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I was pondering the joys of gardening because today is National Gardening Exercise Day. Most people don't consider gardening to be a form of exercise, but it is a form of functional exercise. You are stretching, pushing, pulling, and lifting, as you tend to your garden. Gardening is a physical activity that has you moving out in the fresh air.

I wrote a poem entitled GARDEN WORKOUT in honor of National Gardening Day.

This video highlights the benefits of using gardening as an exercise.

Video source

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I think that it great that you have taken up gardening to help your Dad! The rewards are truly worth the effort. There is nothing better than a meal prepared from the fruits of your labor.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Thank you for your nice feedback. It feels good indeed to have your own food, fresh and healthy.

Your welcome.

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I find it rather surprising that I actually do enjoy gardening. Its hard work but when I see the result, I am always very pleased.

Enjoy the results of a garden (whether vegetable or flower) do make it time well spent>

There are many religions in this world. All of them have their own beliefs. All of them have variation. But there is only one thing that is similer in all religions and that is #NATURE. I think if you really take care of nature then you do not need to worship anybody else.
When I am in my garden, I found myself very close to nature. Thats why I really enjoy the gardening.
I would suggest to all of you to enjoy the gardening and feel the beauty of #nature.

I also feel connected with nature when I'm garden. Thank you for sharing.

I am just curious to why you brought religion into this answer. I feel like groups on facebook and many times on quora , religion is brought into any question on a whim.

Like a question completely unrelated will somehow have an answer given about religion.

I am just wondering what your train of thought on this was.

Gardening is great. Starting something from a miniscule seed and watching it grow and produce flowers, vegetables or fruits is rewarding as it is challenging. I used to help my mom as a kid grow veggies in the backyard and for some reason I really just liked it. The smell of fresh soil and scent that the leaves give of connects the earth to the soul.

I have just started gardening once again and it is nice to be within nature and plants. An early sunday morning with the sun rising chilling with a good book watching your effort grow is a magnificent thing.

Gardening is relaxing for me, when I am working in the garden and enjoying the fruits of my labor!

I can enjoy gardening in morning and evening but not in the middle of the day.

I'm the same, sometimes the heat of the day makes it less enjoyable.

I'm the same, sometimes
The heat of the day makes it
Less enjoyable.

                 - emergehealthier

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Lol, I also tend to end up with more weeds that plants I intended to grow!i So, next spring I plan to plant weeds to see if end up with flowers!

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