Kraftwerk - Maybe The BIGGEST INFLUENCERS on Todays Electronic Music (music and more inside)

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Kraftwerk is one of the bands hat had major influence on electronic music and still is an important inspiration for many artist of today. Some of their productions (like "Autobahn", "Computerworld", "Trans Europa Express" and "Tour de France") are very known by those who know electronic music, but also by those who may not know too much of this genre.

Today I like to share with you their lesser know work; Their first ever album "Kraftwerk" or also know as "Kraftwerk 1". This album has for sure more influences of rock - with the electrical guitar sound playing a major roll in the first part of the album - then their later work. It is also very much different to rock with the parts in the tracks that tends to the experimental side a lot. You'll also hear ambient influences in mainly the second part of the album.

After being quiet for years, they started more than 10 years ago with heavy touring, again. And with great success! Multiple shows in a week with sometimes even two shows per evening. Early this millennium I had the chance to join a concert in our big Heineken Music Hall venue and had a blast of an evening! I loved their show and their music, although they focussed on their more know work only.

  • Artist: Kraftwerk
  • Album: Kraftwerk (also know as Kraftwerk 1)
  • Style: Experimental
  • Year: 1970

Whether you know Kraftwerk or not, if you like electronic (dance) music than it is an absolute must to listen to their work IMHO. I hope you like this one. I do for sure!

Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk (1970)


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I love Kraftwerk. I saw them live in Toronto back in the day!

The are still touring, so you may be able to catch them still :)

obviously awesome - I wrote several times about them - they are simply fantastic and paved the way for a lot! Including the likes of Depeche mode and all Techno and EDM stuff

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

For sure, and I would argue not only techno, but also all the other dance styles, including progressive, and maybe even trance :)

yep, totally agree - even hip hoppers have said they got influenced by Kraftwerk

I've never heard of them before but I can't wait to check them out right now

I hope you like it. This album is for sure much more experimental than their more know work. I've included their Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and Mixcloud channels in the post, for you to discover more of what they created. Enjoy the music, and let me know what you think of it.

Thanks for sharing this classic album ... I haven't heard this one for over 30 years! Still sounds fresh and contemporary.
Kraftwerk's Man Machine was actually one of the first albums I bought back in 1978 - has wonderful hidden depths within apparently simple soundscapes!
So thank you for the great music qsounds - I have just steemed The Man Machine to make this some kind of Kraftwerk Day! hehe upvoted/followed and resteemed!

Thanks for the appreciation. This album is indeed not one that is played that often I think. Maybe too experimental to the taste of many. "Man Machine", I also like really much, but for sure their more know work. They even play from that album at their concerts today.

I never really got into Kraftwerk but I've always been aware of how much of an influence they've had on electronic music. I'll have to have a proper listen to that album soon, thanks for sharing.

As a side note, a band I enjoy covered Kraftwerk's The Model. Here it is if you want to listen to it.

Very interesting this cover, Electric Guitars instead of drum computers :)

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