You should give "The Shape of Water" a try. It's a fantastic story about a woman who falls in love with an otherworldly being.

Review: In THE SHAPE OF WATER, mute Elisa (Sally Hawkins) works nights as a cleaning lady for an aerospace research center in the early 1960s. She and her talkative best friend, Zelda (Octavia Spencer), start cleaning one of the rooms and discover some kind of non-human being (Doug Jones) in a tank full of water. Finding herself drawn to him, Elisa keeps visiting, bringing him hard-boiled eggs and playing music. But since the cruel, vicious Colonel Strickland (Michael Shannon) violently treats the creature as an enemy, Elisa decides to break him out. She enlists the aid of her loyal next-door neighbor, commercial artist Giles (Richard Jenkins), and is unexpectedly helped by scientist Hoffstetler (Michael Stuhlbarg), who doesn't want to see the creature killed and dissected. With the creature living in her bathtub, Elisa realizes that she must free him. But does she have enough time? And what's the secret of their mysterious connection?

Don't know about the movies but for the TV series I've just started watching "Black Mirror" and I am really impressed by the quality of this show. You should definitelyy try this one out.

Must try The Shawshank Redemption

One Kiss by Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris

Familiar by Liam Payne & J Balvin

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Brasil and Belgium

Brazil (Brasil) for SURE!!!!! Ole Ole Ole

Vegemite!!! Disgustingly interesting. Think of soggy football socks which you haven't washed in a week.
Then again if you enjoy strong smelling blue cheese, you might enjoy this.

They simply go the same way as China did, you just need to check last 50 years Chinese history.

Yes honestly I do believe it will come together after all north Korea really needs aid and more welfare in the country. I do believe trump has no bad meanings at the end. But we shall see, could also be a trap from Russia, who knows.

No more or less than when the US says that they want to bring peace to the Middle East.

Which future is easy to scalp?

This is in relation to future trading.

Because money offers instant gratification. As you spend it, you get a dopomine hit while at the same time using it up. So you will always need more.

It measures superiority which every human being urges.

More Money More Problems then you need money to get out of those problems.

Definitely, at least you can earn some STEEM

It depends on what you define by better.
If by better you mean a better earning opportunity, then yes.
If by better you mean by keeping your thoughts online in a more permanent decentralized way, then yes.
If by better you mean easier to use and has greater readership then no; not yet anyway.

Like all body parts that become fatigued, they need time to heal. Sleep heals muscles and repairs them , creates new pathways in the brain in order to adapt to everything that is being absorbed. Without rest anything living or non living will get worn out.

If you can find yourself sponsors

How does one go about doing that?

If you have Steem Power, you can delegate it to SmartSteem or Minnowbooster and earn some 18 to 20 % per annum.

Posting (writing, photos, videos, audio...etc), loaning your Steem Power, trading your Steem, building your own community to discuss certain topics...etc.
More will come when the SMT (Smart Media Tokens) are introduced.

Unconditional love = the way how dogs view human.

Unconditional love does not exist, though that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is all transactional though it is now always obvious how.
Even a dog loves it's owner because the owner takes care and feeds it.

That the object of love will be loved even if the situations and circumstances surrounding it are not ideal.

here's what I found if it helps - CFDs vs Futures

I would probably study a different thing at University (not Civil Engineering).
I would start traveling the world earlier. Finally, I would have invested in bitcoin when it was cheap. :)))

If I got a chance again begin my studies,I would follow the advice of Plato and start from Mathematics.

Buy a ton of bitcoin in early 2010. :D

Learn finance and trading while still in school.

You should decide

I think only we can decides what is right and what is wrong. we know that somthing is right in our point of view but the same thing is wrong in others opinions. for example whole world condemned the terror attacks of ISIS but they said it #JIHAD. Is it?
So just listen to your inner soul.

People with strange thoughts and actions are most likely psychological sick or brainwashed

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Humans exist because they have morality and know what fear is. Ask yourself, why can't you just simply drive into a wall without hesitation? That is your inner mechanism which is telling you that that is wrong. We constantly make a descision based on cause -> result.

Why not

Probably but I always remember Duncan MacLeod. His life was not easy...

i don't think i will. i think the real beauty of life is it's mortality. If it were to never end it would have no worth at all.

Our souls are immortal, it's our task to understand that as a humans

I don't think I have the power to see humanity destroy itself. So, that's a No from Me.

I don't think I have the power to see humanity destroy itself. So, that's a No from Me.

Depends on the relationship. If the partners are higher status the women will be more forgiving. If the partners are equal to or lower status than the women, they will be held accountable.

It's all about perceived market value. Economics 101. ;)

Yes they are

It may not be cheat

Investing , money makes money easily

Buying a lottery ticket. Also a high risk proposition.
Returns are proportional to risks.
Or to put it another way Easy come, easy go

I believe it will in next year

Bitcoin will be simply played by bears in market with price range of $7k to 8.5k until bulls doesn't enter in the market.Many analysts stated bitcoin price when it was surging like a rocket but this fuel isn't enough to stop downward inclination and rebounding to the previous level of $20k

Based on previous years records and based on network trends, I am guesstimating within 8 months. Here are a few qualitative reasons:

  1. The last major crash was 2014 and took 2+ years to recover. The network of users were much smaller than and they didn't get half as much press as in 2017 & 2018. News travels much faster these days.
    Also there are many more people to enquire information on.
  2. Ease of buying into bitcoin is much easier now than ever.
    Many countries didn't have exchanges back in 2014. Now there are many local and global exchanges and the buy-in requirements / barriers to entry are much lower than ever.
  3. The relative stability. The last time there was a major crash, the value dropped from USD1000+ to a few hundred.
    Now, very few people expect it to go below USD7k if at all. The longer it stays above USD7k the greater the trust people will get in it.
    At one point, the general public will feel more confidence to get in again.
  4. The technological improvements. With the introduction of technologies related to higher security (Segwit) and performance / lower fees (Lightning Network LN) the bitcoin of today is far superior to that of 2014.
    As the adoption of LN grows and improves technologically, it is very likely that merchants will start to get into bitcoin over the counter.
    We are talking about 1 second transaction times with fees close to 0.

Yes it is! You feel more energetic at the end of the day. Altho I see people standing bent etc, try to stand straight.

Yes but be careful when "it" rises! you may find yourself in need of some adjustment.

The blacker the berry , the sweeter the juice. People always want what they cannot have at the moment. Once you achieve your goal (fruit) there will be something else you strive for with obstacles that make it forbidden.

I would go for a somewhat cheaper Ikea chair and a standing table. Standing for a hour or two per day is much better!

Plan the trade. Small amounts in and set stop lost when you enter. Don't change the stop loss later on.
Trading psychology 101.

It starts when you want to consume something, say a hamburger or nice pair of shoes. Once you buy that meal or pair of Nike's you get rewarded with satisfaction. That sends a message to your brain that it's good to consume things and becomes stronger the more you consume.

It's a learned behavior and is done through a process known as "Positive Reinforcement".

Right now, no but I hope someday some smart person will come up with a pill that we can take so we do not need to sleep but without the complications that comes with sleep deprivation.

A bit of meditation each day can be a replacement for maybe an hour of sleep everyday but prolonged meditation is not a complete replacement.

It is a filler, but there is no replacement.

Sounds strange! We want to find the alternative to sleeping. Suppose scince would find a way to do it but will it be satisfying. The answer is nope.
Today people wander around the world to find a refreshing moments. But nothing better than The natural sleeping. Sleeping after tiredness.
So my dear friend there is no alternative to sleeping. 😊

No definitly not! Sleeping is not also for being tired but also for body-recovery, processing emotions by dreams (you dream every night!). I was also looking for an answer but there isn't any.

You can sleep like Einstein tho, but only for 1 week maximum! 4 hours awake, 20 minutes of sleep, 4 hours awake, 20 minutes sleep and so fort!

I wish, and I'm one of the lucky ones, I average 4 hours a night, and I usually hate that I have to do that.
I have a trick that can get you through several days if you are working on a project etc. Edison?? used it when working on projects. I call it the Rock and Bucket.
Basically, when you have worked all you can and need some sleep, Get a Rock and a Metal Bucket. lie down on a couch with the rock in your hand hanging off the side of the couch over the bucket. When your body relaxes enough that your hand drops the rock, just up and you are usually ready to go for another 8 to 10 hours.

There's actually some science behind it but don't want to do that here. Of course, most people are going to say you need way more sleep than is really necessary.

Just my #twocents take it or leave it.

Either create something that others are passionate about such as many large brands (Disney, Nike etc..) or have a child. Also by inventing something new or innovating on something old but putting a new twist on it it may carry on even after you are gone. If you capture the hearts of the people with your goals and ambition it is easy to keep your legacy living. The only problem is later on it may not be what you imagined it to be, it could be better or or it could be worse depending on what the next person wants their legacy to be.

For most regular people the answer is to make sure it is on a decentralized blockchain. If you have great ideas, make sure you post it directly on the blockchain (Steem) and continue to develop it there,
If you can find any way to improve open blockchains do it.
It will be there much longer than your life span and your childrens

In the morning like all regular monkeys do as it provides a burst of sugar, potassium and energy to start your day. Don't forget to use the peel to fertilize your home garden.

Set a simple goal, like: whenever I earn 20%, I will exit

You can set goals for yourself but FOMO (fear of missing out) is always around the corner. Try to investigate what a coin can be worth. Not in terms of value per coin but the marketcap. For example I give you Steem. It contains services like Youtube, Facebook-like, Reddit, Soundcloud and many more. If you add all marketvalues of that companies together you will easily reach 100B plus. Steemit is not even 1B at the moment so it is very lickely that Steem will raise substantially.

If you are a technical trader try using 3 indicators which you master. If 2 out of 3 indicators tell you that the market will reverse, buy-in or exit!

I believe we mostly get this concept wrong
We work to earn wealth. Money is paper while wealth entails actual riches or assets. The reason we work for this is that during our time on earth, your wealth classifies your position in the most neccesariluy hierarchy which is the "wealth hierarchy". The higher your are the more comfortable life is.

Money gives freedom to work and life with comforts.Money cannot give you all the things but some of the things can be purchased with it.Money estimates your social and political standing and acceptance by group of humans,which is the reason why people grave more to the money.

I believe we mostly get this concept wrong
We work to earn wealth. Money is paper while wealth entails actual riches or assets. The reason we work for this is that during our time on earth, your wealth classifies your position in the most neccesariluy hierarchy which is the "wealth hierarchy". The higher your are the more comfortable life is.

I believe we mostly get this concept wrong
We work to earn wealth. Money is paper while wealth entails actual riches or assets. The reason we work for this is that during our time on earth, your wealth classifies your position in the most neccesariluy hierarchy which is the "wealth hierarchy". The higher your are the more comfortable life is.

This is right that money can't buy all the things like self satisfaction, sleep, hunger, emotions etc. But We understand the value of money when we badly need it.

This is right that money can't buy all the things like self satisfaction, sleep, hunger, emotions etc. But We understand the value of money when we badly need it.

Both (& write to the Steem blockchain and will have much slower performance than a centralized system like Quora.

Decentralized technologies are still improving but I think we can expect performance improvements and more stability within 2 years. The performance should fingers crossed be acceptable to most and close to that of current centralized systems.

Liked, subscribed and stalked.. I mean followed. Yes that's exactly what I meant evil laugh

Evaluate your current situation. Plan out the best options that align with your life goals and future and pursue the one you know or is most likely to get you there. The risk also depends on the people around you and what you are responsible for. You have to factor everything, sit down and write your plan down then re evaluate it until you come to a general baseline. Iterations will come after.

Played 3x leverage game

Auroracoin on Cryptsy. Cryptsy went gone with all my coins and Auroracoin have been valueless for years!

Buying high selling low (

Influenced by high returns ,while not making any stop loss.

Overconfidence leading to gambling like behaviour (e.g. putting higher amounts er trade then necessary)
Instead I should have a more discipline of a professional trader.

That's a rather broad question, with a lot of possible answers. I would say just pick one and go for it. Depending on the idea, if one of the ideas will propel you towards many of the things you want to do, then implement it and use it to knock some things off the bucket list.

Just my #twocents take it or leave it.

I think this is where a personal Mission Statement comes in. It can be used as a guide to help you make the best choice and it's created by you.

Mission Statement: (sample)

  • To live a long & healthy life with my wife, son and loved ones, and to help others do the same.

I created that Mission Statement after 33 years of living life as me and think it pretty much says what I need to focus on.

You can create a Mission Statement too. Just take some time to discover what you value most in life and make it happen!

You won't unless you have great resource which can give you insight of the market.

TLDR: Yes, you will be able to..
It is just a matter of good discipline in trading. It will obviously take longer with USD100.
However, undisciplined traders given millions of dollars can quickly lose them too. History is full of examples of them. In short money is no replacement for knowledge.

As the saying goes "A fool and his money are soon parted." hold true.

Daytrading stock/forex is a bit more doable then Crypto's. Crypto's go hand in hand in swings and Forex/Stock is less likely that they will rise and fall all together.

Why do we work so hard and collect material stuffs?

We work so hard to collect material stuffs and when we die, no one would even cares.. Why do we even bother?!

Because people are flawed. We get pleasure and self-worth from getting stuff. What kills me is how much people spend on useless stuff, or they are spending money in ways that don't make sense. In the US, it is not uncommon to find a person living in an old single wide trailer, with a 30 or 40 thousand dollar car parked outside. It drives me nuts knowing their car is worth more than their house, what's worse they are probably renting the house.

Just my #twocents take it or leave it.

When a user makes a post needs to connect with database and show you results in the index which makes it harder to compile makes the process slower,good quality of code and server can eliminate this problem.

If we lived forever I would say Yes. But since we don't and our time is limited, I will say No. But as technology develops and lifespans increase, more will become possible, and there will be fewer ideas that are impossible to achieve within a person's lifetime.

Desire never completes but if you are satisfied with what you have already perceived you have achieved everything.

If you cut all your worldly transient desires to a few that make you genuinely satisfied then yes we can achieve everything.

If I lived a simple life where my end goal was to run a mushroom farm, I am sure that my desire will be fulfilled.

It's just my opinion, but if you achieved everything you wanted to in life you were not pushing hard enough.
There are some things that are impossible for us to achieve, creating something out of nothing.....

Just my #twocents take it or leave it.

Problem with us as humans is that if we achieve something, we want the next thing to happen. This can be due to greed or maybe because of constantly wanting to improve ourselves. I think that that is fine!

If we go to bed a bit more wiser then we stood up then our day was succesfull imo.

Whenever I go on for a few days without enough sleep, I get sore throat and I find it very difficult to recover. I eventually have to take antibiotics, usually amoxycilin to recover.

You will have a severe lack of alertness, even missing 1.5 to 2 hours of sleep can cause your brain to function much more slowly. Your memory can be impaired because your brain has used up all its energy. You will become stressed out because you are restricting your body from an essential function , similar to when you are hungry. This can lead to mood swings and overall frustration causing problems with not only yourself, but the people around you. Your body will feel weaker, I actually just experienced this the past night i missed about 2-3 hours of sleep and my body did not feel as strong as it usually does and my workouts were lacking. You increase your chances of getting into accidents on the road. Also from personal experience, I have nodded of in many situations on long drives only to realize i was still on the highway but don't know how I got to that specific point.

Although people say to be successful there are gonna be days where you will miss sleep I think the opposite. If you sleep well then you can more efficiently and effectively use the time in your day, your concentration and energy will be up.

I think it is love and our instinct to care for the careless. Altho puppies are less careless than humans. Also there are enough people who don't give a **** for puppies, baby's etc. Don't know why tbh :)

In short spurts it is fine because it gives your mind a break from the daily grind.
As most things in life, overindulging in anything (e.g. laziness) is often detrimental to oneself.

Illuminati is a semi-fiction based group based on the freemasonries (those exist tho). I think people are looking into putting stamps on groups which they don't know and I think Illuminati is just a stamp for the 1% group of the world (the wealthiest)

I think Nelly Furtado wrote a song about that? :D

Also bad things come to a end, everything does, even the universe will end sometime.

Because then people will realize that they are good things and will stop taking them for granted.

that's just the way it is. better yet that is the way people are. even when we have the things that we want, we start wanting more, better, something else.

If there really is no afterlife the only thing I can imagen are two thing.

  1. We just live to be food for the insects who eat or bodies.
  2. We are a virus since we don't really are of any use on this planet.

Life has No Meaning...Life has no Purpose.. The purpose of life is to live....We are humans...Humans have no purpose in life... A machine has purpose.. The Table Fan has purpose...Human Beings have no purpose...They are just meant to live and live happily...

I think there is no general meaning of life. You can create your own meaning really. There does not need to be any type of written end goal for human beings. Think about what you live for everyday or what you want out of your life, and there you have it. That is your meaning of life.

Some people strive to be great philosophers and gain worldly knowledge to pass on and create a legacy while others live for the weekend parties at some club.

Your personal quest could be to find the meaning of life which could very well be the meaning to your life if you let it.

You write really good answers!

P.S. I followed you.

The meaning of life is to find meaning in life.

I have found that the most meaningful experiences are the near painless ones that don't cause others pain and only provide a subtle amount of pleasure. It's in that subtle, harmless and painless pleasure that I find meaning in life.

Good luck!

You clearly haven't seen Graves of the Fireflies.

You need to be confident. Not primairly in yourself but just for taking photo's. Also try to imagin how the picture will look like. Don't forget, most people know special stands or poses and use Photoshop a lot!

it depends on pose , girls make quick actions to their facial muscles.

Many use good photo and photo-editing apps these days to beautify themselves. ;)

Because you have built a certain persona around yourself that you may or may not like. And would rather see it improved upon or remain untarnished. Some people do not care what others think and go on living life as they please , this may be inspirational to others but can also come off as unrefined or brutish to another group of people.
Sometimes it is good to react because you are able to present yourself in the correct light or how you want to be perceived rather than how someone else's perception about you is. In the case of wrongfully accused, their entire lives are turned on their heads and ruined along with their reputation for something they may have not even done. They could be a great person but looked upon differently because of where they were at a certain time or how they dress.
It is hard to just say it doesn't matter what people think because sometimes when you need to reach certain goals you may need to impr