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Today I like to draw your attention to a really great score by Thomas Newman. An orchestral work with the piano playing the main role throughout the soundtrack. Some say this is maybe the finest work of Thomas Newman. To be honest, I can't really agree or disagree, since I do not know all the creations by mister Newman. I only know that when watching the movie "Revolutionary Road" some time ago, I did like the music a LOT.

Monday after the weekend, we deserve some good music to listen to, to be able to deal with the stressful week ahead of us. This score is for sure one that will help you with dealing with stress, or better said: to de-stress.

I can try and explain why I make that statement, but I think art is difficult to explain: You have to experience it! Therefore I can only recommend you to hit the play button below and find out for yourself if this score is something for you, or not.

Artist: Thomas Newman
Album: Revolutionary Road OST
Year: 2008
Country: USA

(source & play in full)


Route 12
Picture Window
The Bright Young Man
Hopeless Emptiness
Simple Clean Lines
Speaking Of Production Control
Golden People *
Night Woods
A Bit Whimsical
Revolutionary Road






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Well I’m not a big Thomas Newman fan. The last film I saw with his music was Passengers, and it took 2 minutes before I turned and said “is this scored by Thomas Newman?”. It annoys me that he scores exactly the same if it’s Wall-E, Passengers or American Beauty - the music in those movies are 100% interchangeable. Well, I just had to rant didn’t I? :-)

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LOL. Ranting is ok. I appreciate the fact you took the time to read and respond! I really need to listen to his other work to be able to determine what you say is true. BTW, I have no reason to not believe you, therefore I can say that if mister Newman creates a lot of the same, he is probably more a business man then an artist. Although such statement can be quite harsh, but I do like to see an artist exploring, and creating unique new pieces of art and generally turn my back to those who are in repeat mode.

I will save the link to listen to it later.

About the opinion that considers his different works so similiar between them, I actually believe that finding and owning a style strong enough to let yourself express different emotions and shades -which is something that you search for that harmony does for you as a composer- is respectable. I don't see the conflict in finding similarity there, because he's an artist! And there is so many people out there working to create soundtracks, just as he is, and, just imagine, everyone doing something completely different everytime... Not a bad thing, but at least as an artist I really respect the value of a concept, yours!, each piece of your work as a sign of yours. I guess with all the time he's been on it, finally he can allow it to himself. I haven't heard it, or even heard him yet, but I've watched one of those movies, I watched Wall-E and I think I liked very much its soundtrack.

I respect different opinions, because I understand that audience and fans can have expectations and we don't always get to please everyone. Now, when you're a musician, and you realize how good can be the other musicians at exploring and creating and expressing their musical intentions, their emotions, you eventually set to yourself as a goal a more solid approach, which could make you "compete" without sacrificing uniqueness, for example, because internally, spiritual and psychological stability is very important too and of course you don't want to waste yourself by changing your inner sets once and another, for every movie, or album for example. This I think.

Be nice! Greetings!

Wow, you wrote a long comment! Super, I sometimes do that as well, since expressing our views in just a couple of words, is almost not possible. Anyway, I appreciate your opinion and I think you have a point. Although, as you say, when someone determines a concept works and proceed with such concept, then business elements is put into the equation. The thought of a concept is in itself already thinking in business terms. Don't get me wrong, I do respect an artists thinking in business terms. I certanly do respect business minded artist creating quality art (music or whatever else), and I even can respect artists thinking in business terms, but producing mediocre or even worse quality art. Well quality is subjective, but still. For instance, in dance music, I do respect the successes of as well as the artists like DJ/producers Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack and all, I don't like their music though, and all of them are creating music that they may not like too much themselves (although I that is more a gut feel then anything else, I dont know these guys personally; I do know - for instance - Tiësto from his techno times, and then suddenly he created this typical trance sound and with some business people around him he was pushed to number one DJ of the world and is probably the highest earner in the industry for years already). For sure is, these artists are top earners in the industry, and the only way to get to that level is when you create music likes by the mass, and such music is generally not to my taste, it's get to simple for me, to standard. In pop music one of my all time favourite bands is Talk Talk. They started of with some albums of which some tracks made it to the top 40 pop charts back in the days. Then they for whatever reason wanted to do something else, and they produced two albums with more experimental music, but to me those albums are by far their best, I suppose because they created music they wanted, without looking at all what money it could bring them. Some of my artists friends have a very similar approach, they produce what they want, not what is popular, or what promoters want to hear. I love such approach, although some of my friends need another job to pay for all their bills, since their music is not really selling. Anyway, long story short, I personally like to see variation from an artist, otherwise it gets boring for me quickly. However, I do respect all those artist who mix in some or more business aspects in what they create and do, no doubt about that :)

Wow. I really enjoyed that. I love the range of dynamics. Quite emotionally pleasant :) Thanks for sharing this.

I'm glad you liked it!

Hello @qsounds
Yesterday I came across this certain website, which is called
The main concept sounded very inspiring and I am quite eager to start posting my recordings there. Then I remember that since you were posting articles about music in Steemit, I thought maybe you know of this website.
If you've heard of it, do you know is it worth doing anything there? Or by any chance do you know anyone who tried this platform before? Sorry for my random questions xD

No worries asking these questions. I know Musicoin a little bit, since I'm not a music producer, I dont really actively use the platform. At the time I created my account, listeners had to pay Musicoins to listen to a track and since most of the work was more hobby than professional, I lost quickly interest. But they changed things, the listeners listens for free, always. I know Steemians who post theri original work on Musicoin platform and get tens of dollars in rewards. The platform (blockchain) pays for these rewards, like we get paid by the Steem Blockchain. On the exchanges Musicoin is picked up as well, not sure why, since Musicoin has competitors, like Audiocoin and some others, maybe less focused on music only. Maybe Musicoin is indeed the most far in what this segment is trying to do, could be, but I dont know for sure. Check users such as @seveaux and @djlethalskillz, they both post their works on Musicoin, or at least have some experience with it. On the Steem blockchain DSounds (audio) is doing something similar, and DTube as well (video). LBRY is another Steem offboard platform for video. Also Viuwly. And Viewly (they us Steem blockchain again, or at least their simple alpha release). Viuwly has the most similarity with YouTube. I'm sure their are more platforms out there, or in definition, but these I mentioned are what I know from top of my head.

Note: these platforms are all meant to upload original content, ie your work, or work you have the license for. However, DTube and DSounds are also used to up load stolen work, I suspect this happens as well at Musicoin, and other audio and video sites. Most of the platform don't have policies for that, or they have policies but no real enforcement. In the end that is their problem, but I wanted to mention that.

Thanks for your vote BTW.

@qsounds Respect on the mention! @khadniimangaa i have been using musicoin for 2 months roughly and earned my first 1K in USD value so far, its definitely the best blockchain platform that proofs to work til date. If u interested to know more pls dont hesitate to hit me up u can check my page i have lots of blogs about this and more. Salute

Thank you @qsounds and @djlethalskillz for letting me know! Tomorrow I have translation exam, which I have to prepare for. After that, I will definitely read your blogs about musicoin then most probably I'll begin my music journey on that website :D

Good luck with the exam! Lookin forward to hear ur music Kudos!

Heya @djlethalskillz! Sorry I couldn't reply right away!
I created an account on, uploaded a track and currently waiting for the verification. I listened to your songs and they blew me away! =O My music was like for babies compared to yours xD
Btw, are you from Lebanon? I am studying with Lebanese students here in Moscow and I've sent them links to your tracks :D
It seemed they like it =)

@khadniimangaa mah man! all good hope all went well, glad u see u jumped on Musicoin lookin forward to hear ur music, make sure u add all ur other social media links on Musicoins as this will speed up ur verification process and send me link to ur profile! ;)

yes i am originally lebanese but i live and based in Kuala Lumpur, great that u got lebanese friends! make sure they take u out to good lebanese food spots ;) thanks for spreadin the word and checkin out my music ! R u on discord btw if u are add me up @djlethalskillz#7371

Awesome and beautiful, Well written, Thanks for sharing @qsounds

I noticed you are quite new to Steemit. I also noticed you make many generic comments to many posts. Did you read the article? Please be careful with such generic comments and so many of them, since this may get you flagged which will robe you from your reputation.