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Hey all,

I want to share with you this insight of one of my music productions. A Jazzy HipHop Song. To all of you who where wondering how a song of mine looks like in the DAW (Digital Audio Station) It's made in. Logic Pro X in this case. A DAW by Apple. Also I consider this one as my personal favourites too. You get an insight of the VST instruments I used, and what I put on the master bus to make the mix smooth. What is a lot different in comparison to my EDM style music here actually is that on this style of music there is less automation going on with effects. Also more loops are used.

Hope you enjoy the track, if there are any questions let me know too. Also check my youtube channel for more music if you like to hear more of me.

Greetings and have great day.


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Good to see you here again buddy, hope things are going well for you.

Good to see you here
Again buddy, hope things are
Going well for you.

                 - article61

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