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At the end of the weekend, time for another round of highlights of some great contributions to the music side of Steemit... Today's edition includes a total of four articles written by four interesting Steemians.


Photo virtuosos inspired me to hear songs I love anew

by @kiligirl

Great listing and Review of a set classic songs...

Yes, that did put me in the mood to listen to great music

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One Day to go, Tour Highlights Pieter

by @dewallen

This band is on tour as we speak, criss-crossing though Europe. Todays post gives us a hint of what these guys are experiencing...

What a wild time it's been and it's so hard to just single out one or two things about the tour.
So what I'm gonna do is pick out my favourite shots by @dirkodie and then give you so back ground on them, hows about that?

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You've Got A Friend In Me - Toy Stories guitar cover Peter Barski is 13 years old

by @barski

The story of Dad teaching his son the guitar...

These were not the easiest four years in the life of my son. Four years ago, my son first picked up a guitar. We began to study the tunes that I knew. I am a bad teacher, but, for a quick start, I was able to give my son something.

image source: here

Where are you now?

by @bolko

The author tells us the story of his teenage years and an event with a girl that inspired him to write this song...

When I was in high school I had few friends and almost nobody paid much attention to me. I always ate lunch alone. So you can imagine how pleased I was when one day a girl came up to me and offered me some cookies. Her name was Robin. We hung out for a few weeks, until I fell...

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written by @edje aka @qsounds
supported by @mammasitta aka @massivevibration

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Christmas Fever is killing me, I have almost no time for steemit...and probably I'm not the only one with the same problem. It is good that you are here with your support for the posts and authors which are worth to mention.

Yeah, Xmas time is busy time; Thanks for taking the time to read and comment then! :)

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