My favorite rock bands - Foo Fighter - if you're a rocker like me ... enjoy this list from soft to heavy metal.

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 Hello musician steemians! For who likes rock. This is not a top 10, 20, or anything so trite, this is which bands I like and why. I will post one band at a time and I will be a bit of an analizer. Here you will find all kinds of singers of soft rock, country, heavy metal, rap-rock, rock-pop and more.

   I have always been attracted to the idea of this list because of this genre. I hear it in a very critical way since my childhood. It is a very free and rebellious style that with only 4 instruments well applied in harmony give the perfect conditions to exercise, to clean, to do homework, to fall in love, to vent, to inspire and despite what many people say about how satanic it can be, there are bands that have the most powerful messages in the world and they predominate... making music! as well as other styles too, but here I will focus on rock.

Today, I bring you a legend, a star that has rised from having experiences with several bands, and who's singer was a MEMBER OF THE LEGENDARY BAND NIRVANA. Everytime you hear about this band, you'll listen about revelry, passion for several kinds of rock, incredible success on stage, good screaming and strong lyrics thrown towards you.

4) Foo Fighters:

This American band was created in 1994 and until now they're a symbol of dedication to rock creating memorable albums, cooperating with other bands and not resting a single year to produce something for busyness. They control alternative rock, post-grunge and hard rock, opening doors to vary their instruments and they have a very special feature: rythmic guitars. They have talent for using them in a wild and strategic way, mixing the rythms between them and giving a cool sensation to jump or dance while we enjoy of their music.

Personally, I think that this band deals with dreaming and utopian lyrics and they do it for good because they're motivational, energetic and full of desire to move on. The singer Dave Grohl has dedicated several years to make this band one of the most reminded american rock symbols by reaching different weaknesses in people that tend to feel like they have no freedom on their lives, bullied by society and deeply hurt hearts.

How successful are them? Check this out

The only fact of beeing a former member of Nirvana is a great honor, beeing with Queens of the Stone Age, Garbage, Tenacious D, Killing Joke and Juliette and the Licks gives him necessary expierience to become a greatly experienced musician. In 2012 estimated as one of the richest drummers with 260 million dollars in his pockets.

 Since the year of 2000, they have recived 16 grammy awards for the best rock videos, best rock album and best rock songs interpretation for songs like The pretender, All my life, Walk and Learn to fly.

In 2012, they were nominated to 6 grammy awards and they won 5 out of six, because Adele took the last one.

Curious fact: he made satans voice in the Tenacious D movie.

Selected songs for you to enjoy:

  1. Resolve (dedicated to Kurt Cobain, full of strong feelings, useful to remember those who are gone)
  2. The Pretender (wild song to crush stuff and jump while your heart's beating to excersice)
  3. My Hero (sweet song, recognise a great success and also motivational to a celebration)
  4. Learn to Fly (cool, relaxing and thoughtful with you to look for an answer to something)
  5. Bridge Burning (revelry, pure style, protest and is one that'll make you run pretty fast)
  6. All my Life (celebrate and dance with your success and motivate you to fulfill a great need)
  8. Long Road to Ruin (feeling down? RISE BECAUSE LIFE IS ONE)
  9. DOA (amazing style, great rythm to clean, doing your chores or studying)
  10. Run (Imagine a heart attack... very close to it hahahaha)

Do you like this band? comment and give me more bands to analize

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This was a good review of the band. I like the songs you talked about but wish you would have added some more that I might know. I know Jen knows just about every song by them. She loves this band. But I like your style.

Well, thanks for listening to them and I hope you look for other songs because I can choose only ten song for not overwhelming people... which one do you like the most? Just to give you the true meaning of it

The one Jen got me liking a lot is One of These Days.

Ok. If you're a musician, each song you create needs to give an impression to the crowd that blows their mind, but they know the risk of becoming famous: the more fame you have, the more pride you exteriorize and then success becomes millions of dollars to pay for broken cars, ruined hotel rooms, and fights with people who defy your reputation. This song reminds us that if you're not careful"one of these days" all of that can disappear in the blink of an eye, so prudence and humboldness is key in our life and busyness to mantain our principles clean until death... musicians never die, they become music :)

Well said, young man. I personally like the difference in the softness, then the heavier side, then the softness of the song again but I am not a music reviewer like you or Jen.

oh c'mon, everyone can review whatever we like. You should try it, it's just saying your opinion in a very long way and it takes time but focus on intriguing people beginning on the title ;) just enjoy writing

Nice job. I don't follow them a lot but I know a few of their songs. I'm surprised you left some of their bigger hits off of your list.

Thanks @garyishmael the piece of advice, like Everlong for example should've been here too, but these 10 songs have great meaning to me, it's like a personal list of songs :) which you think I should've added? do you have a favorite one?

I'm more of a country music fan but I like that song I think it is called The Best of You but I am not sure if that is the right title.

Yes, it is the title and a very good one because of their motivational message for people to overcome their weacknesses. Do you like country? I'll post an article about a band called King of Leon, some of their songs are country because of their homeland. Therefor keep reading to see if you like it

I'm more of a Johnny Cash fan. Maybe you could do one on him.

You're right! I'll add him on my list, thank you... how could I forget him?

I know he is not a rocker tht you like seeing as you like to write about rock, but he was a big influence and did a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song called Hurt. Maybe you could use that for inspiration if you look into the backstory during the making of that Johnny Cash video.

actually, by NIN I knew about him, don't worry, he's comming ;)

@johntkd Ok, props to you for speaking of Dave Grohl who was the drummer for Nirvana, but you also should have given some major props to Taylor Hawkins who took over drums for this fabulous band. He can keep up with the drumming skills just as well as Dave Grohl, in my opinion, however, I will forever think Dave Grohl is the king of the drums, no matter what!

Some songs that I think deserve an honorable mention to your post: Times Like These, Everlong (My absolute favorite), and Walking After You.

Nicely done, my friend! :) Now it makes me want to write like a battle! haha But I won't. I'll save it for another day!

jajajajajaja I know you're capable of it. Taylor Hawkins is also a great drummer jen, I could talk about him when I make my favorite rock drummers list... yes, it's coming and has reserved rights jajajajajaja

@johntkd He is an excellent drummer! I am curious to see your post on drummers!

Be prepared to be amazed

Jaja.....waiting. :)

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I saw them on the 2 of June in Nuremberg by the Rock im Park festival. Great band and Dave is a legend. What about Gun s Roses - saw them in Leipzig two weeks ago.


jajaja yes, they're on my list to review them and I want to talk a lot about them, if you like another bands... let me know to check them