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Recently we had made some changes, going on a high fat, low carb diet - a ketogenic diet.
We understood how to put our body into a state of ketosis and have it become fat adapted (burning fat, in the form of ketones for energy instead of glucogens - sugars). It is the liver which creates these ketones from body fat and dietary fat and also the liver is responsible for removing toxins from the body and creating bile to aid in digestion.

It's primary function is to “filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body,” says WebMD

Now since the liver makes the ketone (our new fuel source) we wanted to ensure it remained healthy and that we didn't overload it.

What we came up with to ensure this, was a Morning Toner Drink.
This will also be my preventative home remedy for the Natural Medicine Wisdom Challenge with a theme on "Home Remedies". Find out more and join in here

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Toner Tea

Pre-made tea from fresh ginger & turmeric root slices, crushed.
Juice of half a fresh lemon
Stevia to sweeten to taste.
1 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbsp fresh Aloe Vera gel (remove the tough outer layer of Aloe Vera leaf and scrap out with a spoon the clear gel inside)

Make a big jug of tea with the ginger and turmeric, be generous with it! Once tea has steeped pour yourself an 8 ounce cup of it just 3/4 full.
To that cup add the lemon juice, ACV, stevia and aloe Vera gel.
Blend in a blender and enjoy!

Read more about the benefits of this tea in my previous post here

To be more specific why I chose these ingredients for liver health, I've broken down the benefits of each ingredient below:


Ginger is a great detoxing herb and will stimulate digestion and circulation. It will cleanse the build-up of waste and toxins in the liver and other organs plus it has been shown to have liver-protective properties.


Turmeric improves liver function, improving it's detox ability, helping with the removal of toxins from the body. It has strong antioxidant abilities which stops toxins from damaging the liver and help reduce free radical damage, improves glutathione production which reduces oxidative stress in the liver (a cause of fatty liver disease)

Fresh Lemon Juice

Lemon juice aids digestion, helping in the assimilation of food and helps prevent fatty liver.
It is a detoxifying agent - it's primary compound Citrate, which is a naturally-occurring inhibitor of toxins, helps to cleanse the liver.
It enhances your bodies enzyme function and stimulate the liver.
Lemon juice is a natural antiseptic, which helps control harmful bacteria.
It also increases the body's metabolic rate which helps in reducing weight. Maintaining a proper weight is important for liver health.
It provides electrolytes to the body which helps keep it hydrated. When the body is properly nourished and hydrated the liver will function the best and lemon juice is high in vitamin C and potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and more.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another one that is great to maintain a healthy weight - healthy weight - healthy liver, and is good for detoxing, containing unique acids that bind to toxins helping to eliminate them.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another herb that is excellent for detoxing and for keeping the liver functioning properly. It has many phytonutrients and is great for hydrating.
Aloe Vera has anti-oxidant properties which cuts out free radicals, cleansing the liver and other organs plus it boosts your immunity.
It is high in Vitamin C and has anti-inflammatory properties which also aids in digestion. The liver is a part of the digestive system.

One more thing we do to hydrate and aid our liver is to drink Green Tea after fatty meals to help cut through the fat plus it too is a great to cleanse the body. It's full of nutrients and antioxidants helping to repair damaged cells. Also it is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, great to improve the function of your liver.

Here's to your health - Drink up!

Thanks for stopping by!

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I love natural medicine and always love learning more about it.
Thank you for sharing this awesome health drink with us.

I will have to try it.


Yes do! I like to start my morning with it for it does seem to tone my digestive system!

Wish I had this recipe on hand when I was following the same lifestyle... I managed to do it for 6 months and I felt fantastic, but I simply could not keep it up. I found myself loathing all the things I used to love because that was all I was eating. At the moment I am trying the intermittent fasting and I find it a better suit for me :)


We use the intermittent fasting along with the Ketogenic diet. I like starting my day with this toner drink for it seems a good way to break and it does seem to cleanse the system.
I've been at the keto diet for nearly a year now and I don't see us turning back. My husband took up cooking, becoming a master chef (in some areas) which makes it wonderful and adds variety to our diet. We are happy with our meals and the benefits we are getting from them.
Eat well and be happy!

My bile factory (gall bladder) has been removed and I have to be careful with what I eat and drink. All of your ingredients here is in use, except the Aloe Vera and maybe we should also add it.
Great post here my friend!


I found the Aloe Vera really added to the drink for hydration and also it seems to make my hair and nails grow faster! One thing I found was I needed to have the stevia to sweeten it for it is a little bit bitter on it's own.
Is it a native there? It would probably grow well there.

Nice one, @porters - good that you're preparing tonics to PREVENT issues, and adding all that goodness into your body every day. So much natural medicine in our kitchens, our fridges and our gardens. Lovely share - thank you.

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This looks yummy! Thanks for sharing, I’m going to have to try this 😀

This is really timely for me @porters as my liver is struggling a bit at the moment and it needs a little helping hand. I just wish my aloe Vera plant would grow a bit so I can use it!!! But definitely am going to get on a similiar drink ... thanks for reminder xx


You're welcome! It has made a big difference for me and my husband and I hope it helps you too! Once I realized that the aloe vera gel fit in good with this drink I started taking better care of my plants so they can keep producing for us! I had them around for awhile knowing they were very beneficial but they were bitter and I was having a hard time figuring out how to incorporate them into our diet but this works great!

Thanks for the tip. Got to give that a try!

I am so going to try this, I have lots of lemons and aloe vera on the land and i always have the other ingredients in the truck. So much of our health starts with our gut xx

For sure all the ingredients are healthy food, the recipe can come in handy next time, thanks @porters!