Steemit Record Pool | Song of The Day : The Legendary Curtis Mayfield with The Classic "Move On Up"

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Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

Song: Move On Up
Artist: Curtis Mayfield
Genre: Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rythm & Blues
Released: 1970

It's the Weekend in here! And what better then the Legend Curtis Mayfield with the classic gem "Move On Up" can lift your soul up and get you in that weekend mode.

Also to add this track has been sampled by several Hip-Hop artists and one of my other favorite songs the hit by Kanye West - "Touch The Sky" featuring the Legendary HipHop artist and one of my favorite rappers Lupe Fiasco.

Let's all keep that good vibes and positive energy flowing in this community, Build further and Keep on Move On Up.

Happy Listening!

Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

Kanye West - Touch The Sky (MTV Version) ft. Lupe Fiasco

Brown Sugar - D’Angelo (Incognito Molasses Live Rework)
A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out (Future House Remix)
Moves Like Ms. Jackson (Outkast Cover Remix)
Bill Withers - Just the Two of Us (Remix)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK "Summertime Vol. 8 Mix"
Madlib x Nas - Nasimoto [Mash-Up]
Jazz Is Everything - Mix BY DJ Manipulator
Stro Elliot - Kamaal Coltrane
The Lost Samples - Mix BY Quest Love
Queen Latifah - Remix BY Benito Loco
Common - Blue Skies

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I love this track!!! thank you for sharing my favorite


@shaff.aff haha i know you love this. Thank you for playing it last night haha You inspired my today Record Pool Selection!


hahaha also the Kayne version is nice but i like the original more


Nothing beats the originals im not defending kayne but with his take he didnt really change much from the sample he took from curtis, its slowed down that said t i always prefer the originals. Respect ;)

Hi, I am from Indonesia love jazz music. It's great that you write here about famous jazz musicians. Thank.


@dsatria thanks for coming through and your feedback on the post. It's all about the Jazz mah man! haha We curate Jazz, Soul, Funk and HipHop eventually all the gems in good music. Keep an eye on #recordpool and also if u curate or post about music u might be interested in this

You're killing me brother.


@scuzzy I'm honored to meet like minded in music and hiphop brotha! Kudos

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