My 2018: A Tour around my town: "Thousand Miles Away From My Home Town"

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My2018 (Jeddah KSA)

I would like to share with you some of my experiences here in KSA. I am an Overseas Filipino Worker here in Jeddah KSA where there are lot of things that could not be done here because of their traditional beliefs specially in taking photos. Well I respect them with that in fact I’m just here for a job so I can provide my family’s daily need. I’m just one of the thousands OFWs seafaring along with their journey and chasing their dreams to come in to reality.


Walk For A Healthy 2018

On January 29, 2018 I and sir @long88 went out for a walk after our duty. Its been a busy week for us in the office because of the ongoing training regarding the new system to be implemented soon in the company where we are working. So we’ve decided to go for a 30 minutes walk in order to relieve the stress we’ve got from a tiring office activity.

We met these two adorable guys in the walking area and they become our instant friends. At first I asked them if it's fine to take photos with them but we're hesitant 'coz this is KSA and there are sorta roaming around the area.


We are so grateful that we are assigned here in Jeddah and living in the place where near the Jeddah International Mall. At the back of the Mall is where the long walking/jogging area located with some street equipment installed. Also it feel so cool in the eyes while walking and looking at those colorful buildings near the area.





Stationary bicycle



I also met another one new friend :)

On February 1, @long888, @tjcdc and I decided to have our first Steemit Achievers t-shirts to be printed with our simple but rock design LOL. So we left our accommodation at 16:00Hr and we headed south. We reached the place called Al-Balad the center of Jeddah where most of the expats working here are doing their shopping.

The Filipino tradition in giving pasalubong or giving goods to their love ones is really in their blood.

Hunting for Food

Before seeking for a printing shop we looked for a cheaper food chain since our tummy is shouting for food LOL. We found these two Filipino food chain the Manila Restaurant and Boracay Reataurant. It’s so nice that the Filipino restaurant is available here in KSA because we Filipinos have our own taste of foods/dishes.


Guess what we have chosen, its Manila restaurant. Since we are looking for a cheaper one so this is the right place for us. If we eat in a restaurant, we look after the price of each menu not the menu itself. Our wallet designed to alarm and vibrate if the price of the food or any items we want buy are high or inappropriate with our poorness LOL.

One budget meal includes 2 dishes 1 water and unlimited rice for only 15 Saudi Riyals approximately 4USD. And we hit a jackpot, they offer a free Sizzling Chicken Sisig for every 3 persons. Yay @long888, @tjcdc and I we are one, two & three.






Here you are Sizzling Chicken Sisig




We were ready to rock and chase for a printing shop, hehe tummy is full. While going to the other building there are different vendors along the way and they used to call the Filipinos Kabayan(neighborhood) or Suki(loyal costumer).


Woops! bear with this watches they're just an imitation but it looks awesome.


We found the Printing Shop

Here we are, as we arrived in the other building then look for a printing shop and we found the guy Mr. Salman from Ethiopia. He’s the guy we’re looking for, so he offered us a good printing service. He even speaks Filipino language a little since most of his customers are Filipinos.


Getting ready for the design to be initially printed on the transfer paper.





Transferring the initial print out on the t-shirt through heat press machine.



The final out put.



Steemit Achievers Official Shirt Design is now ready to Rock. Thanks to Mr. Salman for giving us a good service. Before we said goodbye we invited him to sign up on #steemit so he can share his awesome works. He's doing a different kind of printing job like Mugs priting, Keyholder printing or even mobile phones cover printing any designs he can do it for you.


Look these two guys, again I found an instant friends haha I don't know them. They just passed by while I'm looking the word Rock above us, and I asked them for a second to have a photo with them. hahaha

I think Filiponos are the most friendly spieces (LOL) working in KSA that includes me.


Since our first mission was already been accomplished the t-shirt printing, so we roam around and checked if there are something we might buy. Then we met our co-workers who are assigned in the project site.


Look @tjcdc as a photobomber, I'm thinking of submitting this to @fibra photobomer contest LOL


The fountain inside Al Ma'mal building



@tjcdc with his new CAT sling bag.



FotoJet (1).jpg

The tallest building in Jeddah

Currently, the tallest building in here Jeddah is the HQBP-Headquarter Business Park. It has 56 floor including the Helipad. HQBP is one of the successful projects of the company where I am currently working.

These photos was actually taken last July 2016 when we still have a chance to get inside the building that was before the project handed over to the client.



Mini garden located on the 8th floor.



On the Helipad



A breathtaking view from 50th floor




That’s all for now and I would like to say thanks to @anomadsoul for initiating this contest and to @blocktrades for delegating SP to make this awesome contest possible.

You may check the contest HERE

!steemitworldmap 21.485897 lat 39.182903 long d3scr


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When a Filipino think of Saudi is a terrifying country, but one of my friends there told me about the safeties against thefts and etc. You just need to follow their rules and regulations. Hhehhe, Thank you for sharing this sir Gio. The food looks tasty. hehe Nice place.


Hehehe yes sir., hhmm about the safiest against thefts? sometimes yes but sometimes no. hehehe my room-mate was a victim of a thieves way back 2013 when I was in my first employer abroad.. My friend's fresh iPhone 5s (he bought it in less than 24 hours) was taken by the two guys(thieves).

hahaha sip.ak na pud na dong @g10a. katong gitara nalang akua dong squire by fender hahaha antuson nalang to nako..


hahaha antosun nalang gani unta nako to dong galing dili madalag pik-pik sa abaga ang gabaligya haha

Ang ganda ng kuha sir, ganda ng location din. ;)


oo nga sir eh., hehehe

Sayang nakasama ako sa itaas ng helipad pero sa kainan na paborito ko di ninyo ako isinama. nagutom tuloy ako.(lol)


sayang nga eh., kung nasama ka lang malilibre ka sana namin., LOL

thanks for sharing sir! happy ako na nakita ko how Jeddah looks like. iniimagine ko lang yan dti hindi kasi pinipicturan ng papa ko eh! hahaha


aw hehehe law-abiding citizen talaga papa nyo maam., kami hindi eh at isa pa ung camera na ginagamit namin hindi sa akin yan eh wala din naman akong pambili. hahaha kaya ok lang na picturan ko cla ni sir @long888 kanya kac yan DSLR pag kunin ng manghuhuli sya lng mawawalan., hahaha joke..
Isang beses na akong nabawian ng cp sa jeddah maam haha buti nlng isinauli lng.,

These are beautiful pictures, great postures and fantastic sight.

I am on a trip to check on my followers, to comment, upvote and resteem post of 10 followers per day in alphabetical order. Just a means of saying that you and showing to the community.



wow! much thanks sir @autofreak.

Now I know Jeddah is really a nice place, want to go there soon, haha


you will see jeddah soon., hahaha

Nandito ako para... alam mo na... mamintas hehehe ang ganda ng pix pero parang di masarap foods 😅

Bakit yung helipad wala lagi yung helicopter (^_^)


hahaha namimis ko pamimintas mo., kac nalipad na diba heLIPAD.,


Oo nga noh bakit di ko naisip yun 😅
Naisip ko baka bawal 😊


hahaha peru nahihirapan akong isispan yan., hindi kaya madali yan.,


😂😂😂 no joke, bawal nga? Sa PAL AvSchool (not airline) kasi bawal strangers pero kami may pix yoko lang iupload baka mayari ako or yariin guards. Hehe


hahaha kinuha na nga phone ko dati sa guard eh buti nlng ung isang guard medyo kaibigan nya pinoy isinauli ung phone ko., hahaha

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Woooow! Cool shirts you have there, sir! <3 :D
and by the way, the place is just so nice and clean waahhh <3 hehe. hoping you had a nice day, sir you and your friends! God bless you all always~ ^_^


Thank you maam.. you can have the design in our gc maam or in discord.. :) Gdo Bless You as well and your family.


hehe. I will surely try it when i have budget na. hahahahha XD cries haha

Nice ang mga picture, at ang ganda ng lugar ☺


ganda nga sana maam, alanganin ka lang kumuha ng pictures kaya sugal talaga yan.,hahha

Ang galing naman : Mabuhay po kayo!!!


mabuhay taung lahat maam., :)


😂😂😂 seryosong tao yan 😂😂😂

wow ang ganda naman dyan. Salamat sir sa pag share, feeling ko nandyan talaga ako habang nagbabasa at tumitingin sa mga larawan :)


hehehe masaya sana sir kaso ang layo pamilya eh.,

I have been to Al Ma'mal Mall when we renewed our passports in Jeddah.. Al Fakieh Aquarium is a nice place to visit too.. You should try going there also.


We have limited time maam @ediah., huhuhu how I wish we receive a salary of 10K sar haha so no need for us to work 10hrs a day 7 days a week., even fridays we're still working., huhuhu


Pra sa ekonomiya sir! Ajah! Tiis tiis lang..

Very nice entry.. Parang nakarating na rin ako sa Jeddah😆


hehehe oo nga maam., sana dinamihan ko pa mga pics hehe

Ang ganda ng lugar. Bet ko yung nasa 50th floor. Boy band kaayo mo bah, hahahahaha kanta niya mog sayaw para lingaw. Ahahaha


56th floor najud nah boss ng sa helipad., hehehe pers taym jud tawon nako nkasaka ug taas nga building hadlok kong molantaw sa ilalum wahahahha

Sir plzz give me one little bicycle .hahaahh v good post sir hahahh Ur City and You Both Are Fabulous


hahaha sure but the vendor will catch me.,

well done g10a!

sir.. daku upvote ni sg ani