnostic tools, because sometimes you can't figure out what it is to be able to treat it. However, I generally focus on immune system boosters and blood purifiers and that takes care of most anything we run into.
Great post. I absolutely love, and LIVE, the things you write about. The new world order truly is our global village!

yes we have to empower ourselves through education and listening to our bodies, that is so important. My girls have gotten sick over the years and at times it was difficult, but they always recovered, but then I made sure I knew when to take them for a second opinion, I would never risk their health. But they live such healthy lives, that they usually recover quiet fast xxx

Plant-based diet for the win!

It starts with listening to your body

That really is key to it all - it is so important to slow down and pay attention. This busy fast world makes it hard for people to tune in and listen to what their bodies are telling them so the option is to take a pill and keep going rather than being allowed the time to heal naturally and properly. I hope your little one is feeling better today. xx

thank you beautiful, she is slowly getting better, this is one strong tummy bug. It is always so hard to watch your kids suffer.
I think we really need to promote the importance of slowing down xxx

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