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Hey there fellow Steemsters !

I hope you have all felt and enjoyed this extraordinary day and that you like me have felt the power of this " Super Moon "which is the closest it has been to us since 1948 which is 68 years ago. It is presently no more than 50,000 kilometer's from us right now and is as much as 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a normal full moon, a pretty awesome fact no ?

According to NASA, the next opportunity will come on November 25, 2034 and by that time I guess I will be already dead and buried who knows ?

So not wanting to miss this rare planetary moment I rushed out and took this photo to show you how it appeared here as it made its appearance here just above the snow covered trees behind the lovely wooden Norwegian house where I am currently staying. Pure magic I must say, but my lack of Telephoto lens on my Canon Legria vlogging camera was a little disappointing with this particular subject I do admit.But I hope the power of this ethereal body is transmitted to you anyway by virtue of my photo.

This moment for me was sure special and as I watched it rise up into the heavens I felt some thing come over me, the energy there on this crisp evening was undeniable !

So after the photo was done I rushed back inside to busy myself with a little bit of music to try and capture my inspiration from this moment of bliss. : )

Here it is just freshly uploaded to my Youtube account, I hope you Dig it )

This " SuperMoon " Jam session is especially dedicated to my good friend of the Steemit World @verbal-d who has I know been patiently waiting for me to produce a video of me playing some of my stuff. So this one goes out to you and your new Son who was born to this magically powerful "SuperMoon" Year !! )

I was for this jam session not playing my guitar as transporting that was too complicated for this short trip to Norway. Instead I am playing a guitar lent to me by one of my good friends here in the most beautiful of Norwegian towns known as Frederikstad. The guitar is a very nice 60,s sounding Mustang made by Squire and I am playing through a very cool Amp called a Laney Hardcore MxD. Luckily I was able to bring my trusty and much loved Flashback4 Delay pedal with me in my baggage so I am still able to add my familiar sauce of Guitar vibes which you might I hope have already heard on my earlier guitar related posts.

Here they are if perhaps you have not followed these posts of mine as yet !!



So thats all for now and as always I hope the Force be with you All and till my next post,Steem On Everybody!

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Man, that was pretty cool playing my friend, I actually have Marcello in my arms right now as I'm typing this message. I played him the entire song and it was very relaxing and emotionally driven as I said before, but this live version really brought out the entire feel and the sounds can be heard more distinctly than the recording you shared with us in your first post. I thoroughly enjoyed this, my wife too. That's really nice of you to dedicate a post to me and my son. I still plan to check out that poem of mine that you wanted to hear me experiment reading over your other playing. I forget which one it was but I shall track it down in the block chain of my profile. So glad to see you are posting again. Stay inspired, passionate and positive. Steem on and looking forward to your next post. Upvoted


Hey Mr D , thats so nice an image to think of your whole family sitting and listening to my stuff. How nice indeed, very touched by what you tell me. Thanks I am slowly getting there, still a few bum notes once and awhile but the essential is to advance and find your way to your musical ideas. I think in one more year I will be getting this instrument down quite nicely and its a very exciting prospect and keeps me going. Like most things we need a vision of future to stay on track and persist. I think its the same I am sure for Steemit. So again thank you really for your support when I really needed it. So i wish your family a great time together and that your vision of future too is a bright one full of happy notes and dreams !! Steem On my brother of Steem )


It is indeed my pleasure. Let's continue to journey forward with purpose and perspective :)

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