Country Music Series - Villans Country Favorites Part 6

in music •  10 months ago

Dark Country and Southern Gothic are really cool genres of country music, and are my favorite genres.
I love the roughness of the country, nothing soft comes out of there that's for sure.

Dark Country and Southern Gothic help give me strength when I just don't have it. It's easy to lose strength for me, as I suffer extreme chronic pain which is always there all through the day. It keeps me up at night too.
To be in pain all day and then will yourself to get in the gym and do a heavy training routine is no easy feat, and can easily get the better of me and it does sometimes.
So sometimes when I want to get in the gym, but just don't have the strength I like to chuck on some Dark Country and find my inner strength.
I find I just need to change my mindset and focus on how tough the country has made me, which usually does the trick.
For me Dark Country is like a pillar of strength, one of the tools I use to push through the dark times of pain and suffering.

Let's look at a few more of these tracks.



☠️ Vudu Sister - Psalms ☠️

I really like this track track by Vudu Sister.
It has those dark sounding lyrics with references to blood and war and this is the stuff I like to amp me up. Like I'm going to battle which technically I am because of the pain I feel while training.

He has a really good sounding voice too, I love the way he sings.


☠️ Old Crow Medicine Show – I Hear Them All ☠️

Here is another Dark Country track I really love from Old crow Medicine Show.
They are another great group coming out of Nashville Tennessee.
It's not as dark as some tracks but this one I really love because of the harmonica. I did learn a bit of harmonica when I was a young kid, has always been a favorite instrument of mine.
Still got me Hohner Blues Harp, sitting on the shelf collecting dust.


☠️ Nick Nolan - Devil Gets Your Soul ☠️

I really love this Dark Country track by Nick Nolan.
It has a really cool sound to the track, I love the chorus as it sounds like a rock song but then during the verses the track switches and is sounds like a mix between country and rock.
Really cool track.

I really love the dark lyrics too.

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I love this post. You hit on a touchy subject that is personal with me! I am sorry for your chronic pain as I know first hand what it is like. I hope that you find relief in some way and music is a good outlet.

I have noticed from your previous Country Music Series posts that you included a few tracks from the series Sons of Anarchy. That show had an amazing soundtrack with a few original songs and amazing covers!

I am not sure if you are familiar with folk, but this one is one of my favorites and it has a gothic feel to it. I heard it many years ago, then again on the O Brother, Where Art Thou Soundtrack, but this one, was heard on the show Supernatural. "Oh Death" by Rising Appalachia


Hey Thanks :)
Yeah it's not fun having chronic pain. Music is a great way to cover up the pain, that's probably why I listen to so much of it. Sorry to hear you suffer from chronic pain too.

Yeah I love the sons of anarchy soundtrack, still haven't watched it yet but stumbles across some of the tracks in it and loved them.

I do love folk music, but haven't heard this song before. I like it's really good :)
Thank you for sharing that


You are very welcome. And Sons of Anarchy is a good show, but very rough and violent at times. The opener of Season 2 almost had me stop watching it, but I gave it a chance to see what would happen. It's so weird to see Katey Sagal play such a dramatic role compared to Peg Bundy.

Hey brother hows it going? Its been a while since I have heard from you.


Hey bud, I'm going well thanks. Had a fairly busy week so I haven't spent as much time on here as I normally would.
Even had to have a week off from training.

Hope your going well :)


Yeah I understand that. Well I am glad your doing well. What!!! NO training I am shocked is this even the real @thevillan? LOL jk


Hey bud, you should also look into joining the minnow support discord group. then have a channel you can post in to promote you posts and you get some upvotes from it too ;)


I wish I had time to join a discord. I have been having a difficult time just keeping up with my own challenges :(
Thanks for the information I'll look into when I have some free time.


No worries bud, it doesn't take long to get started and should help you out a little bit more :)

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