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Spotify has this cool feature; A daily refreshed carousel of albums. Today Kraftwerk's "The Man-Machine" 2009 remastered edition is in rotation in the Electronic/Dance section; The inspiration for this post! Such a great album!

From an earlier post (here):

Kraftwerk is one of the bands hat had major influence on electronic music and still is an important inspiration for many artist of today. Some of their productions (like "Autobahn", "Computerworld", "Trans Europa Express" and "Tour de France") are very known by those who know electronic music, but also by those who may not know too much of this genre.


After being quiet for years, they started more than 10 years ago with heavy touring, again. And with great success! Multiple shows in a week with sometimes even two shows per evening. Early this millennium I had the chance to join a concert in our big Heineken Music Hall venue and had a blast of an evening! I loved their show and their music, although they focussed on their more know work only.

  • Artist: Kraftwerk
  • Album: The Man-Machine
  • Year: 1978 (original) - 2009 (remastered)


Kraftwerk - The Man Machine (1978/2009)

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My favorite Kraftwerk record! People will point to Trans-Europe Express and Autobahn and their best, but I think "Spacelab" and "Neon Lights" are thier peak achievement.

Certainly very good tracks! Thanks for your support and appreciation.

Wow ... those 2 tracks are my favourites too!
Following you now for your excellent taste :D

I first listened to Kraftwerk in 1989 when I was about 5 years old, my dad had it on tape and I LOVED The Robots, it was like a drug that would stimulate the fuck out of my brain every time the 'wooooop, wooop wooooop, wooooop' would come on at the beginning, then that trippy as fuck synthesiser and weird computer noises.

How cool the younger generation can also enjoy the great works from the 70s! You started early with 5 years! Super! Kraftwerk is in my life already for little less than 40 years and I continue to love them.

I remember those days when my ears heard different sounds for the first time. Have you ever heard of Laurie Anderson? I worked on her concert in Vienna and totally blown away

Wow mammasitta!
I am a HUGE Laurie Anderson fan... I love her work! - I got hooked listening (and playing drums) to Oh Superman back in the 80's! How were you involved with Laurie?

Never heard her; Added to the to listen to list! Thanks for the tip :)

Hmmmm... Thanks for sharing, will for sure look into it further, sounds really nice what I hear so far.

I am planning to write more about her. She impressed me when I saw her live on stage back in the 80’s


I has the pleasure of seeing these guys live back in the day!

How great to see them live! I saw them sometime early this millennium for the first time here in Amsterdam in the Heineken Music Hall. Amazing show! Also the average age was high up! It good my generation out on the dance floor :)

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