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Welcome to the weekly post of #mytunes project, what's this all about?, simple:
sharing your own music, the music you're listening or that you love!


~ This is NOT A CONTEST, everyone wins :) ~

This week cryptos remained low but not in our spirit and many real steemians shared good stuff and their best vibes .
As all is made manually and rewards come after 7days couldn't post yesterday. I've done it as soon as possible after my working day.

You know this is not a contest so with the funds of our donors I decided to make a Raffle of 1Steem amongst all that made a valid entry

There is a remaining fund of 10 Steems, that will provide us with 10 more weeks of gifting some love to one fortunate steemian.For that I've used an online site :

Great loving thanks to our donors: an annonymous one and @dreemsteem, big hugs to them!

Got special thanks to @fraenk who is permanently supporting and spreading the word out there.

Special mention also to #pypt and @sgt-dan who helped gaining audience, much love to you :)

Tones of thanks to those who commented, shared music, participated and supported the idea,those were(in order of appearance ):

@zekepickleman, @esthersanchez, @roguescientist84, @blind-spot,
@sgt-dan, @madlenfox, @insaneworks, @drakernoise, @artemisa7, @yamaagni, @marblely, @fraenk

The Weekly Music List was made by all who participated and I called it MyTunes Weekly List 3 with finally 25 tracks (1 extra track from @mathowl on Discord that doesn't count for the rewards sharing) that is worth to watch and listen to, you can find it here:

Weekly Music List #3

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How to take part? : Coment on this post and share at least one song (or song-list) you’ve being listening to or that you simply love. It can be a Spotify link, a YouTube link, Choon link, DSound link or whatever audio-video stream platform you love.

Some tips:

  1. Every entry gets a 100% vote plus a “follow” and persistent vote (100% vote) on their normal posts for those who make good quality comments and posts. Votes come from @mytunes, @drakernoise and @artemisa7 accounts. Nowadays due to drop in crypto's prices our vote is lower than normal, hope this changes on a near future :)
  2. Liquid reward of the weekly post will be shared and sent to all valid participants. Obviously I won't take nothing of the liquid reward (Nor will my accounts @drakernoise and @artemisa7), I'm more than rewarded with the author reward and your feedback :)
  3. Lets go for an amazing Weekly Music list #4!

    Don't forget of looking around with differnet funny eyes!

    If you want to take more fun, join the #googlyeyes fever, take part!

    👀 GooglyEyes 👀

    Remember to look at the world with different funny eyes and listen with open ears, sharing music makes a better world for everyone...

    ~ Made with 💖 for you, hope you enjoy it! ~

    I live normally on the #googlyeyes discord where you problably will find me if needed : Here


This has become my favorite music, because it's me who makes it, I play to be a DJ in the application Remixlive ha ha, And so I have music for my stop-motion

It's funny, you should try it, although I have to admit it doesn't sound good ha ha.

Thanks 😀

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Very cute stop action animation. Sounds like club music. It sounds fun to me. I was about to start dancing!

Ha ha, let's dance.
Thank you for your comment @sgt-dan 🤩

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No no it sounds nice and that's your creation and that's all needed to make such amazing video...
I will put here the link to the whole post as it's worth taking a long watch-read onto it : The whole post
Your lovely video flew over that cotton cloud to land softly on our crazy weekly music house of tracks where it'll find lot of friends :)
You can spot the list at anytime Here
Thanks so much for coming and adding your original stuff @marpa!!
Much love and hugs :)

Oh, you're so kind to consider my work valuable, thank you so much for that @mytunes 😍

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I have a Dutch song I want to share from the winner of the voice

I hope so

How nice that you came and opened our fresh and sweet music melon @brittandjosie
Of course with no argue I've sent it to our weekly bag of music quarrel that you can find Here
My best wishes for your week
Much love and hugs 💖

Same to you and please don’t include me in the prices !

I appreciate highly your action which is lovely to us but I have strict rules that only brake when I'm in good mood... not the day so I'll keep you on the valid entries (joking mode ON)
I'll keep you in the list I'm afraid, hope that won't mean you get angry with me XD

Hhahahaah never @mytunes you’re a cat lover too so 😉 just don’t let me win

Very nice music video. Thanks for sharing!

I'll add a collab beteen two well known steemians : @psionic-tremors & @D-Vine
You can take a look to the post : Here

Awwww, you are super sweet for doing this! It makes me so happy you are enjoying our collaboration so much <3
Thank you @drakernoise <3

No there is no merit on my side on adding cool stuff, it's your merit on making great tunes...
Feel free to share what you want, take into account the list it's published as a YouTube list so I need a video to add It there.... I wishes all platforms where connected but you know, everyone wants to make business on their own so it's hard to work with all of them.
I'm also too fond on putting music on the #googlyeyes Discord music channel and we mainly use YouTube as well ... Tech goes sooo slowly for my needs sometimes 😢

You are too kind! I will keep that in mind! Thank you so much @drakernoise <3

Sorry to hear about the snail tech :(

This one is really funny :)

Also here one more time :: Thank You @drakernoise!!! :)

WOHEEE... I won something! :D

So let's start the week with something intense, I posted this something like two years ago... It's from a synth-god producer named "Silent Strike" from Romania:

It's not safe to turn of your computer!

NSFW Version:
click here at your own risk, it's not toooo explicit.

and I absolutely recommend listening to that one cranked up to 11, at least! Sub-bass-goosebumps imminent!

and because this is so old... here's something newer from his YT channel:

There you can see how his music is made... also: there's a KITTY!!! 😻

Sry for my delayed answer I was a bit busy with some animal stuff a friend put in front of me that for a bit did wash my brain, I don't know if you get what I mean, it's just like if you get into an electrified bath and put yourself on a dryer...
But I finally came up cleaner and after looking my socks a bit insane maybe :P
Your stuff ( that I share the like for ) was sent in a rush by a wheeled shoe and thrown towards our weekly music brain washing machine...
I sometimes see horses, pandas and sheeps ...

My congrats for your winning @fraenk, I'm very glad and though It was totally unexpected and randomly choosen you deserved it by your amazing support on the scene and behind the curtains!

Thanks for coming and sharing these two electronic gems
Much love and hugs

PD: For those who don't know me well I must clarify this comment is Joke mode ON

Different from my usual easy listening, yet interesting! Thank you for sharing.

Wow - this is pretty cool!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

Hi! Every body!
Sending The better vibes!!
Much love!

Today I want to share with you a A melody from the Venezuelan Plains region. It has even more merit because it is played by a blind child but with grace and strength. ENJOY IIIIT!!


And this other instrumental that belongs to an animated Japanese series, called shingeki no Kyojin. In case you want to relax a little. Excellent week for everyone!

Hi @esthersanchez,
Incredible that child! The guitarist was also awesome, do you know their names and if they have a YouTube channel? I could add it to the list...
What I should say about your second gem, lovely! , I’ll soon something related tomorrow 😁
Thanks so much for coming and helping me make this grow... your gift was sent by the good waves of music to our weekly compilation that you can find here : Here
My best vibes and wishes to you
Hugs’n ❤️

The first video was posted on Facebook. Ask the person who uploaded it but I have not received an answer. From what I can understand is a personal video. Anyway it caught my attention and I wanted to share it with you.
The instrument that man plays is a "Cuatro". Four string musical instrument of Venezuelan folklore. The musician who plays it is called "Cuatrista". Thanks for showing interest.

Hey @esthersanchez I didn't noticed It so thanks for getting me out of my ignorance 😅

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share. I'm a teacher. I love teaching and help! I love meeting people interested in learning and who don't mind asking !! he hehe !!

Music music music! :)
Really, really, really awesome that there's always mytunes to easily find new music from. Here's my choice for this week: https://steempeak.com/actifit/@geekdancing/actifit-geekdancing-20190724t074602936z

Hi @geekdancing,
Thanks for coming and adding value to our project, it's very appreciated !!
I slightly slided my feet and threw It to our weekly dance of tunes that you can visit Here
Double thanks for discovering for me new sounds, love It!
Sending you my best vibes and hugs 😉

You are welcome! And you have such an awesome project going on so perhaps it should be me thanking you. But that could take us to an infinite loop of thankyou's, so I'll call it a day and this is the last thank you. For today. :D

Ooooh that one's intense! thanks for sharing!

You are welcome! I love it too. :) MISSIO just goes under your skin. In a good way.

Love this song and its been playing in my head:

Every time I listen to it, I can feel my eyes well up. The passion, the strength and the power that this song brings is amazing, especially while watching this version:

It's a nice message and a cute tune ... everyone should be free to be as they are without others judging It but reality on these times is too biased by our local culture and all that is out of the "normal" main stream is oftemly seen as odd and normally with less or no respect...
At least here on the #mytunes space we respect all the views and cultures so this track fits perfectly our Spirit: joining people rather than splitting .
I sent the first version to our weekly respectful list of music!
Thanks for your contrib @marblely
Much love and hugs to you ❤️

Hello, friends!
Today I want to introduce You to the legend of outrageous and extravagance of the former USSR. In an era of global "iron curtain", when the country lacked any pop music and all the attempts of rock musicians persecuted by the authorities. This girl with a bright beautiful voice with a large range just "blew up" the musical Russian world of the nineties of the last century.
this song is called "one kiss of a sailor". It is very difficult to translate all the subtleties of the color of this song from Russian, but the approximate meaning looks like this...

You’ll wake me up with a shoot into my heart.
And I’ll pine away and fall down
Into the frosty water after that flame and fire.
Oh, don’t come and torment me, please.

As usual you don’t regret about anything.
The ships are quickly sailing away into mist
With crazy tender amber ray.
No, seems like white days aren’t gone yet.

Copper pipes are singing about something they know:
Do I need him or not? And does he even love me?
The heart isn’t stone. And the blood isn’t water.
Maybe I’ll say “yes” tomorrow.

Those 90's were crazy and behind the "steel curtain" such artistic expressions I guess needed huge ammounts of courage and intelligence to overcome political stalk.
It's awesome you bring us such amazing vintage gem that of course it's totally unknown to me... She has a peculiar cute voice and attitude, I have to dig more on her music asap.
Tones of thanks for your contrib dear friend , It jumped over tje curtain to take its place on our weekly list that you can spot Here
Hope your week's going nice. Sending you my best wishes and hugs ❤️

Thanks my friend! In that case, for You - this is my favorite song in her repertoire. Zhanna Aguzarova, "Star" ( just listen with headphones)

I read a bit on her story and listened to this theme you posted and I got amazed of her personality and her voice amplitude. She’s quite peculiar and original and need to dig deeper in her work...will be doing it as I’m having some free time.
I took the liberty of adding this one to our collection as well 🤗
Thanks for your feedback!

How about a little comedy relief? I will share a blast from the past back when @snook and @simgirl's Bad Karoake was all the rage!

hahaha... you've got a bit of a singing voice... maybe... you'd definitely need a better mic though :P

Haha sgt-,dan you dare to all ... Amazing cover, I think you have a nice deep voice...
Although It has a lot of normal speaking stuff It travelled through the rails directly to our weekly music station where most probably It will found more cute'n funny train-tunes 😁
Thanks so much for coming and adding your own personal touch to this whole thing!
Sending vou my best vibes and hugs ❤️

Going way back, over 50 years, with this garage number. One of my favorite songs en espanol, Los Hitters with "Delinquent".

Good to know we can always count on you to put some gems in here!

The final disc scratch buaaahhh 😍
Totally unknown to me have to dig more on the asap!
They run away to hide on our weekly hideout of delincuent tracks!!
Tones of thanks for such jewel

Here is some Poppy 80s Punk from Japan, COBRA. A friend of mine gave me a tape with a bunch of really good punk sometime in the early 90s. Cobra was on there, along with the Addicts and Negative Approach, and some others. Took me 5 years to find an actual COBRA CD.

YThat was in English or Japanese? I don’t get a word lol , maybe they are telling me I’m a bastard or stupid ... but I don’t care 🤣 they sound nice so I kicked them off to our weekly list of screaming tracks!!
You know I appreciate too much your entries so I won’t give you thanks but sends you hugs 😁

Some GREAT rockabilly form these Teddy Boys, Streamline Rockers.

When I was at the University we used to take a kind of drink that was called “submarine “ which consisted on a tube glass of beer where you trew a shot glass of whiskey inside... if you got some of those you easily got sink 😝
I put your track into the torpedo’s tube of our weekly submarine, hope it won’t sink!!
Thanks for putting cool vibes on the air

Hello, fellow music lovers!

This song is my all-time fav when I need some melancholic tunes in Spanish.
I remember hearing this song for the first time in the movie "Man on fire" with Denzel Washington. I really could get lost in this forever. Hope you like it @mytunes :)

Carlos Varela - Una Palabra

It’s so nice that you came and put your colours on our weekly mindful music list!!
You’re most than welcome , you know it already but I like that it gets recorded on our blockchain 😁
Thanks for your contrib I’ve added it on the list that now is more beautiful 😛
Much love and hugs to you

Hehehehe yup, I did it! It's forever on the blockchain :)
Thank you very much dear @mytunes, always a pleasure <3

Hi all,
I would like to share the latest song produced by @psionic-tremors with you.
She won the BMC S2R1 (Blockchain Music Challenge) with it and I really love this song.
The genre was Deep House.

Here is the Choon link to the song.

If you are a music producer too: check out the new Blockchain Music Challenge S2R2 here.
This time the genre is PsyTrance - happy producing ;)

Thanks so much for coming and sharing cool stuff with us @pundito !
I listened to your entry and it's a cool one from @psionic-tremors who I follow some time ago... unfortunately I don't think I can add It to YouTube as It has no video version 😫
Anyways I added her recent collab with @D-Vine using my main account @ drakernoise 😁
It's hard to find sometimes a way to integrante all platforms so I decided to use YouTube as It also help us on our live sessions on the #googlyeyes Discord music channel ...
Much love and hugs to you ❤️

Thanks so much for your kind reply!
I'm pretty sure she'll make a video version for this song too.
When it's done I'll be back 😎

Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

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This one made by the amazing @marpa ...

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