CONTEST: My 2018: A tour around my town - 100 SBD in Prizes

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Contest season is back my friends, I hope you are ready.

I am currently in Southern México, just a few hours before crossing by foot the border to Guatemala and I found myself roaming around a small town called San Cristobal de las Casas. While walking its rustic streets I thought to myself Hey, even though this is not and adventure and just a visit, I would love to make a post about it...

And then it hit me

Why not make a contest where everyone gets to show us around their hometown, to take us on a guided tour through their secrets, corners, to meet the people living there, the touristic attractions - even if it is just one spot?
Sometimes we plan a big holiday to some place far away but we never do a touristic activity in our hometown, because it is what we´ve known all of our lives.

The contest

Make a post where you show us your hometown and the activities you can do there, the food, the people, the places, everything! You can make a video, post photos, make it a written post... whatever you want to use for the post is fine, no rules about the way to show us your hometown. The videos and photos must be yours, you can´t use photos from other websites. So... take us on a tour around your town!

Citing @mountainjewel: "There is no boring town, perhaps it won't be boring to other people who live across the world, who don't live there, to see my hometown". So yeah, don´t think your post won´t be nice, the beautiful thing about these contests is that everyone who joins brings something new for everyone else to see!

The rules

  • The post title should be: My 2018: A Tour around my town: In here you can put whatever you want.
  • The tag you should use is "My2018" and please, do NOT use the tag "blocktrades" or "sndbox"
  • Resteem this post, this way we will be able to reach more people and give everyone a chance to win some SBD.
  • In your post, please make a reference or mention this post so people who reads your entry know what it is about.

You DON´T have thank me, I´m doing this contests because I want to spread the votes as much as I can, but I have seen that some people like to include a thank you note - I appreciate the gesture :) - but don´t thank me, if there is anyone you should be thanking is @blocktrades for their SP delegation to me.

It is not mandatory, but if you want to use the @steemitworldmap I would be very grateful with you.

Also not mandatory, but using the tag #culturevulture helps to give visibility to the post.

The deadline

Every entry that is posted between February 1st and February 9th PST (Pacific Time) will be considered a valid entry for the contest. Any post made after February 9 - Pacific Time - will not be able to win.
I will be voting on every post that fills the criteria stated above, the percentage will change depending on the effort and quality of the post.

The Prizes

Depending on how many people join, I will be spliting the 100 SBD Prize. If we get a lot of people to join the contest - the last contest where we gave 100 SBD, 230 people joined - I will pitch in some more SBD´s so more people gets rewarded.

Special Thanks

Remember, making this contest and giving this prizes is only possible due to the delegation I got from @blocktrades. Don´t forget to vote for them as witness here to show them your support!

Disclaimer: In order to be able to reward a bit more those posts who deserve it, I want to nominate some of the entries for @ocd´s Daily compilation of underrated gems so, by joining this contest, you are allowing me to nominate your post :D

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Great idea. This one will have some really fun responses I'm sure. I look forward to visiting/seeing towns all throughout the world.

Now my first thought is, well my little hometown i live by now is kind of a boring small country town (less than 700 people), but then I thought- perhaps it won't be boring to other people who live across the world, who don't live here? Maybe, we'll see! It will be fun to walk around with my camera or a video camera and see what new nooks and crannies I can discover with this mission. XO

By the way, San Cristobal de las casas is a great town! I loved visiting there. The streets were so alive, loved all the cobblestone...

UPDATE: Here is my post!. Let me know if you think it's interesting after all ;) ;) I'll look forward to reading many entries from around the world :)



Oh soo cute hahaha


This comment is so on point that I am citing you - kind of - in the post haha. Exactly, there is no boring town if you think that people from the philipines, nigeria, venezuela are reading yout post, for someone across the world, your town will be magical, even if it only has 3 people and 2 dogs :D

San Cristobal is beautiful, I´m loving it!


Haha true. Some one from Nigeria just read the post @inspiredgideon1


thats great,Gideon
u rep Naija


I'm from Venezuela and even given our economic and political circumstances, there's plenty to do here every day. So cheer up and participate, we wanna see your town!


Hello! I really liked your Post! I invite you to follow my blog and to vote in my last post


It is nice to see you again sir @anomadsoul ,this was great , how about if i am posting my old photos of me on my home town. it was possible because I am truly here in saudi working. but I have more souvenir photos in my home town.


I've got the opposite issues. There are so many nooks and crannies in my town it will be a bigger question of where to start?! So excited to share my daily life with those around the world. It is amazing that we are all humans doing different things in different cities, but yet we are all still humans just being. Beautiful contest and look forward to entries. Thank you @blocktrades for the support to let the muse come through!


hello... i upvoted your blog and kindly upvote my blog as well...


I also love this post and can't wait to show off my hometown, Portland, OR!


This post has been upvoted and resteemed. I also started following you to see more of your work!

very interesting idea!

Please find my humble entry from Saudi with love, LOL.

FotoJet (1).jpg

I can't resteem this post now :(

Thanks @anomadsoul for great contest.
I resteemed and upvoted.
My entry:

Hello sir @anomadsoul have a nice day here's my entry:
"Thousand Miles Away From My Home Town"


@anomadsoul - Very generous and very interesting contest, thank you for organizing such thing. I think it is great and I’m looking forward to see other posts as well. Have a great day in Mexico and please come to my tour de Zagreb with me. Here is my entry 🎈

@anomadsoul I have upvoted and resteemed this post.

This is my post I hope you enjoy a tour of my favorite places in my hometown.

: )

Who're the winner of this contest, @anomadsoul. Is there an official announcement that may be missed by me? Thanks ;)

This's the most awesome contest I've ever seen in steemit platform. To much chance that will possible to get by followers. Good job.

Thanks for hosting and supporting this contest, @anomadsoul and @blocktrades :)

Your contests pushes us to do great deal of amazing things and we leave therein. Well, I am all in on this one as ever. Amazing contest here.

que bien primera vez que veo este concurso pero participare soy de Venezuela y hare un buen post sobre esto hermano.

Oh man!! another contest from you!! I have already sent this to Ohana @steemitfamilyph and we will join.

We will show you the beauty of different places and regions. The smiles and beauty of the people. We can't forget about the food!!

Thank you for doing another great contest.

Yaaaaay! Contest season is back. Still remember winning welcoming the new year. Not sure if I'll do this, but this so nice!

cool idea soul man ! (-:

Yes. Contest again.. We will join 😁

Wow so excited about this. Yet another opportunity to show my home town to the rest of the world ....will sure join this contest so anticipate my entry.

Beautiful 2018..

This is a really great contest
I live in a beautiful city of Uyo here in Nigeria, a place which is filled with a lot of tourist attraction sites as well as people with divers ways to earn a living.
I will really be glad to show to the world alot about my city

Wow, you make us to keep loving our home town. It's most important for life. Sometimes we though that another towns are more beautiful than our home town. But in reality we have most beautiful place. Thanks bro, you make me think out of the box.

Very nice idea there @anomadsoul, would love to participate in this! Thank you :) STEEM ON!

Awwwwww this is so cute
The 2018 sparkles look nice hahaha
Yay ill try this

such an marvellous Idea , love the way you want to spread love and interaction between all of us and I wish this reach more people.
resteemed @anomadsoul have a great day and steeeeem on

Sounds great. Been participating on your prev contests but wasnt lucky enough, i hope this time...

What an awesome idea! If only i was still living in my hometown...or do you consider the current place of residence to qualify?

Good idea bro

hmmm nice idea

Honestly, I am very happy to read your article, you create an exciting content that can make me relax reading it, can you visit my blog ?? @umar97

You’re just using us to show you lots of options for where to travel next, admit it! 😜


Damn keep your mouth shut! Now all my plan is falling in pieces! :O Oh well, I do want to know how it is in other places :P I hope you are joining, so when i go visit, I know what to expect :D


Berlin is too ugly this time of year. Off to sunnier places next week. I might still make it for the contest, let’s see.


The point is to show your city, not show off your city. I am interested in ugly, gloomy and dull as well as sunny and bright. It is a big and varied world, you know.


Oh, here I was thinking the plan was to see the world without leaving your living room!

Great idea @anomadsoul.....will sure try this out. ....its gonna be fun....

Aw! Another cool contest from @anomadsoul.. Doesn't matter if I am not currently living in my hometown. I have lots of photos before when I was in Bacolod City where I can use for my entry 😊 Thank you!

Un concurso bastante interesante, voy a tratar de hacerlo.

you know how to make people love you @anomadsoul, this is a big chance for us to remind about our hometown and share it here. you also made a statement that there is no boring town because we dont dont know what the people think about our hometown, thanks for all your idea and thank for @blocktrades which has supported @anomadsoul.

Just resteemed, am so going to participate

Great thing!!! I am in. Wish me luck, will update post link here soon.

wow .. nice .. shared in #teammalaysia discord =)

Me parece excelente! Saludos

Great idea!

mexico is a beautiful place where the dream of allo people

@anomadsoul you really just so philanthropic and a blessing to Steemians.
Travel contest I call it....Dope!!!

This is a fantastic idea! And a brilliant idea to link to OCD as well... well done.

I'm absolutely going to enter this and show you around Portland, Oregon. I've only been here a couple of years but I love this little city so much!

This is such an exciting idea, I honestly can't wait to get started!

Oh, thanks very much, it's so interesting! I participated in your previous great contests and will participate again).

I have two questions:

  1. Is it allowed to use summer and autumn photos or just those that are made now in winter?
  2. Is it necessary to specify the name of my city?
    I Resteem this post and upvoted 100%

I think might just participate. Thanks or the idea for a post lol.

I will definitely join this amazing contest, I'm so happy. You are always producing great contests. This is good for me and all steemians especially in improving writing skills. Thank you so much, I will prepare myself for this contest from now on..

Dang! I'm not at home right now! :P Maybe I can find old photos to scrape together, I love Sacramento! Need to rep it well! Excited for your new competition.

@anomadsoul this is a fantastic idea! I'm excited to see the world through the eyes of another. I will take part (=^_^=)

I want to join

Congratulations are very creative the theme chosen for a contest, so each person can tour their hometown, and know places that may never visited despite living there. This initiative on your part I'm sure it will be a success and there will be many users who will participate. I encourage myself to participate and to travel throughout my city. @anomadsoul

Made a repost. But I can only participate from February 1, tomorrow early?

Yeah, good information thanks for make a contest..
I will join your contest

I will enter your contest. I'm always waiting for your contest. thanks. you are a good person

Good job !!! we will have a good idea of ​​a place that will be a good education on behalf of all humanity who will have seen places that everyone has not seen. Thank you @anomadsoul #my2018

I am excited to participate in this contest but they give me the opportunity to describe and teach other people my town, also I can learn from different places through the other participants.

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Genial iniciativa, ¡me verás participando!

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Wow! Time to dust my camera again for tour round my city @anomadsoul I love the kinda contests you organise, they really show how jovial and adventurous you are and this one is gonna be yet another awesome experience. But first of all, remember that Nigeria is not that beautiful especially now that am going to do this in my village in particular. I do hope you will like the food photoshoots that i will be taking anyway, its an African kinda something but i bet you are going to love each and every single bit of it. Time to have some fun

There You go again Mr Eric.....
I shouldn't thank you...
at least not for now
may be later
I wish later adds up fine
Many will be having a view to city.
Thanks to you.....
...........and I am loving it

I am in! I just need to hopefully find the time even if I go out one morning and just drive around my town and do a post about it.

Yeah yeah, I will show you Caracas. Prepare yourself.
Vas a ver lo que es bueno.

Great idea! I can't wait to see everyone's videos :)

Hello, The text only in English or Spanish can also participate?


Yes English or Spanish is ok :) thanks for the interest.

Yaaay!!!!!! Contest is here again.... I'm so interested...i will definitely join.... I'll show you some places in IBADAN... I am super exicted.

Oh yes! My tour! I would so much love to get in the act. You know we would love to thank you because of the initiative...but we will do as you have said. I can't wait to see your pictures and videos. Try to enjoy yourself please.

This is a great idea for a contest @anomadsoul and something I have been doing for quite some time in and around Cambridge.

going on an adventure around my town :) this Sunday! I only hope the weather will be okay. It has been kind of rainy and grey:(

great contest!

Showing you around my city here in Portharcourt, Nigeria is something I consider as a fun thing.
I'm right on it sir 😍

Hello.. I'm excited to join but I'm not living in my hometown anymore... I'll resteem and upvote as well and spread this good contest to my fellow groups...

Sir,its a perfect challenge to us but i would like to ask you since i am now in other country far from my hometown.Can I joint this contest?Thank you to you and @blocktrade

Yeheey contest again. I will take a tour in my town later and take pictures. Exciting!

I should travel for 12 hours now to feature my hometown :)

Great! I will join this contest and I hope I am the lucky one to get the prizes :)

Now,this is a really good idea! Resteemed.

Thank you for taking part in this months #culturevulture challenge. Good Luck.

oh wow @anomadsoul ..i already wanted to make a post about my finally with your help by giving me a boost, i will actually create it! Upvoted and ofc resteem too!Tthank you:)!

Such a lovely idea. I am definitely joining this contest. Can't wait to take pictures around my hometown! Many people surely enjoy this. Thanks brother!

Can i participate with a spanish post?

Puedo participar con un post en español?

I am still very new here, sometimes i don't even know what to post about, however i am very happy about opportunities such as this. It gives me purpose and a reason to stay here and fight. I will be among the first people to submit a post for this contest.

I would have really really love to contest I haven't been to my hometown since my grandpa passed i'm not sure if this contest is for me @anomadsoul

the idea is very good friends, the contest is a venue to find the talents in making works interesting and good. thank kadih comrade, even though I have not participated in this contest, in the future I will try to follow it. thanks.

it seems that I must immediately prepare the material for this contest ..

I will join on this great contest.

a very interesting contest and I am very interested in following her

I think this is a great proposal and I definitely gonna try to participate with my beautiful hometown! Good luck everyone!

Wow great opputunity to everyone to show what their hometown can offer at the same time earn. Would like to join the contest!

hello friend @anomadsoul very good post friend I really liked your information I follow you and vote. if you could help me a little with my publication that refers to Bitcoin to upload a little I would appreciate it greetings friend

Saludos Erick espero estés bien, voy a participar me gusta mucho esta idea.

Nice idea, I'd definitely give it a go, I ain't gonna show all the crack spots tho ;)

So excited about this contest! I definitely will join! Though I can rarely cite those interesting spots in my place. lol. I live in a really small barrio. anyway, I'll include information about my hometown in my post! Yay! thank you for this opportunity! ❤💕💖💗