Steem Creators Concert Sept 6 Toronto Be There!!!

in music •  5 months ago


That is right. This concert is powered by Steem. The line up for this show is just sick. We bought an entire club out for this event. @wolfnworbeikood will be performing plus so many super talented artists. Tix only $25 online. $40 at the door.


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WOW~ that's wonderful great project


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This wil be very huge event for steemians. ☺

@steemCafe wow, very good work, great work If I think to be part of the concert steem, we can learn a lot,PicsArt_06-30-06.46.00.png

Nice post..
great work keeep it up

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I'm already feeling the good vibes....
This is gonna be great; best of wishes from me

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More than congratulations to that's what I'm talking about my new age music OG keep the #boombox tag in mind too.

Wow this gonna be huge.

Wonderful!that's a great great project

Great work keeep it up