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Welcome to the weekly post of #mytunes project, what's this all about?, simple:
sharing your own music, the music you're listening or that you love!


~ This is NOT A CONTEST, everyone wins :) ~

Crypto market followed the downtrend path but many real steemians shared good stuff and their best vibes .
All is made manually.

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Great loving thanks to our donors: an annonymous one and @dreemsteem, big hugs to them!

Got special thanks to @fraenk who is permanently supporting and spreading the word out there.

Special mention also to #pypt and @sgt-dan who helped gaining audience, much love to you :)

Tones of thanks, hugs and love to those who commented, shared music, participated and supported the idea,those were(in order of appearance ):

@fraenk, @madlenfox, @esthersanchez, @roguescientist84, @sgt-dan, @artemisa7, @drakernoise, @marblely

The Weekly Music List was made by all who participated and I called it MyTunes Weekly List 5 with finally 11 tracks that is worth to watch and listen to, you can find it here:

Weekly Music List #5

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How to take part? : Coment on this post and share at least one song (or song-list) you’ve being listening to or that you simply love. It can be a Spotify link, a YouTube link, Choon link, DSound link or whatever audio-video stream platform you love. Take into account that the list is published on YouTube ( at the moment, will see in the future )

Some tips:

  1. Every entry gets a 100% vote plus a “follow” and persistent vote (100% vote) on their normal posts for those who make good quality comments and posts. Votes come from @mytunes, @drakernoise and @artemisa7 accounts. Nowadays due to drop in crypto's prices our vote is lower than normal, hope this changes on a near future :)
  2. Lets go for an amazing Weekly Music list #6!

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    Remember to look at the world with different funny eyes and listen with open ears, sharing music makes a better world for everyone...

    ~ Made with 💖 for you, hope you enjoy it! ~

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Hi! my dear friends!!!
I hope you're spending a good time!!

This is my entry for this week!
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) is an Italian progressive rock band that reached a high level of popularity in the 1970s, with great success in the British and American rankings. Despite being contemporary with bands such as Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Area, Perigeo, and Le Orme, the Premiata Forneria Marconi was the only Italian progressive rock band that achieved success outside its home country. His musical influences come from bands like Genesis, and the beginnings of King Crimson, but maintaining a high level of originality and distinction along with a warm Mediterranean sound.

una delle canzoni più belle della storia della musica!

PFM - Impressioni di Settembre

Enjoy it! <3


Beautiful, simply beautiful. Even though I do not speak Italian, I can feel his passion and message (Spanish and Italian are similar and I speak and understand an American dialect of Spanish somewhat).

Thank you for sharing this musical group with us. Really nice.

Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

Hi Esther,
You opened our weekly list this time with a nice band... quality above all , talent explosion and professionalism.
Not much can be said it's better give them a listening while watching their show, it's worth the time.
Added to the weekly collection!
Thanks so much for your bit @esthersanchez
Have a great week, hugs'n love ❤️

Good morning dear friends
Today I join this spectacular project.
Happy start of the week!
and this is the first...

this other is a jewel
Neil Young Hey, Hey, My My

I hope you Enjoy it!

The flute of all instruments is my favorite. I have never played an instrument (well a little harmonica, but I am not very good). Thank you for sharing your music with all of us. This week's play list is really shaping up nicely!

Have a great week!

Yeah I love flutes too, they can be so expressive and easy to transport!! 😀

Hey Orlando how nice to have you here!!
No best way to come un but bringing to us two gems that will bright unequely in our weekly list that you can find Here
Music doesn't understand of age or borders but only those we could keep inside our hearts...
Welcome onboard...my best wishes for your week, much love'n hugs ❤️

No landmarks fall stars
And everything is already late and everything is already late
I'm crying look, look memorize
But no.
Each of us is made for something
I'll be dead without rock ' n ' roll.
To you, to you
To you I return as promised
Just two concerts to start from the beginning
All from the beginning

Diana Arbenina. Russian singer, musician, poet, leader of the rock band "Night snipers"

Cool song and new band for me. You added the translated lyrics so triple thanks to you @madlenfox 😁
More duties on my "to do" list of new bands explorations...
Added to our weekly wild list!
Much love'n hugs my friend ❤️

Pd: the weekly list can be find Here

Congratulations to @madlenfox this week! I am really enjoying this initiative with folks sharing their favorite music. It is widening my horizons in different musical genres. Thank you @drakernoise and @fraenk for putting this together!

The song Stand By Me is one of my faves. The performance by Playing For Change always makes me think of how I view our Steem Community.


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Absolutely love this song and Playing For Change did a very nice compilation of the different street singers!

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You got my point definetely @sgt-dan...we're somehow like this collective, growing a weekly musical drawing that I don't know if will fit all likes but surely it's full of colours and views ... and is all from us the steemians to all that wish to watch and listen.
Your color was added to this week's musical painting making it look awesome... Here
Much love'n hugs to you ❤️

I love this song and they have really done a good job!! ^.^

Very cool!
by the way, thank you for finding a version with Russian subtitles ( I'm still not very good at understanding some words by ear :))

Last chickpea into the pot... unless someone put more 😆

ah dang... I almost missed this week. But I just listened to this one, it's close to my heart, great boom bap with lyrics that's worth listening to, so I knew I had to share it here right away:

Legendary J Cole:

I think it was @hazel420 who put this one back on my playlist, so all the credit for digging in the crates should go to her.

I don't know why I didn't ever see your entry ... Guess steemworld had issues the other day.
Anyways it's added to our list in the correct order.
Thanks for sharing @hazel420's discovering 😁
Wishing you a great week ahead!
Much love'n hugs ❤️
Pd: votes will come when VP is higher...

Wow! You made my morning! Thanks for the prize!
Good luck and positivity this week
I'll bring the song later :))

You were lucky @madlenfox, I'm glad for you 😁

Thanks to @sgt-dan for sharing this post and information about your project during the PYPT curation show! Here lately, I've been enjoying this Deep House song, especially when it really gets rolling around the 2:00 mark! 😊

When I was younger I used to hit other insane marks and such tunes were into my listenings...of course I danced them too until sun started to bite 😂
How nice that @sgt-dan pimped again this post!
Your more than welcome so feel free to add sruff, love discovering bands.
You can spot the list Here
Enjoy the weekend, hugs'n love ❤️

Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT

New french music to me I must admit though they seem to be quite popular...
So double thanks to you @roguescientist, you’re always bringing cool stuff to this place... would you please make me a favor and live forever? 😛
You know it’s already in our weekly chest Here
Big hugs 🤗

From my friend Julián :

Wishing you a lovely weekend ❤️

Beautiful and smooth!

thanks for sharing! <3

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Thank you for the share payout @mytunes :)
I am liking this one:

Anne-Marie’s slightly husky voice gives her songs character.

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That's the spirit of this project, sharing sharing sharing 😁
A cool tune to start the week... just pumped out to our weekly collection Here
Thanks for coming, much love 'n hugs to you ❤️
Pd: I'll vote when my VP gets higher 😉