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November is here and with it the monumental task of the NaNoWriMo participant: Write a 50,000 word novel by midnight on November 30th! That breaks down to 1,666 words per day! These brave/foolish souls dedicate a month of their life to try and establish good writing habits that allow them to write consistently and at the end of the 30 days have the first draft of work as a prize!

Share your progress everyday!

Incorporating Steemit into our writing process allows us to post our raw work-in-progress to get feedback and support (in the forms of upvotes!) for our work. Although it's daunting to release something unpolished into the wild like this, it is an act of love and community that will allow us to support each other! Use the tag #nano plus your novel's working title in a tag. This unique tag allows you to collect your work here on the blockchain!

Without further ado, grab your pens, pull up your keyboards and write. Just write.

Our Pledge

I (insert name) do joyfully pledge to do my best to write 50,000 words by midnight of November 30th, 2016. As symbol of my commitment I inscribe this upon the blockchain to keep me accountable. I will post regular updates of my progress with to the #nano tag and will ask for help if I need it.

It's dangerous to go alone!

Writing can be tough work! We all know misery loves company, but I think that's because it's hard to be blue when you are part of a team! Talk to your fellow participants and other Steemit Members who stumble upon your work! You might be a head-strong loner, but even writing quietly with others can be a motivation!

Come join us in Steemit.chat in the #nano channel and on Discord.

I'll be hosting a virtual write-in tonight on Discord (taking over the General 2.0 talk room!) from 6pm PST til bedtime?! Join me here for voice chat: https://discord.gg/8MvqXUh
Join us here for text chat at any time during the month: https://discord.gg/nv9sjRn


Our Steemit NaNoWriMo community has been active this October preparing resources and offering advice to all. Here is a collection of some of our posts:

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NANOWRIMO! Word-count Calendar! Steal this Calendar!
NaNoWriMo Tools - Preparation - Mind Maps and YOU
Writing on the Edge: Process Journal
An Outline as Road Map to Success!
@merej99's guide to help you survive and WIN NaNoWriMo
Nanowrimo word count rates to help pace yourself by the day, hour, minute, and week
Writing with failure in mind

Remember the secret to writing is to write!


Here's where things will get interesting. I'll make the post affirming my commitment to write 50k here shortly, but despite my excitement about this, I haven't thought about it at all since last month. Real life has a way of sneaking up on you like that.

It will be interesting to see how far I get. I know I can make it to 50k if I can set aside enough time to do it, but we'll see how well I manage my time. :D

I'm at 1,783 words for today (Nov. 1st) and will probably quit there for today. I posted the preface to my book this morning (766 words.) My plan is to post the work chapter by chapter.The book is called C'mon, Get Happy. It is set in 1972, and is about two teenagers who go looking for David Cassidy. Don't let the fact that the narrator says, "I'm a writer," fool you. She isn't me. I don't even have a sister. :)

I was hoping you'd join us, Irene! I look forward to reading it, I'll hop over to the prologue just as soon as I get my post up!

Hey Irene! I saw your post. I'm getting ready to read it next.
I managed to write 1300 words between midnight and 3 am...but haven't written a thing in the book since then! Too busy running around with errands, working the WriMo region and keeping up with Steemit.
From the way things are looking, midnight writing is where my book lives ATM. OY!
I'll sleep in December

Was looking for this post :D. Hmm... I might not be able to really commit to the full 50k, but I'll give it a shot. Where's the harm in failing? Upvoted and resteemed, obviously.

Yay! You're right. You may not make it, hell, I'm not sure if I can make it, but we should try! The point is to write consistently on a schedule. Let us know what portion of that you decide to commit to so we can ready the 'motivational' devices ;)

When I see "not be able to really commit to the full 50k" - my response is usually - can you commit to writing something...ANYTHING every day?
Part of the reason I say that is because there ARE days when writing will seem impossible. But there are going to be days when you bang out 10k words in a single day -- and it didn't hurt! But you'll never know until you try. Hope you join in! Heck, I've even scheduled myself a couple of NaNo Days off! :D

Post thrown at twitter instead of writing 1,666 2/3 words. I still am not sure what qualifies for 2/3-rds of a word. So daily writing quota may be slightly off queue...

I'm committed to it - at least I have made a start. Hopefully I make it to the finish line.

This is great!

I, "INSERT NAME" (lol) do joyfully pledge to do my best to write 50,000 words by midnight of November 30th, 2016. As symbol of my commitment I put inscribe this upon the blockchain to keep me accountable. I will post regular updates of my progress with to the #nano tag and will ask for help if I need it.

Here's my accountable post I used #nanowrimo as the tag - I'll start using #nano in the future. :)

I am totally cheering everyone on this month! Just remember, that 50k target is not meant to be a hard cap. Like @reneenouveau says, it's less important how much you write every day and more important that you write something.

Now get out there and have fun!

Write on! Even though I won't be making a pledge post or will be posting regular updates on Steemit, count me in for helping motivate other Steemit WriMos. I will be side-by-side in trying to write 50k as well!

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