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Last Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) added some new artists to my watch list! After Call Super (here), Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff (here) and Amelie Lens (here) I fell in love with the music of this guy, Peter van Hoesen.

I mentioned goosebumps already a couple of times in my recent posts, and I shall continue here as well. This guy - at least this set - touched my heart big time! And we were not even listening to him live in a club; It was just a recording we were listening at home!

I seem to have missed him when he recently played in my most favourite club of Amsterdam "De School". I certainly hope he will be back soon!

Artist: Peter van Hoesen
Set: Concrete Club | Paris
Year: 2016
Country: Belgium / Germany

Dance The Night Away!

Peter van Hoesen - Concrete Club | Paris (2016)






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Sounds are great - interesting CV that guy has I found on the web - he even did some hip hop steps

Apparently he also made some music for musea! Now listening to you DJane recordings. She sounds interesting. Didn't expect the minimalistic approach!

Need t check this out because I never hear of this producer before.

Belgium guy living in Berlin at the moment. Got to know his music last Monday only. This set is just amazing. Didn't had time yet to listen to his other work. Tresor he plays at. De School he plays at. Dekmantel festival he played at. Good places to be booked!